Hartz UltraGuard Plus Almost Killed My Cat

Within a few hours of putting this on my cat (EXACTLY as instructed by the box) she began to have neurological symptoms, such as twitching. She was literally drugged. She was sluggish, twitchy and drooling. We tried taking a wet towel and rubbing it off, but the next morning, it was still all over her neck. Her pupils were dilated and she was twitching even worse than the night before. I called a vet that told me to wash her down IMMEDIATELY with Dawn soap. Since she was already so scared, she was almost impossible to bathe. We brought her to the vet where they had to sedate her, bathe her again, and give her fluids to try and flush this poison out of her system. The vet says they see HUNDREDS of cases of Hartz products poisoning pets. I don’t know how they can legally sell something that kills your pets. If you love your pets, please do not buy this product. If I had done even a small internet search of this brand I never would have bought this. Every single review I have seen has been negative. I just hope I can save someone else from a costly vet bill, or even the death of their pet. Fortunately she’s going to be OK, but I will do everything I can to make sure people know about this horrible product. Shame on Hartz, and shame on WalMart for carrying it.

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  1. My boyfriend and I just bought a Hartz ultra guard plus flea collar this night and only had it on my kitty’s neck for less than an hour. his pupils were dilated he became sluggish and was not himself at all. we went to look up side effects online and found this website. thank you for posting your story. i was only half done reading it before we took the collar off him. we are keeping a close eye on him now. this product will never be in our household AGAIN!!

  2. SO… regarding this, this is no different than anything you or any one else takes. The issue is that some animals are allergic to or more weakened than others to these drugs.

    I use Diatomaceous earth, this is far better than all other products and it is green. No nasty chemicals that your animals could get sick from. I personally do not give my animals anything that I wouldnt use myself. We also use this all around our home inside and outside to remove unwanted pests. Its finly ground up razor sharp edges are awesome deterrents for lots of small pests.

    Try it, and stop using all the chemicals>> 🙂

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