I wish I knew what I know now :(

My family and I have a 3 year old Chihuahua named Foxy. The poor little thing was suffering from fleas so we bought Hartz flea and tick medication which you apply on the back. Not even an hour later, she started crying like something was biting her. At first I thought, maybe its just the medicine working…then we saw her nose running like crazy.  When I would hold her to comfort her, the drips from her nose would cover my whole sleeve. I knew this wasn’t normal. Minutes would go by and she still looked sick. She would act strange like something was bothering her and she would hide underneath my bed. I was getting really worried so we took her to the vet. They said she had allergies. They gave us some medication and she was better. A couple of days ago we applied the Hartz medicaiton back on her because she kept biting at her fleas non-stop. As soon as I put the medicine on, she went CRAZY. She was winning, acting weird, and wouldn’t leave my side. The only thing she wanted me to do was hold her and rub her back. She would only stop winning when I would craddle her in my arms. I was up till 4 in the morning holding and rubbing her. Also, giving her 2 baths trying to take the horrible smelling poison off of her. I have never seen my dog so uncomfortabale and so sad before. I knew it was the Hartz product that made her this way. I did my research and luckily I found this site. I couldn’t help but to write my story on here and share my experience with others who have had the same problem. I bought Hartz because it was in local stores, like Rite Aid and it was affordable. There was never a warning label saying, “This product may cause illness or DEATH to your pet.”

The next day we took her to vet and we bought Comfortis. It is a chewable tablet for fleas and ticks. It is very expensive but totally worth it. I actually called Hartz to complain but all they said was that they are “Sorry” and that they can give me a refund. Ha wow! hmm…a refund won’t ever heal what they have done to my dog. I wish I knew what I know now. Thankfully, Foxy is much happier and feels 100% better.

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  1. I am very sorry that Foxy has been hurt by Hartz’s flea products. This has happened literally thousands of times with their products. These products, with pesticide ingredients, have caused many documented injuries and deaths. The EPA recently announced that they would be intensifying their analysis and study of the effects of these products. Hopefully they will do the right thing and stop registering these products for sale. In the meantime, please help by reporting this incident to the proper organizations. First, please call and report the incident to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), which works cooperatively with the EPA and has the responsibility to provide them with the data and statistics regarding adverse incidents. Their telephone number is: 1/800-858-7378. Have the flea collar package available if possible. Secondly, the manufacturers have an obligation under federal law to provide adverse incident data to the EPA if it’s reported to them (in this case, Hartz) by the consumer. A few years ago Hartz was cited and fined by the EPA for not properly providing this information to the EPA. Please, call Hartz and report this incident. This puts pressure on them to make available to the EPA the damage their products are doing. Hartz’s telephone number is: 1/800-275-1414. These are critical steps in assisting the EPA and the public in removing these dangerous products from the marketplace and preventing the tremendous damage they have done to pets and families. Please don’t let Hartz get away with this. They count on people not reporting these incidents. Thank you. All the best to you and Foxy.

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