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I had not used this medication previously, but wanted to save some money so I thought I’d give the Hartz a try.

About 6 weeks ago I had to make a trip to our after hours emergency vet after administering  Hartz flea medication to my 8 year old toy poodle. He had a  heartbreaking neurological reaction that started within minutes after administration of the medication. Both the emergency vet and my regular vet (whom we saw the next day) commented on how lucky Petey was, as they have seen animals die from this poison. My  sweet boy is alive and well and  after about 48 hours had no more symptoms.
So much for saving money!  Total cost was about $300.00 for which I am actually thankful because my dog is alive and there was no permanent damage.
These companies should be held responsible for what they have done.  It is absolutely appalling that our pets have endured so much suffering  and these companies are not held accountable.

This year I am opting for a natural alternative if any of you know something to recommend.

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  1. Try Castor & Pollux herbal flea and tick collars. You can also get a different brand with the same ingredients from Only Natural Pet Supply store.

  2. I work as a tecnician in a vet clinic, and have been in the business for about 7 years. I have had pets all my life and have only ever used Frontline. I recommend it to all of my clients and, as I said, use it on my own dogs and cats.

  3. I used SERGEANTS GOLD on my 2 doggies (Westie and Bijon) yesterday and had the same thing happen. I called the vet this morning and they told me to wash them in Dawn detergent and monitor them for a few hours, to bring them in if they get worse. This was after the night from hell with the Bijon crying and continuously running around, scratching, whimpering, etc. Both dogs had terrible skin reactions with itching and pain. Don’t think they’ve had seizures, but they do keep jerking which I thought was due to the discomfort and severe itching. It’s been almost 24 hours and still waiting for them to get back to normal. Praying that the worst is over. Now afraid to use any chemicals on them.

  4. I know how your night went and I am so sorry. It is a very helpless feeling to watch them suffer like that and look at you to help them and there’s nothing you can do….
    After 24 hours my poodle had no more symptoms. The vet gave him a sedative to help him sleep through the worst that night.
    Even though I have had good luck with Frontline I am planning to use a natural alternative if I can find something that works.

  5. Frontline is safe. It does not get into the pet’s body except to travel in the oil of the skin. Fleas are a huge danger to pets – not only do they cause discomfort, itching, flea allergies, and carry tapeworms, they suck blood and can cause anemia – as well as can carry blood borne parasites such as Ehrlichea. Fleas are a way bigger danger to your pets than Frontline, Advantage, or Vectra.
    The worst reactions we have seen from the topspot are skin irritations at the application site. We switch the clients to Frontline spray, and the pets do fine.

  6. Late yesterday afternoon I gave my dogs Sergeant’s Silver Flea and tick, the reaction started a few hours later. Foaming at the mouth and shaking their heads. I called the emergency vet and she asked if I washed them in dish soap. She then told me they were having an allergic reaction to the flea and tick treament. I gave them benedryl and washed them twice so far, waiting for them to get better. They keep shaking their heads but seem to be getting better!!! Still praying their is no permenent damage.

  7. That is so frightening! Please let us know how your dogs are! My emergency vet agreed about the Benadryl and Dawn detergent. Best wishes.

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