They should take product off the shelfs

I am posting this in memory of all the kitties I lost last year as well as all the animals that have died or got sick because of flea products.

In september of 2008 I used the Hartz Ultra Guard Products on my cats.
On September 7 Harley got very sick. I thought he might have gotten sick some how, He passed away within a 24 hr period.

Then more of them started to show signs of the same thing as I either washed them with the shampoo or sprayed them with the spray. I lost Chouji, LuLu and the 2 kittens Dazey and Lotus in a three day perion from the 23rd to the 25th of September.And all the other’s seemed to have colds.

I started second guessing everything. retracing my steps. I had bought a new cat food and thought that it was the reason they were sick. I threw all the food out and called the company. They took the food for testing. some one from the Dept. of Agriculture came and took samples of food and flea products.

When I started to notice they were feeling alot better, thinking it was the food. I washed the few more that needed to be done in October. And then I lost them Sassy, Akina and 2 more kittens Spooky and Spike. Only Piper got well .

I was told by the vet that it was the flea product. I had to wash every cat with baby shampoo, all there bedding, etc. I fought very hard to keep them from getting any worse but the vet saifd there was nothing i could do the chemical was in there blood stream.

Hartz uses a chemical in there product called Permethrin and that they had got Permethrin poisoning. In doing research about Permethrin Poisoning/..Toxicity, I have come across hundreds of heartbreaking stories about Hartz and other products .

Why are these products still on the shelfs. Why wont they take any action to make there products safe for animals. I am posting this to protect any other animals from getting sick due to the negligence of Hartz . Please don’t use these products on your pets. It is not safe!!

To all the Babies(..kitties) i have lost please rest in peace and know that mommy will continue to fight until all these products are pulled off the shelfs and made safe for animals.

Petition for the Discontinuation of Harmful Products

We, the undersigned, respectfully DEMAND the discontinuation.. of the retail sale of ANY & ALL Pet Care Products that contain ANY ingredient that may harm, permanently damage or kill domestic pets. Please sign electronically by stating:name and “I support this petition.”
Mary Hibbert “I support this petition”
kim keyser I support this petition
Stefanie Van Nest “I Support This Petition”
Julia Zielinski “I support this petiton”
Linda Dadd ” I support This Petition”
Dawn Tompkins “I support this petition”

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  1. Seriously…. did you READ the label? Since you can barely write, I guess you might not have been able to. I’m holding a bottle for dogs in my hand right now, trying to get some feedback anywhere as to wether this stuff actually kills fleas, and it’s hard to miss the very first precautionary statement on the label – “Do not use on puppies less than 12 weeks of age”.

  2. Yes I read the label. I didn’t use it on a puppy. I used it on cats 6 month’s old and older.
    Are you seriously that rood to say someone can’t write. When someone is upset you can’t expect them to make sense I just know that I lost my kitties because of these people. Support or don’t, but don’t be rood to people who are just trying to inform people so no one else dies.

  3. I used a Hartz spray product on my cat, Tippy, and he went into such respiratory distress that he almost died. I was told by the vet that the flea and tick product had gotten into his bloodstream, and was highly toxic to animals.

    The vet also gave me a safer product to use in the future, an oily anti-flea which is applied to the nape of the neck, where the cat can’t lick it.

    Never use these Hartz products. If you do, you will risk your pet’s life.

  4. You say they were poisoned by this Permethrin in Hartz flea medication for cats…but Permethrin is a dog flea medication and is toxic to cats…I think even your vet knew you gave them the wrong stuff…

  5. For all of you that don’t really know or just haven’t gone through the pain of losing an animal to this product, Hartz does kill your animals! Clearly the cat flea meds are poison. My cat died as a direct result of the topical flea meds.- see McNalley’s Story. The company will not take responsibility for the carnage that is and will continue to take place. All of the ingredients are not listed on the packages, and cats are very sensitive. I know that my cat was poisoned – pyrenthrin was what was listed by the vet. Is it in the product, I won’t know until my tests come back, but the EPA has seen an increase in poioning cases due to this product this year. If you don’t know the facts you should not judge someone else! I am so sorry for your loss Mary, it seems that you never really get over it. I hope that a day comes that it is less painful.

  6. in reply to John’s comment.

    I recently found this in a Hartz flea and tick collar specifically for cats! Please don’t accuse someone of using the wrong product.

  7. I am a class action lawyer in the San Francisco area, investigating the toxicity of Hartz and Sargent flea products and the possibility of filing a class action against the company. I am very sorry for your loss. Please contact me if you would like to talk about your experience and get these products off the market.

    Thanks very much.

    Jacqueline Mottek
    Positive Legal Group
    [email protected]
    415.302.5371 (cell)

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