Sergeants Gold flea and tick made my dog very sick.

  We bought Sergeants flea and tick after noticing a flea on one of our three boxers a week ago.  We put this (medicine) on two of the three and after a few minutes they both were starting to to act a little sick,  We didn’t think a lot of it at the time and it was late so we went to bed.  The next morning was a nightmare!  Our youngest boxer (2 years old) was so sick that he couldn’t keep his balance, was drooling, and throwing up.  He couldn’t walk. was shaking.  I called the hotline from the box,, what a joke, this woman told me to cleanse my dog’s palate with soft dog food and peanut butter, yeah right! then she told me the reason my dog was shaking was this  ” dogs shake when they are excited or anxious”. She refused to tell me anything, and told me to have my vet call her..

after talking with my vet, here’s what we did,,

Force water/chicken broth to help flush out the poisons.  SCRUB YOUR DOG WITH DAWN (BLUE) DISH SOAP, it will help remove the poison from the dog’s fur and skin and will also kill fleas, do at least three times. as soon as we did this with ours he was better within a few minutes.

This “medicine” should be removed from the shelves, and the side effects should be listed on the box!! 


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  1. I wish I would have read this before I bought it. I used the sergeants flew and tick on my 11 month shih tzu girl and she’s in so much pain. I took her to the doctor and he wasn’t able to do much. I called there emergency hot line and all they could say is she’s anxious! I don’t know what to do!

    1. I’m so sorry I did the same thing to my cokapoo a week or two ago and she’s still panting so bad I’m afraid to sleep at night and I worry all day I don’t know what else to do



  3. 2-17-10

    attention all pet owners…..several weeks ago I contacted the person who runs this site. We exchanged emails and phone numbers, I even talked to her. I told her that I would research in finding big law firms, experienced in class-action

    Single lawyers won’t be able to handle this potential lawsuit.
    Only big law firms can cover all costs.

    People out there….this won’t bring back your pets BUT it can help with the justice part in bringing down Hartz. It’s the only way the legal system works in this country. We have to bond together and be strong in memory of our beloved pets.

    DO THIS FOR THEM, in their memory and because of their love and devotion.

    Let’s get this lawsuit started, time could run out.

    I gave all this information to the lady who runs this website and I asked her to post it so everyone could see the information.

    i just e-mailed now because I don’t see the information I
    emailed her a long time ago.

    Please contact me with your information so when I do find a reputable law firm the lawyers can contact you and get you included in the lawsuit.


    E-MAIL ME AT: [email protected]

  4. Taz, I on my part deeply appreciate your offer to help. But I guess the moderators are just doing their job respecting members’ privacy. I think a better way for you would be to have your lawyers contact either the moderators themselves or, set up a website where people can voluntarily give their information.

    I am sure something can work out if this moves forward. I hope you understand the concern given the issues of cyber spam and cyber stalking.

    Thank you,

  5. I lost 3 cats after using sergarents gold flea spray.all were healthy showed a severe reaction withinb 30 minutes,was rushed to the vet, could not be saved died 2 aM NEXT MORNING, another showed reaction within a few days, was suffering so much had to be put down.third cat a few days later had numerous seziures for 20 minutes then died. a 4th cat lost conbtroll of bladder, fefused to eat, with forced feeding and vitimins after a week made it and seems to be ok. i always used frontline with no bad reactions, but couldn’t afford it at the time. A few weks later bought frontline, and used it no reaction to any of my remaining cats. The stress of seeing my cats go through all that is beyond what one could imagine. I have found an attorney that will be fileing a class action suit. I want this product off the market. The vet i took the first cat to said never use that type of pruct, it has toxic ingredients. my heart goes out to other who have experienced this.

  6. If there is a lawsuit i would like to sign up. Sergents poisend my 2 chihuahua’s, I still have a copy of the letter I sent them in 2008. They pretty much said too bad and here are some dog treats and a refrigerator magnet.

  7. I also would like to get involved in a lawsuit against Sargeant’s. After using the Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs, my dog went through the same symptoms as other animals have gone through…including vet bills of $500.00! My poor dog suffered.
    So, if there’s a lawsuit, contact me and count me in!

  8. I used the Seargent’s Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze medicine and the end r3sultry was a horrific ‘chemical burn and a 500.00 vet bill! I am mad as #%//! If there is a law suit please include me. They have to get this product off the market!

  9. I just used the Sargents “Gold” new and improved product. Not the case, it is the same BAD STUFF!! This product almost killed my dog!! He is only 15 lbs and the medication was for dogs 10 – 20lbs. I had to rush him to the vet and spent over $200.00 to save his life, besides putting him through a horrible experience. I do not have kids so my dog is my baby, I would pay any amount of money to do what is best for him but believe me the money I saved by purchasing the Sargents “Gold” was the last thing I was thinking about when I was rushing him to the vet begging for his life!!! PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!

  10. I really wish I had found this website last week. My indoor Siamese cat got his first ever flea infestation, and he’s 4 years old. I bathed him in Sergeant’s Gold Flea Bath and within hours he was sick. The next morning he was limp and would barely move; not his usual energetic and talkative self. I rushed him to the vet who told me that he gets more calls from people using this product than anything else and most of the time the outcome is not good! My cat was put on two medications: one for anti-seizure and the other was a charcoal to help absorb any poison. My cat lived, but it was very scary for a few days. I bought Frontline Plus and so far he is fine.
    I had bought the Gold Flea Bath because I thought I was saving money and because it was Memorial Day Weekend, I didn’t want to have to bother my vet. I didn’t save any money and I still had to contact my vet. That stupid $6 bottle of cat shampoo ended up costing me $200, and most importantly, nearly cost me my cat.
    I do not understand: A: Why this stuff is made when it is obviously very dangerous for any animal to be bathed with and B: Why stores continue to carry it.

    I would also like to be contacted if there is a lawsuit. My vet actually wrote on my receipt “Poisoning from Sergeant’s Product!”


  11. July 29 @ 1PM
    I am also shocked at the reaction to this poison. It was a last minute Osco purchase and have greatly regreted it. My 13lb. Cavalier screamed in agony from the pain she was in. It took 2 trips to the vet for 2 shots and 2 oral medications with blood tests to give her some relief. The vet also called the poison control hotline to report it. They told me to put olive oil on her back but that just made her more miserable. Lucky enough we caught it before the head jurking became really bad. I will be going to Osco to demand they take it off their shelves. Please let me know what else I can do to stop the sale of it. I will gladly support and legal action we can take.

  12. I have two kittens and was about to use this product but after reading this I’m taking it back thank you everyone for saving my kittens lives. If anyone stops the sale for this I’ll support it.

  13. My mom wanted to help my cat get rid of fleas, so she has bought Sergeant’s Gold Squeeze-on for my cat. I thought it was pretty safe. But I was wrong, indeed. My mom applied it to the back of my kitties neck, and later my cat started twitching her ears. She was also twitching her feet and losing her ability to jump. I tried to take some of that “medicine” off. Then I searched this product on the web, and I found this website. I was panicking. My cat was twitching more and she was hissing alot. I thought this problem would end soon, but i was wrong again. This was the first time she was acting strangely and it happened after the poison. I tried my best taking that stuff off with a towel, but I couldn’t give her a bath because she hates water and she hated it even more when she felt like this. I thought this was a severe reaction, so we took her to the vet to get her washed. The vetenarian told us her reaction was mild and she should be fine. I was relievedddd. There is a high chance my cat should be fine and healed.

  14. i just used the sergents squeeze on for my dog snoopy his symptoms are cant walk shaking really bad, wont hold up his head, and i called the hotline and they told me to wash him with dawn dishwashing liquid said he was having a neurological reaction to take him to the vet, its friday night all vets are closed, i have washed him twice with dawn dish washing liquid and gave him a benydryl .. my sister in law took a video of how he is and i want to see that sergents gets taken of the market before anyone else has to watch there beloved pet suffer like this.. no animal should have to suffer like that!! please contact me with any information you have about this product and what can i do for my snoopy??

  15. We applied Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick squeeze-on for dogs (9-20 lb.). “Miss Tootsie” is around 8.5 lb. Within 15 minutes, she was coughing & continued to scratch. We washed off the product & made her swallow water. She had suffered a severe reaction, & I believe our quick action saved her. Please, please do not use this product. What do we have to do to have this removed from the market? I was very saddened to hear stories from other pet owners whose precious pets were also affected. “Miss Tootsie” seems fine now that the product has been removed from her skin & she has had large amounts of water.

  16. I have seen so many comments on here and unfortunately I am also going through a pyrethrin toxicosis of my cat, who may end up dying from this. I am a single income with 3 children that can’t pay these outrages vet fees but I want my angel to live her life as she should. I would really love for someone to contact me to help with a lawsuit and get this product off the market. I can be reached at [email protected]. As none of us want money that is absurd we just want the company to except responsibility fo r what they are doing to our animals. I even contacted customer service and the response is I will have someone call you back.

  17. Same problem here.. I have a healthy cat all of the sudden having seizures.. THIS is so messed up!!!! I called emergency and they gave me a case number. I am blaming myself at this point.. This horrible people decide to sell their crap out there and having care for this product.. I have contacted [email protected], maybe like this we can do something about this bastards!!! I am really worried about my cat..

  18. This is insane. I am also having this problem with my cat after using Sergeant powder. Went over the bottle entirely and now washing my Siamese (who is very small for an older cat). Wow this makes me sick and all the stories I have seen tonight are heart breaking. Best wishes to all and God bless. Get this POISON off the market.

  19. The same thing happened to my dog. A 23 lb terrier. I put the Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick squeeze-on around 6 pm, and by 10 pm he has vomited 3 times a white and foamy-like substance. Since it was Friday night all vets were closed. I searched online for solutions so I gave him a bath to get the poison off his skin, then gave him benadryl, and he spent all night in pain scratching his back, which was really irritated. On Saturday morning I took him to the vet who told me he had a skin reaction but seemed fine. She gave me a shampoo and a leave-on lotion that should help him, also some pills to ease his stomach. Now he is still walking around and even though he already ate and drink water he hasn’t gone to the bathroom, so I’m thinking he might be constipated. I hope he gets better within the next couple of days. I hope we can take Sergeant of the market, sign me up for a class lawsuit.

  20. My parents purchased sergeant’s gold flea & tick squeeze on. Around 9:00pm central time 9-25-10. They have 2 schnauzers. One is 8 years old and the other is 5 years old. They are both female dogs and they fixed. They are both in weight around 20-25 lbs. After 1 hour of administering the product to the dogs they became violently ill. Symptoms that followed are: restlessness, panting, vomiting, paranoia, jerking in the paws. The dogs were up all night long. After 8 baths for both dogs (even with dog shampoo and dawn dish soap) both dogs are still ill. We gave the dog fluids : water , chicken broth to pass the toxins that were in the dogs and still no response. It has been 19 hours and nothing has changed in my dogs symptoms. Please help me cure my dog. I would like to take legal action upon this company for selling this product. Please contact me.

  21. OMG!!!!! I wish I had come across this website before I bought this stuff. My 4 month old puppy just stop eating and drinking after I used this stuff. I am heartbroken. My dog is suffering, Her ribs are starting to show.These people must pay for what they are doing to our pets!!!

  22. I’m carting for a Chihuahua mix. They did the Sergeants flea treatment on a Thursday, the owner noticed her twitching and shaking, unfortunately she did not wash it off until the next morning. I had her and noticed her ears twitching non stop, Sat am I took her to the Vet they wanted to IV her to flush the poison from her system but the owner could not afford this, they did do a smaller IV treatment and put her on muscle relaxers. I gave her a double bath when we got home. Its Sunday 11:30am and her ears are still twitching but not as constant.
    This company must be sued, that product must be removed permanently. This is years alter and still this is a life threatening issue for smaller dogs and cats and even large dogs are being systematically poisoned.
    Further the PetStores PetSmart,PetCo and all and any of the smaller supply stores that carry this on their shelves are equally responsible because they continue to stock this item.
    Im going to contact an attorney to create a lawsuit against them all. You can go to my web site and email your story and contact info. Lets all ban together and do something about getting Sergeants off the shelves and away from innocent dogs. Thank you.

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