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I bought a german shepard on april 1st 09. I put a hartz collar on her she was 7 weeks old. On June 7th she was running across the lawn and she started having a seizure. I took her to the vet the next morning. I was told then about the harm these collars do to animals. She has had 8 seizures that I know of since that day. The vet said hopefully she will grow out of them when the poisions finally leave her system. I think Hartz should have to pay for my vet bills. I bought this dog to eventually breed and sell the pups. Now having had seizures I cant ever breed her. She will have to be fixed. I’m extremely mad about this.

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  1. Hi Darlene,

    So sorry to hear about your dog. Your right Hartz should pay the vet bills. Please refer to the Need Help page for what you will need to doto try to get Hartz to pay.

    You need to call Hartz and make a complaint. They should give you a number when you talk to them make sure to write it down. You’ll need the reciept for the collar, Hopefully you still have the packaging as they will want the product numbers from it, the vet bills and a letter from the vet saying the treatment the dog received was directly related to the flea collar.

    Good luck,

  2. While I’m glad your dog is not dead due to these horrible flea products, I also am happy because now people like you (AKA Backyard Breeders) can’t breed your poor dog!

  3. …glad the puppy is okay…. but why would you put a flea collar on a 7 week old infant? it’s a saturated strip of lethal toxins.. did that even cross your mind? WTF is wrong with you…

    big surprise the poor little thing got sick.. spraying babies with raid is not clever…

    since you can’t turn your dog into a money machine.. go to school or get a job… like most people do… you are obviously NOT an educated person and have absolutely NO right breeding dogs.


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