It’s a horrable death

I put Hartz UltraGuard on three kittens and one is near death now. She laid in my lap without moving for four hours with her eyes wide open, never blinking. She only closed her eyes when her mother started grooming her. I washed her with Dove dish soap but it is too late. She’s now convulsing. Her sister is not moving either. I washed her an hour ago. She is in my lap and will suffer the same fate. The brother seems OK. I just washed him. He’s the only one of the three who put up a fight in the water.  The other two had no life to fight. I have  no money for a vet but I don’t believe they can be saved but I don’t even have the money to put them out of their misery. If I had a gun I would shoot them. It was their mother’s first (and last litter) she was taken in as a stray and was such a good mother to them. It was all so natural to her. She has not left the dying one for six hours. The emergency clinic won’t look at them without money. The kittens were for my grand daughters. I’m so sick I don’t know what to do. I have one in my lap and I know it will start convulsing, like her sister in another six hours. How can Hartz be allowed to sell this product? Their mother is so upset she is crying. I can’t help her.


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  1. Dear toopainful,

    I am truly sorry this has happened to you and your kittens. It’s another tragic story in a long line of pet injuries and deaths that bring deep loss and devastation to animals and pet owners. I’m very sorry.

    Thank you for bringing this forward–as painful as it must be. Hartz has one of the worst safety records in the industry. Their products containing the pesticide neurotoxin phenothrin have accounted for a significant number of the adverse incidents reported to the EPA over the years. Their appalling safety record goes back to the ’80’s and ’90’s with their product, Blockade, which was pulled from the market because of an unacceptable number of animal injuries and deaths. They have been forced by the EPA to make numerous labeling revisions and they have been cited and fined for not promptly and accurately reporting adverse incidents to the EPA. Their cat and kitten products were terminated in 2006 when the EPA issued a Cancellation Order against Hartz because of their deplorable safety record. Please–when you get the opportunity (and I know you are hurting right now)–take one important step to help yourself and other pets and pet owners. Please take the time to report your incident to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC). This organization works with the EPA to compile the database of incidents and statistics that will be analyzed and used as a basis for corrective action. The NPIC can be reached at 1-800-858-7378. They are very professional, courteous and efficient. This is a critical step in the public forcing the EPA–one of the most lax oversight agencies in the federal government–to do the right thing and get these neuro-toxin pesticide ingredients out of the marketplace. Also, please call Hartz Mountain and report this incident to them. They WILL NOT be happy to hear from you, but they–-like all the manufacturers–-have an obligation under federal law to forward your report to the EPA. As I mentioned, Hartz Mountain has been cited and fined for not properly and promptly reporting these incidents in the past…put the pressure on Hartz by giving them the details and forcing them to report to the EPA. Also, they should be asked to reimburse your medical expenses…don’t hesitate to ask for this. Also, most veterinarians are willing to work with you regarding your financial situation. They have seen first hand the devastation that these products are causing–they understand the pain and suffering. If you need financial assistance to treat or euthanize an animal most veterinarians will attempt to work with you–don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you again; so very sorry for what has happened. It’s reprehensible that Hartz, BioSpot, Sergeant’s and others continue to injure and kill thousands of pets–it’s absolutely reprehensible.

  2. why did you put this product on a kitten, you arent supposed to use it on any animal under 12 weeks of age, or things like this happen.

  3. Jack Willy, at twelve weeks and even 24 weeks they are still kittens. They were not too young according to the Hartz instructions. I trusted the Hartz printed instructions.

    I do have an update though. The kitten that survived (one out of three), ate very little the next two weeks and became extremely underweight. He’s still underweight today but acting like a playful kitten again, thankfully.

    As for Harts, I phoned them when my kittens died such a horrible death, and after being on hold for twenty minutes, talked with a “vet technician” I explained to her that I only used one tube of “Harts Ultraguard”… putting 1/3rd on each kitten. The Hartz vet assistant said it was my fault the kittens died because I didn’t follow directions and use an entire tube on each kitten. She stated the chemicals “are not mixed in the tube”… “so one kitten may have gotten the inactive ingredient and the other kittens the active ingredient.” I suggested the chemicals should be mixed thoroughly before filling the tubes but she had no comment on my suggestion.

    As an afterthought I commented that the Hartz paperwork included with the Hartz Ultraguard flea product states “the product does not enter the pets bloodstream”. If that is the case,I ask, then why would using one tube, and only 1/3rd of a tube on each kitten, kill my kittens, since even if one got the active chemical and another got the inactive chemical, in that the chemicals don’t go into the pets bloodstream then what is the harm? She said the kittens may have licked the chemicals, or one of the other kittens may have licked the Hartz off her sister. That is true. Cats, even kittens are highly social and they do groom each other, it’s part of their DNA. In hindsight, they licked the Harts chemicals off each other and ingested it. In fact, they seem to like the taste.

    “Advantage” the brand I use now is bitter tasting so the pets don’t like the taste. We all know not to let pets near anti-freeze because it is poisonous and animals will drink it. Why does Harts give their flea product a taste that animals like when they know kittens will groom each other and like to remove it and swallow it?

    I believe Harts is making the cheapest product they can manufacture in order to sell to those who cannot afford the more expensive (and safe) flea treatments.

    Hartz take no responsibility for the carnage they cause.

  4. Jack Willy,

    A number of Hartz’s “products” are labeled in big letters, “For Cats and Kittens”. It can be confusing. And do you really expect products to kill? And, if they say in the fine print “do not use on kittens less than 12 weeks”, why wouldn’t they make that more obvious instead of titling the package “for Cats and Kittens”? Simple: they hope everybody will buy it and use it. The majority of the time there’s no problem with the animal. However, if there’s a little collateral damage, so what–too bad. The EPA doesn’t seem to care. And Hartz’s legal department will intimidate the tiny handful of complainers that are still around after a week or two of complaining. It’s now the buyer’s fault, and we–Hartz–have our $7 bucks.

    What a reprehensible organization.

  5. I wasn’t “confused’. To be perfectly clear so others aren’t confused, my kittens were over twelve weeks of age…still kittens of course but older than the Hartz minimum age.

    The age of the dead kittens was not the issue. Cats groom each other. My kittens groomed each other and swallowed the Hartz Ultraguard. The problem is that Hartz makes a product kittens like to eat. Another problem is that Hartz doesn’t thoroughly mix the ingredients before filling the tube. Because the ingredients are not mixed, A kitten grooming itself, or another kitten can easily get a concentrated dose of the killer ingredient. Harts makes Ultraguard as cheaply as possible. IF they made the product taste bitter, like “Advantage” is, and mixed it thoroughly, like other flea treatments are, then my kittens would not have died. Their deaths would not have been too horrific to bare.

    Harts ask me to sent the body of the kitten that died “a less painful death” for examination. They did not want the body of the kitten that convulsed and agonized for hours before dying.

  6. Just a warning if you do send the kittens remains to Hartz you very likely will not get it back. Hartz will send the remains to a Vet school they donate heavily to for the autopsy.
    The report will clear Hartz products of being the cause for the kittens death,they always do. So sorry for your loss.


  7. Dear toopainful,

    I appreciate your elaboration and clearly you were not confused. Unfortunately many people have been. Hartz Mountain, in addition to having their former cat and kitten products terminated by the EPA in 2006 through an EPA Cancellation Order (because of thousands of cat injuries and deaths), has also been ordered by the EPA to implement several labeling revisions over the years in an attempt to remove confusion and doubt among pet owners and consumers. In spite of being forced to reformulate their cat and kitten products after the EPA Cancellation Order they still have too many adverse incidents reported. Some of these are as a result of labeling problems. However, the real problem is the product ingredients–both in their cat and kitten products and their dog and puppy products.

    I hope you will take the time to contact the National Pesticide Information Center (1-800-858-7378) as Matt mentioned in his post above. They work in cooperation with the EPA and they are a most professional organization. It sounds like you have already contacted Hartz Mountain (1-800-275-1414) and opened a case with them which is also critical, and thanks for doing that. They have a federal obligation to accurately and promptly report this information to the EPA.

    Please be careful about Hartz’s offer to have “independent experts” review your incident. There have been significant conflicts of interest in their “offers” in the past.

    Again, I’m very sorry that this has happened to you and your kittens. All the best, and thank you for bringing this forward. The information you’ve provided may help prevent the same tragedy for someone else.

  8. I have reported the Harts Ultraguard deaths of my granddaughters’ two kittens to the National Pesticide Information Center (1-800-858-7378). I feel better knowing they are aware of the specific problems I observed with Hartz Ultraguard:

    1) Hartz Ultraguard tastes good to kittens so they groom each other and ingest it and are poisoned.

    2) Hartz Ultraguard is not mixed thoroughly before Hartz fills the tube, therefore if one tube (one dose) is shared between two or three kittens, one might get the “active ingredient” and another kitten might get the “inactive ingredient”.

    3) Hartz does not label “Ultraguard” to inform me that my kittens will die if they ingest Ultraguard while grooming each other. They only assure me that Ultraguard doesn’t enter the bloodstream through the skin”. (An incomplete assurance).

    Harts could stop killing pets if they made Ultraguard taste “bitter” like their competitor, “Advantage” tastes bitter to pets.

    Smaller (safer) doses could be given to kittens if hartz mixed the ingredients thoroughly before filling the Ultraguared tubes.

    The representative I spoke with at the National Pesticide Information Center today shared the EPA is meeting “this Fall” to”consider” the status of these products. I pray they are privy to the information I passed along today.

  9. “Hartz could stop killing pets if they made Ultraguard taste bitter…”.

    Sorry, that may help in some cases but there would still be a terribly unacceptable injury and death rate. The problem with Hartz isn’t the taste of the product–it’s the product itself. Thousands of animals are injured and killed without ingesting the product orally, but through dermal absorption which carries the neurotoxin through the bloodstream and is lethal to the animal’s neurosystem resulting in feline or canine toxicosis. The second typical reaction is the animal’s potential extreme dermal sensitivity leaving burns, loss of hair or worse.

    The ingredients are lethal. They have been for years. The record is documented ever since the Blockade travesty in the late ’80’s and ’90’s, the many required (by the EPA) labeling revisions, lawsuits, thousands of animal injuries and deaths confirmed by the EPA and NPIC, EPA Cancellation Order of 2006 terminating Hartz’s cat and kitten products, etc., etc.

    Making the product taste “bitter” so animals will be less likely to ingest it is just one more band-aid.

    The EPA needs to do their job, because Hartz will not do the right thing. Hartz will not act as a responsible corporate citizen…they’ve had plenty of opportunity and they prefer deception, misrepresentation and obfuscation. Look at the record.

  10. Matt, I wasn’t aware of the broader problem. I only know that my kittens groomed each other so my belief was that they were poisoned by ingestion. Hartz assured me (over the telephone and in their literature) that “the ingredients do not enter the blood stream through the skin”. If that is a lie then Hartz should not be on the market.

  11. on the 21st of July I used hartz flea spray on my two kittens, one the bigger one.. was fine. The smaller one within two hours couldnt even walk, it wouldnt eat.. it was so sad. I bathed the Kitten, and went and bought it hydrocortizone spray by hartz also…because I thought maybe the kittens skin was burnt.. It only wanted to be in my lap.. It was freezing.. On July 22 I woke up to a limp kitten that would sit with its head dangling and nonresponsive… I held the kitten all day. By midnight the kitten wouldnt even move it was breathing once every 16 seconds.. I looked in the phone book and found an emergency vet that was open 24 hours.. and decided it was time to get some help. I never thought a product OVER THE COUNTER could do this to my animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also cost me 130 dollars to keep my kitten alive after i used this product!!!!!!! They had to hook the poor thing up to an iv. how sad. I feel for anyone who couldnt afford an emergency visit.. b/c i know my kitten wouldnt of surrvived after using this product.

    southwestern ohio

  12. “Making the product taste “bitter” so animals will be less likely to ingest it is just one more band-aid.”

    Too true. A bitter tast will not be enough of a turn-off for all cats. I have a cat that will lick anything… thing that make most cats run, she wants to lick, like mint or citrus. She climbed all over me once trying to lick wet nail polish.

    I thankfuly have not had problems with fleas with my current pets, so have not had to treat them… I had considered using the drops as a preventative measure. After reading a few of these stories, I don’t think I will ever be using any drops.

    If these was any medication for humans that caused this high of a mortality rate, it would only be administered by doctors in a hospital.

    Frankly, I am shocked and disgusted by both Hartz and our own regulatory acgencies… I see posts going back to 2002!

  13. Let me first say how deeply sorry i am for your loss.. No time is a good time to loose a friend. I know some people have to buy flea protection in the stores, But first off this company should be out of business. I have 6 cats ( many by keeping dump kitties here at my home) I cant afford to go to vet and buy frontline so, a friend of mine works for a local shelter told me to go on ebay that there was a lady on there that sells front line in large doses and if you can read a syringe, you can put on your cats very easy and fast.. I have used this all summer… 1 of the 3 packs lasted me 4 months She has on the ebay site how many doses there are but again i have 6 cats so it dont last as long for me…
    24 MONTHS FRONTLINE PLUS FOR CATS & DOGS 18 9 6 3 Doses ladyd name is kthecute1 59.00 and free shipping.. I will never buuy over counter again…

  14. I read your article about your kittens and cried my eyes out. I have 2 cats at home. One of them being a kitten we adopted. When we first brought her home, I thought she looked thin so I immediately scheduled a well kitty check up with the vets office. She was healthy but flea infested so the vet of course, applied her very first dose of Frontline. With our oldest cat at home, we purchase a product on EBay that has the same ingredients in it. The website is and you can get 18 doses for $30.00! And VET APPROVED! Way cheaper than Frontline and after reading about Hartz killing your precious babies, it’s much safer too. I’ll never use Hartz, not since my Mothers dog started having seizures after she would bathe her in the shampoo stuff.

    I’m so sorry about your kittens. I would hire a good lawyer and sue their butts off!

  15. So sorry to hear about this, the poor babies didn’t have a chance with products like this on the market!! It’s made for cats for crying out loud!

    I had a cat burned once by a Hartz flea product and I swore never again- I don’t use any of their products anymore on my cats or dog.

    Sorry you had to go through this- and even more sorry that they will continue making the products that kill cats! Is there anything we can do?

  16. Several years ago, after applying Hartz flea control to a cat, we went away overnight and found the cat dead when we returned. I did call the company, and they kept insisting I must have used the dog drops, which I did not! Wish this site had been around back then!

  17. I’m sorry, but I disagree with the one who put a product for dogs on their kittens. If it says do not use on cats, I don’t see why it would be the fault of the manufacturer. However, if the products is advertised to be used on cats and causes side effects, then there is definitely a problem.

    I don’t know if Hartz is the cause of a recent problem with one of my cats, but it is possible. I was just about to use Harts flea and tick drops on my cats: one is 15, one is 5 and one is a kitten just three months old. Luckily before I did I remembered what a vet had told me about a month ago, just after I had applied it to my cats. She said she would never use Hartz products because of the damage it had caused to so many pets. Then I searched on line for side effects of Hartz products and found your site.

    Anyway, about a month ago I used Hartz flea & tick drops on all my cats except the kitten, which I didn’t have then. All the cats were fine, or seemed fine. However my one female started having seizures. First it would start in her head and neck area for two or three episodes. Then her whole body would flail and convulse violently. It was a frightening and horrible thing to see. I took her to the vet who, after doing blood work, said my cat’s levels were off but she didn’t know if it was from poisoning or epilepsy. My cat has been on anti-seizure medication for one month. Thank God she has been fine. The real test now will be to see how she does without the medication. If she has seizures, then it’s probably epilepsy. If not, it very well could have been the medication. Unfortunately I didn’t really pay attention to when I gave the drops to her and its relation, if any, to the seizure.

    Thanks for letting me share.

  18. I agree with Sabrina–if you put a dog product on a cat or kitten you are responsible for the outcome. Hartz Mountain retails horrible flea and tick products, but some consumers exacerbate the problem by misusing their products. The dog product made by Hartz contains a 40 year old pesticide product called phenothrin. It is a synthetic pyrethroid which is lethal to cats and kittens, and unacceptably dangerous to dogs. Hartz’s flea and tick products for cats and kittens were terminated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in 2006 because of a deplorable number of injuries and deaths to cats. That product contained exactly the same ingredients their current dog products contain–phenothrin, the pesticide neuro-toxin deadly to cats (although Hartz denied it for years and even to the day it was cancelled continued to profess its safety. Veterinary science now knows Hartz was sadly mistaken) and methoprene, an insect growth regulator that combined with phenothrin also causes potential problems.

    Please, everyboy–don’t continue to give Hartz and the other manufacturers (and the ASPCA) the ammunition they need to continue to point the finger at us–the pet owners for not having the mental or cognitive skills to follow simple directions. There have been too many cases where a consumer has misused the product and that’s all Sergeant’s, BioSpot, Hartz, the ASPCA and the EPA talk about. The EPA, with the ASPCA’s support, uses these examples to delay or obfuscate regulatory action that the manufacturers deserve–namely, reformulaton and/or cancellation. Although the vast majority of injuries and deaths are caused by these reprehensible products and not by consumers misapplication, there are enough tragic examples of pet owner misapplication to divert the attention from where it belongs.

    If you do have a legitimate problem–seizure, itching, injury of any kind–large or small–etc., or animal death–please take the time to call the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) at 1-800-858-7378, and report the incident. They are very courteous and professional people and they truly want to know about these incidents. They will ensure the EPA gets the database of adverse incident statistics–critical in any potential action taken by the EPA against these cretins that continue to market pathetic pesticide products. Also, if the product was a Hartz product, please take the time to call them–1-800-275-1414. They won’t like it, but they have a federal obligation to take the information and also report it to the EPA. Hartz has been cited and fined in the past for not accurately and timely reporting this information–put the pressure on them by reporting to them what happened to your pet. Again, they won’t like it but that should make your call all that more enjoyable. The same holds true with BioSpot, Sergeant’s and others–please call the NPIC and the appropriate manufacturer (their telephone number is on the package).

    Again, in the above example, Hartz can hardly be blamed if the owner used a dog product on a cat–that’s plainly stupid. However, the vast majority of incidents are not misapplication but the continued ability of Hartz and other manufacturers to manipulate the EPA into continuing to register deplorable, dangerous and reprehensible products into the marketplace.

  19. I appreciate all the words of support so many have offered here. The one surviving kitten is healthy now and doing fine. The mother cat is healthy and still nurturing to her baby and even her sister and brother.

    A couple folks have commented about “putting dog medicine on cats”. I don’t know why that thought is being bantered about. My kittens were poisoned and died when I used Harts Ultraguard for cats and kittens. No animal should suffer and die that way. No one should have to witness it.

    I did take the advice of one poster and have ordered affordable quality fleas treatment from I am grateful for the web address.

    I hope others take heed and don’t risk the fate of my kittens. It’s not worth it. I would never ever use a Hartz product for any reason. They are uncaring.

  20. Dear toopainful,

    My comments were not directed towards you and I should have been clear about that–I think I have been in my previous posts regarding your story, but obviously I could have done a better job in my last post.

    You did everything exactly as the Hartz product directions advised–you were not confused, but you were taken advantage of like many thousands of other pet owners. Once again, I’m so very sorry for this tragedy. It’s reprehensible that these products are in the marketplace.

    Unfortunately, there is another recent story submitted on this site where the pet owner admitted she misapplied the product (i.e., used a dog product on a cat) and her cat suffered the consequences. Even more unfortunately, companies like Sergeant’s, Hartz, BioSpot, etc., combined with cover from the ASPCA and the EPA, jump on these examples and point towards the consumers as ignorant hillbillies.

    Again, I’m very sorry about the terrible events you’ve had to endure. And I thank you so much for properly reporting the incident to the NPIC and to Hartz…and a big thank you for taking the time to tell your story. All the best.

  21. I used this 2 in 1 flea spray last night. We didn’t even use it on the cats, we were just spraying it on the bed. My cat was in the doorway, fairly far away from the bed, when she started freaking out. I went to check on her and she was foaming at the mouth. I stopped my fiance from using the spray, googled it on line, found this site and immediately bathed my cat and stripped the sheets from the bed. This product was not even used on her, she was just in a basic vicinity of it! We didn’t even spray it towards her! I can not imagine what would have happened if we had used it on her! This stuff needs to be off the market now!

  22. Hello,

    I’m sorry for your loss. I had a similar experience.
    I just buried my little kitten a few minutes ago. 🙁
    He was a sweet little kitten…he would come running to me when I got home from work.
    He was outside where there are a few semi-feral cats with fleas so he had fleas. I had been giving him regular baths with palmolive. I thought he was old enough to use flea/tick shampoo. (Skip-flea from Sergeants)
    I was happy because I was ridding him of his annoying fleas. I bathed him and dried him (though he never liked that part). Then I put him back outside in the utility room so he could stay warm and finish drying up. (He had made it obvious he did not want to stay inside) An hour later, I went out to see him. I could not find him and thought he’d just left. I did not find him until late this morning. Just as you had described, he was rigid with his eyes open and only breathing once in what seemed forever. It was too late for him. He had already had the poison in his system for too long.
    I wish I had come across this website beforehand. None of my previous pets had had a reaction to any of the shampoos.

    I am glad that this website exists. I will always feel horribly sad about this, but seeing we are not alone relieves me some.

    Don’t use flea/tick shampoos from Hartz or Sergeants!

  23. Ok, for those of your blaming this lady….STOP IT! Clearly, she is TERRIBLY upset about what happened, it broke her heart. THE ONUS IS ON THE COMPANY!!! Stop blaming the victims!! This is exactly why these scumbag corporations get away with this garbage is because THEY and US sit there blaming the person who coddled this animal WHILE THEY SUFFERED AND DIED IN THEIR LAPS, ARMS, ETC. I am sorry, some of the comments OUTRAGED me to see. Kudos to the poster for sharing such a painful and horrible story to create awareness and look for support. You may have saved SO MANY other families the pain of this, and countless pets that very well could have been victims. Thank you to those of you who are being supportive of her, and thank you for sharing such a traumatic experience. Because of folks like you, my cats and dog were spared a potentially similar fate, as I was planning to pick up some of these products for ticks. I owe you and everyone else who created this site and post to this site a huge huge thank you!!! I am so sorry for your experience 🙁 Thankfully, 1 was a survivor, and the other 2 are now at peace and this is over for them.

  24. I am absolutely horrified by the stories posted about these poor animals. The companies who make these products should be forced off the market or at least very strictly regulated.

    I must point out however, that I am shocked that people would still use flee treatments on their animals after going through something like that. Even the expensive treatments you can get at the vet contain nasty chemicals. Please don’t take this as laying any blame. I would just like to urge people not to use these products. There must be some sort of natural/organic alternative. Perhaps I don’t fully understand the need for flee treatments because my cat is only indoors and has never had a flee problem, but I will never put chemicals like that on him.

    Thank you all for sharing your stories and helping to raise awareness! My pets and those of all of my friends will safe from this fate because of this website and all of your stories.

  25. There are “organic” products on the market… and they usually contain oils… Oils(Like clove oil) that can actually be JUST as lethal as synthetic chemicals… They are called ‘Essential Oils’ and can cause burning, hair loss, AND death. And even worse… since they are “organic” they are NOT regulated at all. So they can be extremely toxic. Just because something is “natural” does not mean it’s safe. Arsenic is natural, but that’s not safe. Is it? I wish all these “GO GREEN!” and Anti-chemical people in this generation these days would realize that natural does NOT mean safe. Read this about essential oils and cats…

    Then look at the ingredients in THIS product:

    Wow! Safe for ALL CATS and ALL KITTENS…
    OH! And Sold at PETCO!
    But ingredients?
    Sodium lauryl sulfate 1.20%, cedar wood oil 0.25%, cinnamon oil 0.10%, clove oil 0.10%. Other Ingredients: Water, vanillin (benzaldehyde, 4-hydroxy-3methoxy-) 98.35%. Total 100%.

    Just an FYI… Clove oil is even toxic to HUMANS!… Yet with this you are spraying your entire cat with it. Oh! But wait! It’s natural! hah… And it’s not regulated at all since it has no active ingredients.

    The expensive brands like Advantix, Frontline and Revolution are all prescribed by vets, and recommended by vets, and have been used successfully for very long times. THIS on the other hand… how many vets have recommended this? If they did, then don’t go back there.

    The key is not to “go natural”. The key is to use a TRUSTED brand!

    Sorry for the rant… but my cat was a victim of said “natural” flea treatment. My cat got fleas and I was desperate and bought this. Sprayed it all over my cat… Then read online how dangerous and potentially lethal it is. I spent the next 2 hours bathing my cat, that is deathly afraid of water. I actually have scars from scratch marks now that have remained on my back after a year and a half.

    All because I was ignorant and also TRUSTED that a PETCO would actually sell a safe product… man was I wrong. Stick with vets. They know what they are doing. These companies that take all this random stuff, and mix it up… then say, oh! This can kill fleas! Are only clever at marketing, and REALLY good at finding loopholes in regulation.

    There needs to be a NEW establishment established that is STRICTLY for regulation of PET products… The fact that we are using organizations who’s resources are used to help regulate for humans(And sorry… human regulation will ALWAYS be priority over pets when you use the same organization) is despicable. I’m sure 1 person and a monkey is PLENTY the resources required to do testing/research on the products on the market. Just too bad no one will do anything about that.

  26. well i to was in the dark about this very dangerous product sergeants silver flee and tick for dogs. i applied per manufacture directions. i now have two very sick adult dogs. symptoms include foaming at mouth, sever inching, erratic behavior ticking,lethargic, trouble breathing. i call the 800 # and was told to wash the dogs witch i did, no improvement.

    today [14 hrs later] they went to the vet got a steroid shot and antibiotics for a infection from itching/scratching, still no improvement 24 hr later. i also call the EPA # listed above Matt gave. the dogs are a part of the family and I’m very angry over the lack of information on the package. i hope my dogs get better. in closing thanks for all the stories and too every body that reads theses post please be careful if you use theses products there very dangerous and i advise to stay as far away from them as you can.

  27. What about Sergeant’s Pronyl? We applied Pronyl to our 3 dogs on 6-7-12. The next day our 13 year old Pug had severe breathing problems that lasted 3 full days. This affected him so severely that we had to have him put down on 6-23. Yes he was up there in age but he had no major health concerns up to this point. Our Chihuahua and our Pit Bull did not have any reactions but they still have fleas. We always used Frontline and is works well. Never again will we use any Sergeant products!

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