Hartz hurts another one…..

Yesterday I was contacted (I do small scale rescue) by a woman who had a kitten she could no longer care for.   They had gotten him off of Craigslist, and his sister as well.  They had them both taken to a low cost spay neuter facility (which is great!) but they came home with fleas.  This was about a week ago.  They could not afford the good stuff, and was told over the phone by a VET to get rid of the fleas, use an over the counter less expensive product.  They went to Wal-Mart and got the Hartz spot flea treatment and applied it to both the kittens, who I failed to mention are 4 months old.  Well the little girl died the next day.  They could not afford a vet so did not bother doing anything about it.  She said the other kitten started acting lethargic, moody, and really tired.  Then a day later his hair started falling out.   She thought it was because he was just itching so much because of the fleas, which by the way, he still had.  He is completely bald on the back of his neck (where the drops were applied), the back of his ears, around his eyes, and his nose, almost his entire face.   He is going to the vet today to see what can be done.  He seems healthy other than that, acts like a normal kitten again, and is extremely loving and sweet.  just in pain and looks awful.  I dont know what can be done to help him at this point, as well as the hair and what not, but hopefully the vet will have some ideas.  It is heartbreaking to see him like this, and frustrating as anything that a vet told them to do this.  The same vet would not see them, or even work out a payment schedule with them to help this kitten out….  I am hoping for a full recovery, even if it takes a year, or 10.  We are calling him Rocky, because he is a fighter!

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