I bought this for my 2 year old cat last Thursday. He seemed fine, the only thing he kept doing was trying to lick it off. Well this morning I saw little clumps of hair on the floor and sure enough, the spot where I placed the drops is totally bald.  I am bringing him to the Vet as soon as they open. Thank god I came across this website. I cannot believe that this company is allowed to keep producing and making money off of products that are killing our pets.  This particular product is their most recent and it has the same exact ingredient in it as the ones that were pulled from the shelves, how is this happening? I am reporting this to my local newpaper, and everywhere else I can to get the word out. THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN

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  1. I am very sorry that this terrible incident has happened to you and your cat.

    Please do what you can to ensure that this horrible legacy of injuries and deaths does not continue. You mention that you are going to report this to your local newspaper, and that’s fine. However, also please report this to the proper organization. The manufacturers are counting on people like you to NOT report these problems to the appropriate authorities. The EPA knows that the number of injuries and deaths is under-reported but they are concerned about these pesticide ingredients. How do I report a suspected adverse reaction?

    1. Contact the National Pesticide Information Center at 1-800-858-7378. They maintain a database of pesticide-related illnesses for the EPA. The EPA uses this database to determine if dangerous pesticide products need to be removed from the market.

    2. Also, please by sure to report the incident to Hartz Mountain, the manufacturer of the product. Their phone number is 1-800-275-1414, it’s on the product packaging. The manufacturers are required by federal law to keep accurate records and submit them to the EPA. Hartz Mountain has been cited and fined by the EPA for failing to do this…keep the pressure on manufacturers like Hartz to report the truth.

    3. You can also contact the EPA directly (provide them with the EPA Reg. # of the product, which is printed on the packaging), please write to :

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    Office of Pesticide Programs (Mail Code 75
    Ariel Rios Building
    1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
    Washington, D.C. 20460
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Again, I am very sorry this has happened to you. Unfortunately thousands of pets and families have endured similar tragedies and it is appalling that manufacturers like Hartz, Sergeant’s, Bio Spot and others continue to get away with it. Please take a moment and report the incident–if enough of us take this step it may have a positive impact. All the best.

  2. My cat has the same symptoms! I put the drops on two nights ago. Now he shows a bald spot at the back of his neck. I think he is basically fine (he’s been eating well, and is 15 lbs., well over the 5 lbs. minimum). I am worried since I looked up these flea drops on the internet, and so many people have lost their pets. I called Hartz’s “in case of emergency” number on the box, but they close at 3pm on Fridays. The epa is closed too until tomorrow, and the animal poison control center (1-888-426-4435) wants $60 for advice. I’m talking to the vet instead.

    The numbers on the box are:
    BL07881 0868 (these are impressed in the cardboard)

  3. My cat is fine, thank god!!! I was a little upset by my vets lack of concern over this issue. I guess it’s time to change my vet.
    Anthea, I hope that your cat is doing well. I hope your vet was a little more helpful. I was told to give him a bath with dawn dish soap. That was not a pleasant experience.

    And thank you Matt, I appreciate your help.

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