We inherited fleas when some critters (raccoons, feral cats) set up residence under the house when a plumber failed to close a crawl space door.  I evicted the critters with bowls of ammonia and mothballs (they hated the scent and made a fast beeline for the door), but I was left with the fleas, who found their way inside my livingroom.

Last week, I bought a Hartz Flea Collar for my 15-year old cat to stave off the fleas, and she’s been acting strangely ever since.  Crying in pain at night for no obvious reason, scabs covering her entire body from head to toe (but no fleas to be found!), lethargic, glazed eyes, hiding in weird places, and acting very strange.  Normally, she is very prissy, very active, and “talks” a lot when something displeases her.  I was beside myself trying to figure out what was happening with her.

Thank GOD I found this site today!!! I IMMEDIATELY removed the collar, went to the store and bought some “home remedy” flea deterents, and am hoping for the best. Not sure she would have made it much longer had I not read these posts.

Thank you all sooooo much!!! You have probably saved my cat’s life.

Mya Lane

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  1. Dear Mya Lane,

    I am very sorry that your cat has been hurt by Hartz’s flea collar. These products, with pesticide ingredients, have caused many documented injuries and deaths. The EPA recently announced that they would be intensifying their analysis and study of the effects of these products. Hopefully they will do the right thing and stop registering these products for sale. In the meantime, please help by reporting this incident to the proper organizations. First, please call and report the incident to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), which works cooperatively with the EPA and has the responsibility to provide them with the data and statistics regarding adverse incidents. Their telephone number is: 1/800-858-7378. Have the flea collar package available if possible. Secondly, the manufacturers have an obligation under federal law to provide adverse incident data to the EPA if it’s reported to them (in this case, Hartz) by the consumer. A few years ago Hartz was cited and fined by the EPA for not properly providing this information to the EPA. Please, call Hartz and report this incident. This puts pressure on them to make available to the EPA the damage their products are doing. Hartz’s telephone number is: 1/800-275-1414. These are critical steps in assisting the EPA and the public in removing these dangerous products from the marketplace and preventing the tremendous damage they have done to pets and families. Thank you. All the best to you and your little friend.

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