This stuff need to be pulled off the market!!

We foster dogs and had a stash of this Hartz Gold on hand. We had never used it then we got a dog that was infested with ticks so we put it in him, and our three others. Three were fine but our poodle started screaming within an hour, running around and thorwing himself into the walls. He was so scared he ran down our hall peeing and pooing!! And he’s houstrained! We’ve spent all night with him, called the poison control center and everything. We’ve given him bathes with dishwashing soup (as directed by others) and still he’s in massive pain. Someone needs to start a class action against Hartz for this. Why this product is still on the market is beyond me!!

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  1. I’m very sorry that this has happened to you. Thank you for bringing forward this story. Hartz has one of the worst safety records in the industry. Their products containing the pesticide neurotoxin phenothrin have accounted for a significant number of the adverse incidents reported to the EPA. You write that someone should start a class action suit against Hartz. It does not sound like you are interested in leading that initiative, which is fine. However, please take one important step to help other pets and pet owners. Please take the time to report your incident to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC). This organization works with the EPA to compile the database of incidents and statistics that will be analyzed and used as a basis for corrective action. The NPIC can be reached at 1-800-858-7378. They are very professional, courteous and efficient. This is a critical step in the public forcing the EPA to do the right thing and get these neuro-toxin pesticide ingredients out of the marketplace. Also, please call Hartz Mountain and report this incident to them. They will not be happy to hear from you, but they–like all the manufacturers–have an obligation under federal law to forward your report to the EPA. Hartz Mountain has been cited and fined for not properly and promptly reporting these incidents in the past…put the pressure on Hartz by giving them the details and forcing them to report to the EPA. Also, they should be asked to reimburse your medical expenses…don’t hesitate to ask for this. Thank you again; I sincerely hope your pet recovers completely. It’s reprehensible that Hartz, BioSpot, Sergeant’s and others continue to injure and kill thousands of pets…absolutely reprehensible.

  2. O my God, I wish I had researched this but I didnt. My little guy is in such pain with Chemical burns from the sentry pro XFC . It has been 5 days now with no relief in sight for him. Hes been washed, a trip to the emergency vet who said the product would have hurt any dog that it was put on, since it is not and allergic reaction. I can send a picture of him I’m sick with worry and the crying is heart breaking. He crys all the time even with the pain meds. Why is this stuff still on the market?

  3. I can NOT believe this stuff is even on the shelves! NOW, I know what killed our Newfoundland a year ago!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I applied the sergeants gold tonight to my miniature pinscher and he is going CRAZY! Running around the house like a “mad dog.” His skin must be burning from the chemicals! Sergeants! You must be ashamed of such a KILLER product!!!! You are in the wrong business!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can only hope he makes it! I have given him 2 baths so far and Benadryl and nothing is helping and it is so sad! Sergeants….you do NOT like animals, do you? I look at my dog and you ABUSE animals, not help them!!!!! You still have this on the shelves because of your hatred toward animals. I feel like I let out Newfoundland down! She did the exact same thing then fell down trying to withstand the pain and she could not get up. She was vomiting all over. Now we know she may have broken her leg due to this pain! SHAME ON YOU SERGEANTS! HOW DO THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!!

  4. My cat would have died without emergency treatment from the vet.Hartz & Sargents sell millions of these drops monthly so they dont care if what they consider is a small percentage of reactions.
    They say they’ll pay the vet bill IF you send in the packaging and tubes along with the vet bill.It is cheaper for them to pay individual pet bills than to do the right thing and remove these products from sale.
    Now I just looked at a 3tube pack of sargents in a local store that now puts it in red to ‘do not use on cats’ but that simply isnt good enough.It should be banned.
    Their packaging is small as are the lettering with the instructions and I still found it hard to read.Many others have the same problem with not being able to read ‘fine print’ so look at the pictures to show it is for a pet and then innocently use this stuff only to watch their pet suffer and even die from it.
    My vet bill was payable at time of services and since I just got my monthly disability check, I paid it to get my cat home. Had I not paid in full the vet was going to keep the cat and charge an additional $9 a day to board her til payment was made. I had no choice but to pay in full. Now I dont have my rent money and will be broke for the coming months as I try to recoup my losses. I am stressed about facing my landlord to tell him his rent went for a cat’s vet bill. He will want his money so this means I might end up being evicted now as well.
    This dominoe effect all started with Sargents flea drops~!
    At least my cat is home and still weak and sleeping all the time now.She is only 6 pounds and lost weight and barely eats now.
    I am trying to sell some of my art products at a big discount now just to try and raise the money to cover this expense since I dont have the tube or packaging to send to the company responsible I have to do it on my own, but have had no responses yet.. This is all so hard on anyone going throught it but in my case people say to me I should have had the cat destroyed, BUT I couldnt, as it was not her fault!!

  5. I made the mistake of using this horrid product on my Pug this weekend . He ran around like he had lost his mind, throwing up, panting for breath and hiding from us. We had no idea that he was hurting from this stuff. It stayed on him for a couple of hours before we realized that the only thing new was the flea & tick drops, so we gave him a bath. He continued acting strange until the next day. He is better now but this stuff needs to be pulled from the market. I am going to contact the ASPCA and NPIC about this. I hope they can convince whoever governs animal meds to get this stuff pulled from the market and fine them for hurting our beloved pets.

  6. I had the same response from my dog to the seargents gold flea and tick treatment,hours after I applied this to my chiuahua she started vomitting,scratching like crazy and twitching,we bathed her twice as told,she is eating and not running around like crazy but she stil has a bit of a twitch and her back leg seems to buckle under her at times,I feel absolutely horrible for not researching this product first and I am appalled that this product is still out there I have reported it to the npic and I hope that they will take this product of the market before any more animals get hurt or killed!

  7. After going through this post the statement was made that they would never purchase this product again but go to the vet for the “Good Stuff”. What the heck is wrong with people you just had a life and death episode with a topical and you want to now go and get the “Good Stuff”! Don’t need an anvil to fall on your head. Didn’t you learn anything?

    There is no “Good Stuff” chemical pesticides are “POISONS”! Don’t continue toxing your cats or dogs. Put the chemical pesticides away and treat your home with a mechanical flea killer like “disodium octoborate tetrahydrate” a water soluable boron which is an IGR and last forever the only thing that will take it out of your carpets is hot water extraction. It may sound chemically ugly but it is the least toxic remedie that you can use about as toxic as table salt and you do not put it on the pet but in the pets environment.

    You turn your rugs from a perfect breeding ground for fleas into a flea killer. Soap will kil fleas just not quickly. A hypo-allergenic bath will kill all the fleas on your cat and you rinse all the residue off then put them back into a flea free environment. Twenty-one days later bath the cat again to break the flea life cycle.

    In your home there are many chemicals that you expose your animals to. Who knows what they were already exposed to due to your ignorance then you gave them the extra dose of poison because you thought more was better. It is not all the manufacturers fault as you have some responsibility to know what you are doing when it come to poisons, drugs, etc.

    Buyer beware and learn what you are doing before you do it. Do not trust a company to care as much for your pet as you do or yoursef for that matter.



  9. Just lost my boxer Maddy after 10 years of her loyal companionship and perfect health. Hartz caused severe seizures,peeing and pooping in the house,foaming at the mouth,running into walls,paranoia,shaking,curled tongue,blood shot eyes…she finally died about 3 hours ago after 5 days of seizures..god rest her soul..

  10. September 6, 2009
    Yesterday I bought Sergeants Silver Flea and Tick Medicine, the three pack as my 3 dogs are all about the same weight. My three dogs, 2 small poodles ages 1 1/2 years old and 9 years old and a 16 year old rat terrier are all sick. The poodles are the worse, hyperactivity, scratching, drinking excessive amounts of water, eating grass and throwing up. I have been up most of the night with them. Sergeants should be forced to remove these products from the store shelves. I will be calling the NPIC in a few minutes to report the severity of the product. The NPIC is the National Pesticide Information Center. I am also reporting the problem to Sergeants. In my opinion the people at Sergeants are criminals for selling such a product.

  11. I agree that what they are selling should be considered criminal and they need to be held accountable.My cat did the same thing, running into walls, foaming at the mouth, screaming, seizing, urinating herself, panting and collapsing. My son thought she had rabies!! I knew she didnt as she never has been out of the house and has been vaccinated against rabies. I only used a single dose tube [first and last time to ever do that!] and put only 2 drops on her and a couple of drops on my sons 2 cats.
    3 hours later the nighmare began for us, but had already begun for the cat before she seized… We caught her and caged her, washed off the drops and called a vet, bringing her in as an emergency, because we knew otherwise she would die. We weren’t even sure she’d make it to the vets. My sons cats has less reactions, one vomited for about a week or more and lost fur on her hind quarters [poison travels through skin into the sebaceous glands and causes fur to fall out anywhere.] I had washed off the necks of the other 2 cats before we went to the vet to save my cat.
    Now a few months later, she is playful again, grew back her fur but is still sickly looking as she is now about 5 lbs at 2 years of age~! The larger grey cat that vomited is about 3 times her size and now having kittens any day.The white cat is long haired so her bald spots werent noticable & she is doing well.
    I guess here giving 3 cats the same meds and seeing the 3 different reactions may be why manufacturers get away with it, since our white cat didnt show any outward signs,but the little grey one did, and the larger grey cat had a less severe reaction.
    The stuff is poison and needs to be banned~!!

  12. We had a horrific experience with a Hartz and a Sargents spot flea product that was very disturbing and could have killed three of our poodles except that we reacted fast enough to bathe them and wash away some of the “poison” All poodles reacted with scratching to the point of removing their hair and skin, bleeding and acting as if some demon was chasing them. Their cries of pain and nervous acting was heartbreaking. It was like watching our pets die in front of our eyes when all we wanted to do was just to help them.
    We reported this to the emergency help line at Sargents and all they did was sugest we wash the pets several times.

  13. You’re dog had organophosphate poinsoning. Same type stuff used in weapons of mass destruction. Most fire and police departments have recieved MARK I anedote kits for this stuff but it’s not for use to public. Symptoms include uncontrolled: salivation, tears, running nose, urination, defication, rapid breating, slowed pulse. I’m a paramedic trained to look for these signs and stay as far away from the sourse. My german shepherd was the 1st patient in 11 years I’ve encountered with organophosphate poinsoning luckily.

  14. I usually use a topical from the vet to treat my mini schnauzer for flea and tick control. This time around I had run out and with thanksgiving two days away, picked up sergeants gold after seeing a couple of fleas on him and panicked a little. I applied it, and cleaned the house accordingly (bedding etc.) The next morning my dog was lethargic and didn’t want to walk around or move too much. When he did he would snap back to bite near his tail and also where I applied it. He kept shaking his head as if he were wet. I gave him a bath and he seemed a little better but is still not out of the woods. Folks, I asked the vet for a natural alternative for flea and tick control. He did not know of one and said to stick with what I have. My 6 yr old daughter has gotten lyme disease twice and with that in mind, I had used topicals in the past because it worked. I needed it to work. I should, however, have researched more indept to find a natural effective way. Does anyone know of any?? Because I do not want to use ANY chemicals on my dog AGAIN. It’s heartbreaking. I will call Sergeants tommorow as it is Thanksgiving and very late. I am giving him another bath. I can’t believe the stories I am reading here.

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