I learned the hard way

I went to the local pet store and purchased 2 Hartz flea collars and within 5 days both my cats had collar burns ,underneath the collar both my cats had what appears to scabs and loss of hair. I called Hartz and there response was so useless and not caring all they wanted to know is what product and told me to rinse with water to remove the collar’s effects,what if I didn’t notice this so quickly ? both my cats could of been killed! I for one will never purchase anything ever again that is connected in anyway from the Hartz Company.

Please never use the Hartz Flea collars!

One thought on “I learned the hard way”

  1. My husband and I recently got a 3 year old male cat named “Garth” from our local animal shelter. We noticed the tell tale signs of flea infestation he had and to prevent further infestation to our other female cat “Hope” and household, we bought the Hartz flea collar for him. 2 days later, we noticed he had a 3 in.x 2 in. bald spot on either side of his neck (along the collar line). Thank GOD we didn’t use the flea drops we bought along with the flea collar (we were reserving the drops for last in case the collar didn’t work). After reading all these comments on here, we’re glad all he suffered through was skin irritation and hair loss. I’ve been using triple antibiotic ointment to the area after having cleansed his neck with a little soap and water. Never again will we purchase Hartz products. This is criminal!

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