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for this site. My cat came home from the vet of all places. The holding area/kennel does not have separate holdings for indoor and outdoor ‘pets’, so my kitty came home with fleas. We used hertz flea drops and immediately i noticed her head twitching oddly.  I was frantic and new something was wrong so I immediately soaped a facetowel and rubbed the stuff off the back of her nape. It was all I could manage to call the emergency vet,  and sobbing, tell her what was going on. I was so terrified, ad the twitching looks so abnormal, I thought she’d go ito seizures or something.  As instructed, I brought her in  to the vet the next day and she was bathed again. But the damage was done. 3 years later, and her head still twitches occassionally. It hurts my heart that  I did this to her trying to help, and it infuriates me that Hertz KNOWINGLY sell products that will harm our four legged family members.  All the top execs can burn in the deepest pits in Hell for what they continue to do. I don’t even want to think what may have happaned if I did not moniter my Mandie the day I put those drops on her neck. If there are people filing a lawsuit against them, I’d certainly like to join them. I’d really like to se them out of business.

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