Recent Survivor, Bubbies’ Story

I’ve had my cat for around 8 years. I’m a fifteen year old and love her to death I’ve had her since i was little. She never ever got fleas but she happened too. We just went and got hartz flea spray at walmart and used it. It seemed to work very good. We were about to go on a camping trip but i was not leaving. My cat bubbies was acting weird and wouldn’t leave my bedroom for anything. She wouldn’t get up at all. We called the vet and they told us hartz is the worst possible thing to use. They told us to give her a bath in dawn soap and we saw results immediately. After a day we had are cat back. We were one of the lucky ones that she survived. i called hartz and complained and all they did was told me “they would pass my comment along.” Hartz is a greedy company that could care less if their products are killing pets. It great they are finally getting what they deserve. No wonder hartz kills fleas if it can manage to kill cats too.

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  1. How many more before the EPA steps in??

    Josh is there a way where we can automatically submit a new story to the EPA everytime a user submits one here? I remember you posted a link a few weeks back to an external site, but we need to take action right here, don’t you think?

    – Neema

  2. That’s an excellent idea, Neema.

    I suggest forwarding those comments to Claire Gesalman, EPA Branch Chief, Communication Services Branch:

    [email protected]

    I would also forwarded them to Kimberly Nesci, EPA Product Manager 11, Insecticide Branch, Registration Division, Office of Pesticide Programs:

    [email protected]

  3. We were vacationing at our mountain cabin. On Friday, we put Sergeant’s Flea and Tick drops on our 9-year old 22 lb rat terrier.

    We drove 26 miles to town and back, during which time she wouldn’t stop trying to scratch her back with both her hind feet.

    When we returned we bathed her, but the rest of Friday, Saturday and today (Sunday) she has been scratching frantically and walking strangely.

    We just called the Hartz 800 number and got the advice to wash her with a dish soap and put Vitamin E on her back.

    I believe there is something wrong with this product, and I would like my voice heard.

    I left the box in the cabin, so I don’t have the codes, but when we go back up next month, I will report with the numbers.

  4. Wow that’s great news. I just washed my cat a minute ago…boy was that a TOUGH, two-person job. I honestly couldn’t believe how many flees were on her. It was horrible. When we started washing her good she started bleeding and this scared us very much. After working the soap very well into the fur and scrubing and soaking we found no open wound but literally A MILLION FLEES! It was very disgusting. They were all dead but were stuck to her fur by their bite I think. Flees – like Sergeant’s – is something I NEVER want to go through again. Terrible.

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