We can’t believe this on the market!

Completely unaware of the riskĀ I used HARTZ Ultra guard on my one year old pit bull. Almost immediately he became moody and lethargic (which is completely out of character). Two days after the initial use he began to foam at the mouth and experience muscular fasciculation (seizures) followed by muscle weakness and vomitting. Right away I went into a panic. The only thing new introduced to his environment was the HARTZ. I was taken by surprise when I realized there was a warning lable under the basic lable. When the vet was contacted her first question was have you used any flea or tick treatments. She then, before I could tell her what I used began telling me horror stories she has seen in animals when their owners had used products containg organophosphate. Luckily he seems to be doing better today. How can it be legal to sell anything that could even remotely cause such a horrific and heartwrenching reaction?

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  1. Oh my gosh 2 nights ago I put this medicine on my dog and almost like 2 hours later she was drooling everywhere and acting weird I had no idea what was wrong with her. My other little dog as well who I had not even put it on (they had just been playig together)starting wheezing. They both seem to be doing better but when I had read up on this I was in shock to find out these were syptoms of chemical poisioning. Thank god they made it through the night! This stuff has not even killed the fleas. It needs to be taken off the market for its harmfulness to animals and since it does not work effectivly.

  2. Recon made it three weeks after being struck ill by Hartz. Sadly I had to have Recon put to sleep this past Thursday. The first round of seizures caused by HARTZ caused irreversible brain damage. Wed. evening he began to have seizures again. He ended up having 18 seizures in a 10 hr period. He was left completely unaware and blind. There was nothing that could be done. We laid my baby Recon to rest Thursday afternoon.Please if you have not done so get your babies to a vet just in case. If nothing else to have them run blood work to see if the organophosphate is still in their system. I really hope everything works out for better for you dogs(babies) than it did mine. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

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