Recent survivor of the Hartz

Our 8 year old cat Lou is a recent survivor of the Hartz flea poison and we are so thankful that she is with us today.  Lou has been with us for 7 years after she was abandoned by her previous owners.

On December 30, 2009 around 8 a.m. she found her way home after spending a cold night probably confused and dillusional after the poison I applied the previous night.  This normally spunky cat was staggering, convulsing and incoherent.  We immediately took her to our veteranian who bathed her and medicated her.  He advised us that the chances for her survival were not good.  Throughout the day we made several trips to the vet where Lou was being treated.  Lou spent 24 hours being treated and observed to the tune of over 400 dollars.  A hefty price to correct the affects of a 4 dollar product.

Lou survived and is a normal cat today and our family is one of the lucky ones who can tell a success story.

My heart goes out to those people who do not have the funds to save their pet.

Never again will anyone in this household use any Hartz or Seargant products on any of our pets.  The suffering they cause to animals is really beyond belief.

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  1. I haven’t had any trouble with either brand and have used seargents dog shampoo with around 10 dogs and no trouble and I just used Hartz ultra guard flea drops on my cat about 2 days ago and other than oil on her neck from it she is fine. Should I be worried?

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