sergeant’s gold squeeze on 4 cats killed my 2yr old cat 11.30.2009

I have a mission & a purpose, because I have a voice, Unlike my cat and the thousands of other animals that have been injured and or killed by this product and numerous other ones just like it. Just Like many other trusting consumers out there I trusted the fact that this OTC medicine designed to prevent treat and help my cat would indeed do that, but instead the unthinkable happened, I was shocked angry sad a million emotions wrapped into one, but mainly i was just angry…Angry that i never heard of this type of thing happening, angry that this was sold to me by a popular “trusting” retailer, angry that my cat suffered a terrible death, angry that I never got to say goodbye, Angry that my innocent sweet loving cats young life was cut short, and most of all angry with myself that i was the reason her life was cut short or at least thats how i felt at the time and many of you that have been through this same situation probably understand exactly what i mean by that its completely disheartening.  I’m not going to go into all the details of her death but i will say this I KNOW for a fact this medicine is what caused her death I actually  have it in writing from the Veterinarian @ the after hours emergency clinic i took her to it states the following; diagnosis is toxicity from OTC flea medicine in purple tube and anaphylactic shock. I have made a consumer report, notified sergeants gold company & legally they will have to report the incident to EPA, wrote letter to NRDC…and thats just the beginning i want to start a petition and get involved with a civil suit if anyone can please provide me more information regarding anything i can do to put a stop to this or any suits that are currently going on please do !! thanks ~nicole st.charles


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  1. On Dec. 5th My husband put Sergeants Gold squeeze-on on our 3 yr old cat Lisa. Lisa woke me up around 7 am drooling and shaking. We were terrified. I called the emergency vet and we did not have enough for initial visit ($110.00). The vet tech said by the time the appointment was over we may have to spend upwards of 300.00+, not to mention that Lisa might not live through the visit. So I called the number on the back of the box, as well as Sergeants. The Rep. (Ryan) that answered the phone said that there is nothing we could do. The rep (Sarah) from Sergeants had the balls to claim that WE couldn’t blame Sergeants because WE did not know for sure that their product caused her to get sick.
    After the call I googled Sergeants and I found this site. Thank God. Your site saved Lisa’s life. I cannot thank God enough for her recovery. I did what others did on this site. My husband bathed her twice with Dawn, then I did my best to force feed her benedryl. Which was terrifying because she could not swallow. She just kept drooling.
    Just a side note about Lisa. She is my daughter’s sole companion. She was a gift to her on 5th birthday. We walked into a house 3 yrs ago that was living nightmare for animals. There was at least a 50 cats, and none of them used a box. Well, I wanted to leave and call the ASPCA (I did call when we left), when my daughter picked up Lisa. She was severely neglected and very underweight. We were told she was 6 wks. She was really 3 wks. I brought her home not thinking she would make it through the night. But we nursed her back to a health. She has lived through starvation, kennel cough, and RSV.
    Today she almost died from a flea treatment I bought at Wal Mart!!!! The warning on my box suggested a slight reaction NOT DEATH!!! I am irate. I want this stuff removed from the shelves. I am shocked, and disgusted. I will lend my name to any lawsuit that removes this neurotoxin from the market.
    For a corporation, these are just animals…but for me and my family Lisa is a part of our home. When my daughter was heart broken over not having a sibling , we brought Lisa into our lives. She has been more then a companion, she is a sweet, innocent creature who has given so much more then we have given her. I hope she will forgive us for inflicting this horror on her.

    ***Her nightmare started at 9 pm last night, it has now been 24 hrs later. She is acting like her old self…after 3 baths and half a benedryl. She still has to see the vet.

    P.S. Frontline is available online in single doses for alot less then the vet, and you can now buy pet insurance for low rates.

    I will never buy any Sergeants products again.

    Thank you for the VITAL, LIFE SAVING INFORMATION. You saved our cat.

    The Swift Family,
    David, Charity, Myranda Mae, & Lisa

  2. I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved “Kitty”, that is my cat’s name too : ). I was actually about to put this product on both of my cats (i had already bought it) when something told me to do a little research first. Thank goodness I did. I am shocked that this is causing so many problems and it’s still on the shelf at stores. I know nothing can make it better when you lose a pet, they are our babies too, but as far as I am concerned, you just saved both of my cat’s lives. So from myself, my family, and my cats, thank you for sharing this story during such a difficult time for you.

    Jill, Kiddi & Mojo

  3. thanku all for the comments… especially jill thats very sweet of you im glad i helped out u and ur cat by posting kittys story thats all i really wanted to do by posting this just make people aware of this horrible issue, because honestly i had non of this type of information until after kitty died but on a lighter note everyone used to always laugh @me for naming my cat kitty thats funny that u named ur cat that too! it kind of just came out of habit for me, thats what i always called her from day one. Im just trying to remember all the good memories we had together and how at least she’s no longer suffering like she was after that “medicine” was put on her ! keep letting everyone know what horrible stuff this is and hopefully we will all make a big difference one day soon love~nicole

  4. I used Hartz on my dog and he completly flipped out and started to act very strange. I had to take him to Emergency Dog care and they told me that the stuff I used is a pesticide that attacks the nervous system. I never would of used this stuff if I had known that. My dog still hasn’t pulled out of it. He isn’t the same. Doesn’t seem happy. Won’t even chase his favorite ball. I’m very mad and want to do something. This stuff shouldn’t be sold. What can I do? Will my dog pull out of this? E-mail me. I want to sue or do whatever to help get rid of this stuff.

  5. Dear Mark,

    Thank you for bringing your story forward. Hartz Mountain has a terrible safety record over the years. Their products containing phenothrin–a pesticide neurotoxin–have accounted for a significant number of the adverse incidents reported to the EPA over the years. Their appalling safety record goes back to the ’80’s and ’90’s with their product, Blockade, which was pulled from the market because of an unacceptable number of animal injuries and deaths. Hartz later attempted to re-introduce Blockade and once again they were forced to withdraw it because of a terribly high number of adverse incidents. They have been forced by the EPA to make numerous labeling revisions and they have been cited and fined for not promptly and accurately reporting adverse incidents to the EPA. Their cat and kitten products were terminated in 2006 when the EPA issued a Cancellation Order (2005) against Hartz because of their deplorable safety record.

    You have the opportunity to do something that Hartz, Sergeant’s, BioSpot and the others DO NOT want you to do: Please take the time to report your incident to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC). This organization works with the EPA to compile the database of incidents and statistics that will be analyzed and used as a basis for corrective action. The NPIC can be reached at 1-800-858-7378. They are very professional, courteous and efficient. This is a critical step in the public forcing the EPA–one of the most lax oversight agencies in the federal government–to do the right thing and get these neuro-toxin pesticide ingredients out of the marketplace. Also, please call Hartz Mountain or the other appropriate manufacturer and report this incident to them. They WILL NOT be happy to hear from you, but they–-like all the manufacturers–-have an obligation under federal law to forward your report to the EPA. As I mentioned, Hartz Mountain has been cited and fined for not properly and promptly reporting these incidents in the past. Hartz’s telephone number is 1-800-275-1414. Put the pressure on Hartz by giving them the details and FORCING them to report to the EPA. Also, they should be asked to reimburse your medical expenses. Don’t take no for an answer. Press them on this. Thank you again; so very sorry for what has happened. It’s reprehensible that Hartz, BioSpot, Sergeant’s and others continue to injure and kill thousands of pets–-it’s absolutely unacceptable. We should all do whatever we can to prevent this from happening to others. Communications to the proper regulatory agencies, the manufacturers, NPIC, the media and politicians are critical steps. All the best.

  6. NickyLovesKitty2, forget the class action lawsuit. The only people who benefit from a class action suit are the attorneys. You will get some compensation, but not nearly enough for what you are going through. Instead, hire a GOOD lawyer and YOU sue Hartz for what happened! This way you get what you deserve for what you had to go through. I’m not a person who likes to sue, but if someone or some business causes my to lose one of my cats, one of my little buddies, they better open that wallet or be prepared for a LOT of publicity, none of it good.

    I’m so sorry that you have lost your friend. My heart goes out to you Nicky. I would be devasatated if I had to go through my cat’s premature death!! Funny thing, I was always a dog person. But when I became disabled and no longer could take my dogs for a walk, I gave them to a good home and got myself a kitten. I’m so into cats now that it isn’t funny! I have 3. I don’t care how gay it looks, said the straight man to everyone. These are my little friends, part of my family.

    Everyone wants to know how I keep getting cats that give hugs, come when I call them, lay down when I tell them to lay down, etc. They think I’m the cat whisperer or something. Far from it. I just give cuddles and talk to them in a soft soothing voice. The same voice my wife loves to hear. Just as she starts to doze, I cuddle her or rub on her back, shoulders and hair and tell her how sweet she is, how important she is to me, etc. Talk to the cats the same way and they do the same thing, start to doze off in my arms.

    I believe that by talking to them like this, being patient with them and giving them attention and play time during the day, the end result is they want to be with you all the time. They want in your lap, to sleep with you, they wait by the door until you come home and go crazy happy when you come through the door. When we go to change rooms from the living room to the bedroom, we simply say outloud, bedtime, and all the cats get up and come into the bedroom with us. When you are laid up like I am and start to go into one of those pity parties, invite the cats. The way they love on you and hug you stops that party and brightens your day.

    I’m preaching to the choir here, I know. I wanted to share that for all the non believers who say you can’t train a cat. Nicky, I know nothing will replace your little friend, but I have found that the best remedy is to get another little buddy. The new kitten will never be the one you lost because they are so different in their personalities. But it will help with the heartache and help to remember fun times with your past friend. I wish you all the best and hope you can find a way to still have a happy new year.


  7. Merry Christmas ? Nothing like thinking you blinded a sweet dog with Sargent’s Gold flea and tick….I had adopted her to give her a good life with lots of attention and she was happy and obviously grateful, licking us with kisses.
    Her skin and eyes were burned, spasms, throat swelled, choking, blisters all over. The guilt over buying a product at the drug store was unbearable.
    The Animal Hospital said they see this happen all the time – there is no death warning on the label- you didn’t know it was going to happen – it isn’t your fault – but nothing they said eased the remorse….days of rocking her and patting her half the night took its toll and I got extremely depressed for Christmas.
    She’s not the same dog at all….her old personality is gone …….been weeks now…..
    She survived but it goes into the skin and soap and water can’t get it back out……..only time will tell.
    I noted the phone numbers and will file reports and do what I can to prevent this from happening to others.


  9. I am still getting an offer of $50.00 from Hartz because my cat died. They want me to sign a waiver releasing them from all lawsuits. What does everyone think? Does anyone really think we can get together and SUE the pants off these people for taking our babies? My email is: [email protected]. Please reply

  10. Two days ago I gave my three year old cat, Sweety, this poison they label as medicine! I am now writing this comment without my feline companion. I cannot believe my eyes. How is it that with so much evidence against this product, it is still on the shelves? I was not lucky enough as some. At the first sign of the symptoms I assumed it was from another cause. Mainly that i had just rescued her from being an outdoor cat. I thought she was throwing up because she had not had domestic cat food in so long. I was deathly wrong, by the end of the night she was lethargic and drooling. I am not wealthy by any means and I thought she might just have a stomach bug so I did not take her to the vet. The next day it was clearly evident that something was severely wrong. She had lost most of her motor functions and could not stand for more than a few second and would not drink water. I immediately went to the vet but by the time I got her there, there was really nothing they could do. They gave her an IV and put a heating pad under her but her body temperature was dropping so quickly that she could not be helped. I had to make the decision, either we put her down or she would have died in misery. I have felt more guilty these last few days than I have ever felt in my life. After seeing this site I just cannot believe what I am reading. If only I had looked on the internet faster…I might have saved my poor Sweety.
    I would love to see this company get buried in dirt like I had to bury my cat. Please let me know of any lawsuits and/ or petitions, I will be glad to sign.
    Alexandra Holt ( [email protected] )

  11. KILLS FLEAS AND YOUR CAT TOO!!!! This is just hideous! My cat is on his death bed because of an application of Sergeant’s Gold flea product. The fact is that my cat was a healthy eight year old 15 pound cat!! After application he became deathly ill. I talked to the company today and they say his symptoms don’t match as cause by the flea crap they sell. I have contacted and sent letters certified To EPA! I am disgusted that as we read this other people are naively purchasing this death to put on their own beloved pets. My cat has lost about 9 or so pounds and has had to be force fed for weeks. He got anorexic very fast after I applied the poison. How in the WORLD is this POISON still on the shelves? Petsmart doesn’t recommend customers use it on their pets??? They why the hell do they sell it? I am probably going to have to put down our eight year old Siamese cat and I am ready to go to WAR!

  12. I am a class action lawyer in the San Francisco area, investigating the toxicity of Hartz flea products and the possibility of filing a class action against the company. I am very sorry for your loss. Please contact me if you would like to talk about your experience.

    Thanks very much.

    Jacqueline Mottek
    Positive Legal Group
    [email protected]
    415.302.5371 (cell)

  13. I am writing to report that my cat was euthanized yesterday to my horror! The vet said he would die soon in his emaciated condition and liver failure (jaundice). Something that could have been completely avoided had Sergeant’s pulled the product sooner. Thank you Sergeant’s for killing my cat! My vet believes the flea killing ingredient of 55% Etofenprox was TOXIC and contributed to my dear pets death. I now have to live with the guilt that I put something on my pet that ultimately killed him. I am so devastated at our loss and so is my young son and our family…Something needs to be done about these products, how many pets have to die?

  14. In loving Memory of Big Boy (Siamese Cat)…

    Please always check with your vet before using any flea treatments on your cat or dog. I used an OTC on spot treatment that killed my Big Boy…Sergeant’s is never going to bring him back, too late for Big Boy! A brutally painful mistake…read the labels and talk to your vet first! These companies are completely insane selling this product to unsuspecting pet owners.

  15. Hi! I would like to share a story of my own. I have two cats at home and needed a flea protection for them. So I went to the store and bought over the counter flea medication “Sergeant’s Gold” for my cats. I applied it on both cats following the instructions. The same day they were acting strange: shaking heads, salivating and foaming out of the mouth and became very lethargic. I kept a close eye on them. The next morning my one cat could not even get up on his paws, so I went online to see information on adverse reactions. Sergeant’s web site recommended washing pet with dish detergent to wash off the medication which I did right away. My one cat got significantly better after a bath. The other one got very sick, so I took one cat to emergency clinic, where he received fluids and was monitored for the next couple hours. Doctor said to give him rest and keep an eye on him for the next 24 hours, which I did. After that we had a follow up visit to the vet on Thursday and they did the same thing. My cat never got better. That bath didn’t help him at all. Other than the bath the company couldn’t offer better help. On Sunday morning we ended up taking him to the emergency clinic again. They put him on IV fluids and did a blood work that showed up that his kidneys were shutting down. We kept him in the hospital throughout the day, hoping he will get better, but he passed away in my arms on Sunday night from renal failure. I am writing this to warn all other pet owners that “Flea medication can harm or kill your pet”. I did some research about this product online and found out that this was not an isolated incident. Consumers Report website stated hundreds of cases like that. I am very surprised that this product is still on the shelves of our markets and it is FDA approved!!! The most upsetting part of it is we as consumers by buying this product keeping it on the shelves and poisoning our pets at the same time.
    It is very hard to tragically lose your loved ones either it is a family member or a pet. Is there a Lawsuit yet? I would like to sign a petition!!!

  16. Hello Marina,
    I am sick to my stomach reading about your loss of your cat! I went through this in February and lost my cat too. How tragic that this product continues to be sold to unsuspecting consumers and ultimately killing more beloved pets.
    Please be sure to report this incident to the proper authorities! And refer to above post by Jacqueline Mottek.

  17. Thank you for your stories and experiences regarding this product! I am so sorry for you guy’s pets I am balling like a baby right now after reading them. I had purchased some of this stuff because while I normally do frontline for my fuzzy friends, money has been all but extinct in this household. I was about to apply it to my 3 cats but decided to read online first after remembering hearing a friend say their cat had a bad reaction to some drug store crap. I am glad I took the time to look. The product I bought is now in the garbage where it belongs rather than on my cats. I feel like a fool for wasting the money or taking the cheap road for my loved ones. I cannot begin to express my sympathies for you guys. The people responsible for these deaths should be tried and convicted as criminals!!

  18. I dont know what made me look up this product and reviews on it. Thank GOD I did because I have a knot in my stomach over the thought that our Jack could have died if I put this junk on him!!!! Thank you to everyone who took the time to make other people aware of how awful this product really is. I am going to actually make a post on my facebook page about it to and tell everyone to pass it on. Things like this should not be allowed on the market.

  19. I just finished reading all of these very sad stories. My wife doesn’t know that I am writing a coment. Her 10 cats are her whole life and I love them dearly also. Needless to say I assisted her in applying Sergeant’s Flea stuff within the last hour. I told her about what I learned on this site and she said “they (Target) couldn’t sell stuff that could kill our cats.” So anyway I am watching for any sign of failure and ready to call the Vet. Does anyone out there have an opinion as to the chances of losing our cats.
    Thank you

  20. We used the Sergeant’s Gold Squeeze on product last week on our 10 month old cat (Alfie) and to our horror found him dead on our back lawn. We had applied it a few days earlier, and found that he had been acting a bit out of the norm, but didn’t know what to attribute it towards. We let him out on the morning of the 18th, but he did not return as he usually does throughout the day. When we went looking for him later in the day found him on the lawn dead. He had no signs of physical trauma, so we were at a loss as to what happened to him. He was not near any roads or traffic areas where he might have been hit so we ruled that out. We went back over what transpired over the previous few days, and the only thing different was the application of the Gold product. This is when we did some research and found that this product could have caused his death. I’m not a vet and we didn’t have the time or money to investigate further as he had already passed by the time we found him. Again, sad way to find out that there are products out there without sufficient warning(s) to unsuspecting users trying to do “the right thing for the benefit of the animal.” 🙁

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