Hartz almost killed my Chihuahua

I had no idea about 11/2 years ago that I was unintentually poisoning my little Chihuahua, Boo.  We had gone to the pet store and purchased the Hartz 3-pack of drops to use because it was cheaper than the other flea and tick medications.  Soon after the first application, she had a seizure.  I did not put two and two together because it had been several days since applying the treatment.  I started doing some research on Chihuahuas and found that occasionally they had seizures.  I just assumed that this was common.  I didn’t think anything of it.  A couple of months later we applied the Hartz again and soon after that she had another seizure.  I was so scared that I called the vet and they said that they could do some blood work for about $300 but even then they may not know what caused the seizures.  So I didn’t do the blood work.  Again a couple months later it happened again!  We stopped buying the Hartz because the smell was so strong, we still had no idea about the Hartz medicine being linked to seizures.  Since we have not bought the Hartz medication, my Boo has NOT had one seizure.  My husband, just the other night, was watching the local news and saw this story.  He said, “I think we have figured out the mystery to her seizures”! And then he told me about the medication.  I can’t believe that this is still happening to other pets after 11/2 years ago.  Why are they still letting this medication hurt our animals?  We must do something!  I don’t know what I would do if I lost my little girl!  She is very young and the seizures were the scariest thing to go through.  Not knowing and worrying all the time about her, and then the guilt of now knowing that we were accidentally poisoning her is heart breaking!  We must do something!

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  1. Its been happening longer than a year and a half. I’ve been in the vet business for almost 7 years, and it was happening before i started. I’m sure longer than that. At least people are now becoming aware of the potential risks thanks to sites like this, and news stories like the one you viewed on television.

  2. I also have a 3 pack of the Hartz that one tube although supposed to be used on one dog, I spread it on two so they got less of the poison each, before I knew this was poison.

    They are okay and had no reactions that we could see, but while at the store I saw the Sargents individual tube on sale so I bought one and that is what I put on the puppies and my cat. Just to see if it worked, but not a full dose spread between them .The pups didnt seem bothered but the last 2 drops went on my cat as she was catching fleas from the dogs~

    I figured same fleas, same drops~ I am no rocket scientist, but ignorantly assumed the drops were the same for both animals since they are mammals and have the same fleas.I didnt think a mere 2 drops would harm my cat, only that it may not get rid of the pesky fleas.

    I had discarded the carton when I applied them to my other pets a few days earlier, but when I noticed my cat itching, I got the tube and squeezed out the last 2 drops and put them on her neck only to find her 3 hours later foaming at the mouth seizing and she had her eyes dialated and was in terror and alot of pain.

    My son spotted her first and called me over to where she was writhing and said he thought she had rabies!~ I looked and sure enough that was our first assumption, but then I said it couldnt be rabies as she never has been outdoors~

    He caged her but she kept going in and out of consciousness so I looked up the flea drops [since that was the only thing done differently that day] and sure enough it was a reaction to the flea drops so I began calling vets til I found one that would meet us at their hospital and began emergency treatment to save her life. they did, but the bill was estimated to be $120 but when she was being discharged 2 days later it was a whopping $485~ payable in full or they would not release my cat and charge an additional $9 a day to board her til payment was made.

    I had to go to the bank and withdraw my rent money and pay the vet. Now I dont have my rent which is $500 . My landlord is a farmer and will not be sympathetic to this emergency, so I am panicking now as to how to raise the money to replace my rent used for the cat.

    I have a free art network and print my own art, which began as a hobby and for friends, so I am now asking for donations in exchange for gifts where I will give away my art prints for any donation, even though this will be no profit, as a disabled person I am hoping this will help to recover the vet bill. http://tiny.cc/helpcat I wish I had saved the carton and that I would have gotton the tube back from the vet but they disposed of it so i can not place any claim in with Sargents to reimburse my vet bill~!

    Since I have never been in such a situation before I didnt even know that cats and dogs were going through these traumas til my cat went through it. I am now using more of my time to try and make more people aware of this danger so maybe other pets can be spared the torture of what flea drops can do~!

    Since I am homebound and disabled, I am online alot & this is a needed cause to raise awareness of the dangers of flea drops, I am now telling everyone I come in contact with about it, regardless to whether anyone helps with the bill or wants my artwork.

    Ave Hurley

  3. My story is so similar to yours. I bought the Hartz drops and applied it to my long haired chi last Saturday. I didn’t like the way it made her coat oily so within a half hour I gave her a bath, but it wasn’t enough. Within 24 hours she had a seizure and was very ill. Today is the first day she is actually back to her normal self! I called the vet and she recommended bathing her with Dawn dish soap and warned me that Hartz goes directly to the dog’s blood system.

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