Sherbie 3 year old Cat spends time in ICU due to Hartz

Sherbie was given Hartz Flea and Tick medicine on his back according to directions on the package at 7:00am on Tuesday May 26, 2009.  He was found 2 hours later, he was not able to walk very good and he was shaking.  My husband took him to our Vet when he noticed he was not getting any better, where they informed us that he had been poisoned by the medication we had applied to him. He was experiencing seizures, a high temperature, and was unable to walk or respond.  He had bitten his tongue because of the seizures.  He was given a bath to remove the Hartz Flea and Tick medication residue, and given Valium to control the seizures.  Regular Vet Offices do not carry the medicine used to stop seizures in their offices so they then had us transport him to the Emergency Pet Hospital where they put him on a IV, gave Sherbie more Valium and Robaxin to control the seizures and to keep his temperature from rising due to the seizures.  He had to receive this every hour to keep the tremors under control.  There is nothing worse then to see your pet going thru seizures and you are unable to do anything to stop it.  Because this was not a 24 hours facility he was then transported by us to Med Vet Hospital that had a 24 hours service in Mission Kansas where they continued with the IV’s, the Robaxin and Valium every 1-2 hours.  Today is the 3rd day of treatment, he is finally showing some improvement, although he still has slight seizures and they continue to give him the Robaxin and Valium.  He is a little more alert.  His kidney’s are working and the blood work was good. 

The problem with Hartz Flea and Tick Treatment is that it affect their Central Nervous System.  I want to alert pet owners out there to not use Hartz Products.  Purchase your Pet’s Flea and Tick Treatments from a Vet Office or Pet Hospital.  We have paid over $1200.00 so far for Sherbie’s treatment which could have been prevented had we known about Hartz and the problems and heart ache it has caused Pet Owners.  Our local TV station aired a segment saying Beware of Flea and Tick Treatments that are claiming Pet’s Lives.  Lets all work together to get these products taken off the market ASAP.  Target Stores have taken the first step and have taken all Hartz Products off their shelves, lets get the word out so more companies follow Target Inc. and remove the Hartz Products off the market.

Hopefully we will be able to bring Sherbie home this weekend, after 5 days of treatment and worry whether he would survive.  We are hoping there is no brain damage from the seizures and that he won’t have to take seizure medicine.  He is usually a very active cat that goes on walks with us and our golden retriever.  He loves to be outside and that is why we used the medicine.  He tends to bring home ticks during this time of year.  And even though we comb him well, we feel that we should use some type of treatment too.  We will be very careful from now on what you use or put on our pets.

Thanks for allowing me to tell my story.  Susan Pritchard Kansas City Missouri

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