Hartz Flea drops DANGER !

After I applied Hartz flea & tick drops onto my very healthy cat, she immediately started licking herself,looked miserable, and then went outside.  I didn’t see her until the next night, when I almost tripped over her in my closet. She was curled up in a ball, listless, feeling warm and breathing heavily. I shampooed her to get the stuff off, and watched her all night.  She wouldn’t eat or drink, she wouldn’t open her eyes, if she moved she was wobbly, she just looked terrible.  It was the weekend at night and I wasn’t sure where I could even bring her for help.  Then I went on the internet and found out that it was probably the Hartz drops.  I panicked and felt terrible that I had poisoned my cat.  The next day I bathed her again, and she started to show some improvement, so I decided to wait and see.  It has been about a week, and now she is back to her old self.  I am sure she almost died because of the Hartz flea and tick drops.  I am enraged that this company continues to sell this product which is basically poison and they need to be stopped!  My cat was healthy before the flea and tick drops and I know I applied it correctly.  Shame on them!   I

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