Sergeants Gold Tick and Flea Medication almost killed my dog.

My girlfriend decided to put his 2 month treatment on my dog Kota, A Shiba Inu. We have put the medication on him before and he never had a reaction. Boy was this some harsh stuff… About 12 hours after applying the medication he started to act like it was burning him. Panting Heavily, Scratching at it, Shaking like he was having a seizure, and when he started to walk it was like something bit him and he would let out a wild screech. I called the number on the back of the box and they told me to get it off with dawn soap 2 washes. I did that and we rushed him to the vet afterwards because he was too lethargic and was still having seizures. The vet gave him benadyrl and some pain medication to help him rest and we took him home last night. He has been going crazy all day. They say that this stuff can cause kidney failure and death. So whatever you do watch your dog if this happens to you. Don’t allow him to eat protein and make sure he pees and drinks lots of fluids. Proteins can’t be excreted from the kidneys under renal failure and can cause your dog to go crazy because it breaks down into Urea and is toxic. This stuff is bad news. Kota is like my child and if something happened to one of my kids I would litterally kill the people who make this. Still thinking about it. I will call and get a refund or there will be a law suit at hand. I have already contacted my lawyer.

For future information do not EVER give a flea and tick medication that has pyridine in it. It is a poison used in sprays to kill cockroaches and insects. It is a very lethal insect killer.

I have learned my lesson I pray for the people who have lost their dogs or have had any damage from this product. It must be taken off the shelves

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  1. We too have had a VERY BAD experience with the Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze On for dogs. We bathed our Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix last night and put one tube of the medicine on her. Within minutes she was scratching and acting like something was burning her! We washed the solution off and thought that was the end of it. She obviously had been scratching her hind legs because of the burning sensation and got it in her mouth! She helped and cried last night! She vomited up some foamy stuff and kept rubbing her mouth and nose! She will not drink from her bowl. I think it burns her mouth to drink. I wish I had seen this article BEFORE I put the stuff on her. Today is Sunday and there is not an emergency vet clinic in our area. But you can bet I will get her to a vet ASAP tomorrow morning.
    Thanks for the info!

  2. My story is the same as those above. We too have had a VERY BAD experience with the Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze On for dogs. I bathed our pug and put one tube of the medicine on him before going to bed. I was woken that night with the thudding of my dog scratching and scratching. I got out of bed and attempted to wash the medication off. By morning my dog had scratched three areas to bleeding. We took our dog to the vet and I am glad to say the wounds look better and with appropriate medication will heal. The $200 vet bill however, for a recently unemployed single mother of two, made me determined to get the word out about this horrible product.

  3. It has been 3 days since I used the Sergeants Flea and Tick squeeze and my Lenny is still having terrible side effects. On Friday I gave him a bath and applied a couple drops as the directions stated and within 1 hour he was in such pain he was crying and running around like he was on fire. I called my vet and was told to continue to keep water on him and bring him in asap. Lenny was in such pain it was hard to drive and hold him because it was like he was having strokes his body was jumping out of control. His vet gave him a shot of Benadryl and a shot of Atropine. I thought this was going to help him but he was up all night still having a terrible time just resting I had to take him to the emergency clinic. Lenny was given 2 shots again this time one was Acepcomazine and another was a steroid. The Acepcomazine helped him sleep but when he would wake up he still had the side effects and I was told this could last for days. I have to take him back to the vet this afternoon so they can check him again. Lenny’s excellent care cost me $250 as of today and I have beat myself up for 3 days for using this product and all the pain I have put my baby through . PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT , your baby may not be as lucky as mine.

  4. The same thing happened to me. It costs me 647.00 My 70 pound Chocolate Lab is still in pain Skin jumping like spasm’s, crying , and squealing like a pig. The pain so bad that he would not go to the bathroom.
    This stuff is no good. Do not put this on your dogs and no not your cats. Thank God I did not put it on my cats they would have died I think. My other 3 Labs are itching and rubbing all over and keep looking at their back like this flea stuff is sizzling on them. I started to wash what I could off of them but it’s bad. When I told the vets that I used this product. Both of them just looked at each other like they knew something. I have never ever seen or used a product that did this to an animal. Throw it away Do not buy it. Do not use it. It makes your animals go crazy, with pain and other reactions.

  5. Tonight I thought I was doing the responsible thing by protecting my long haired Chihuahua from fleas, as it is the season….boy was I wrong. About an hour after I applied a tube to her back exactly as directed she was running around the house looking around as if she saw something and coming up to me crying. She has NEVER done this and I feel horrible for her!! I gave her a bath and got the stuff of of her as best I could but she is only calm when I am petting her. Luckily for me I have some doggy benadryl for her and that has helped a lot. Looks like I won’t be getting any sleep tonight….I’m too worried for her and will be up watching her. This is crazy…this product has done so much harm to so many pets….it needs to be banned!!! You know the worst part is that I had no idea this would cause this kind of reaction. There is no way I would have bought this product if I knew it was going to harm my baby.

  6. Our Chihuahua lost the use of her back legs after being given this product. It took 2 full days for the effects to ware off. It was very scary for a while there. She wouldn’t stop drooling, and we had to rush her to the vet for treatment. We informed the manufacturer, but they have only replied with a form letter to date. This stuff needs to be removed from the market.

  7. I have used this product before-last month on my 7 year old Border collie, with no problem whatsoever. This time, however, it was almost DISASTROUS. Within minutes after application, he started having problems breathing-heavy panting, VERY AGITATED, like it was burning him, hyperactivity in that he just could not stand or still for a minute-kept on trying to lick it off, it drove him nuts. Heavy rapid shallow breathing, not fun for poor Pancho. I will never USE THIS AGAIN.

  8. i used this product on my toy poodle after giving her a bath. i would say about 2 hours later her eyes was real big, she was going crazy, breathing heavy and drooling awhole lot! i called the vet and they told me to wash it off her with joy dish detergent immediately! so thats what i done, and it help alittle but my dog still had side effects from that poision! she wasnt going crazy as much and her breathing was still heavy. she tossed and turned all night and didnt get any sleep at all! the next morning i took her to the vet, and he said good thing i washed that poision off her because she could have died! im so sorry for causing the pain that my baby went through! i wish i would have researched that poision before i used it. i thought i was doing the right thing but i was so wrong! please, please, please dont use that poision! your pet may not be as lucky as mines. i think God it didnt kill her and i enjioy everyday i spend with my baby! THIS POISION SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM ALL STORES!

  9. Warning++Warning++Warning++
    I used this product for the first & last time on my dog & it caused a horrible reaction. He’s been crying and yelping all night & when I called the Vet they told me to keep on soaking him & washing it off…..well that’s what I’ve been doing all night & morning, but to no avail, the poor thing has been in agony! It seems as though every time he starts to walk he screams as though something is biting him from behind. It’s a horrible sound he’s NEVER made before. I’ve taken him to the Vet, & now they have to give him pain medication to relieve the reaction, pain medication for the discomfort,as well as pain injection, an IV to flush his kidneys ( apparently this stuff affects the dog’s kidney & liver )….so now we have to wait for his blood test results. The Vet actually wants to keep him overnight to monitor him. He actually told me this stuff is LETHAL!!!! …..I wish I would’ve read all these articles before using this horrible medication on my dog which should be taken off shelves everywhere!!!*****please do not use this product on your dog******

  10. Just used this product 12 hours ago on my 2yr old havanese…went to the gym and came back an hour later and she was panting heavy, getting sick…scratching like CRAZY!
    Took her for a walk and she got sick all over the sidewalk.
    Frothing at the mouth and salvating, called the number on the back of the box, told me to give her tuna water, and wash her 3 times in Palmolive Green. I did..she is still bouncing around agitated, can’t get comfortable….UNBELIEVABLE! She is crying now not feeling good. I pray this doesn’t last long.

    Who in their right mind would put a product on the market that is proven to make dogs sick!

    These need to be removed yesterday!!!!

  11. If only I had done my research before buying this product, I could have avoided putting my dog through a nightmare. Just two days ago, I purchased this flea product and applied it to my dog, assuming all was well. However, when he began acting anxious, restless, and he looked like he was in great pain, we knew we had a problem on our hands. He was constantly itching, yelping and panting, and he had trouble walking and standing. We bathed him twice, but the effects are still present. After rushing him to the vet and getting treatment, he is still in pain. I can’t believe the things this product has put our family through, and probably countless others. It absolutely tears my heart out that dogs are going through this horrible ordeal. I intend to start spreading the word. This product should be pulled from the shelves before anyone else unwittingly injures their dog.

    This may be an “economically priced” alternative to other flea products, but it isn’t worth it at all. Pain and suffering, in addition to vet bills, outweigh the cheap price tag.

  12. Wow! I must say I’m shocked after reading every post!! My dog is having the same symptoms and didn’t know what was wrong with him until I started the research today. How can this product be out there? I guess a better question is, why is this product still out there? I can’t believe what I’m reading and what these poor pets are subject to every time this medication is tried!!! I was scared to leave my dog at home alone today just because he isn’t acting like himself and I’m extremely concerned. I too washed my dog a 2nd time after applying this medications to get the stuff off him but he’s still acting strange. I guess I need to get some Benadryl for him. Poor little dude.

  13. My dog had a seizure-like episode the day after I applied Hartz Ultra Guard Plus. It only lasted a few seconds and he seems ok since then. But now I am really afraid. I have three dogs that were all treated about 4 days ago. I didn’t make the connection between the meds and the seizure (he’s a new dog to us so we just thought he may have some issue we need to get checked out)but after researching i truly believe that the meds caused the seizure. My question…AFTER FOUR DAYS IS IT TOO LATE TO GET THE MEDS OFF OF THE DOGS OR HAS IT SOAKED INTO THEIR SYSTEM? IF THERE IS A WAY TO GET IF OFF PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

  14. I also used Sergeants gold flea and tick squeeze on for dogs 9-20 lbs on my dg keke. I woke up to the poor girl vomitting in three different places, drooling, and limping,… I don’t know what happened with her hind legs but she doesn’t seem to be able to walk. We gave her a bath this morning and she seems to be feeling better, but I can tell she is still in pain. Look at all these comments, this product needs to be taken off shelves asap! Our pets do not deserve this! What a bogus scheme!

  15. Thank God I read this. I put it on my dog yesterday and then looked it up. I took it off WITHIN an HOUR!! Washed him twice. Today he is acting (23 hours later) GOOFY. Like something biting his leg, etc. I washed him 4 more times tonight. 23 hours later and it was only on him for an hour. He is a 10 lb chiwawa. DONT EVER USE THIS. I can only imagine if I left it on all night. OMG this is crazy. I am going to contact an attorney and try to file a class action lawsuit. Anyway thank you all cause you prob saved his life by me reading this and taking it off but he still acts like he cant walk, scratching his back legs. HORRIBLE STUFF!! DONT EVER USE IT>

  16. Well, I’m anxiously waiting to pick up my Lab mix, Maggie from the vet. Why is she there? Because of Hartz Sergeants Gold. My story is not unlike all of the previous posts. I’m actually luckier than some, her problems were mostly nervousness and skin irritation. I wanted to include a link to the EPA website. They are asking that all cases be reported to them. They also have a site for Vets to report problems.

    We have got to do anything we can to get this product removed from the stores.

  17. AWFUL PRODUCT! We used the flea drops for the 9-20lbs dogs on my dachshund. She started acting weird – usually she’s really friendly to EVERYONE, but she was keeping to herself and kind of whimpering. I thought she was just pouting because she wasn’t getting the attention she wanted – she’s famous for that. Well a little later we sat on the couch to watch a movie and she was twitching really bad and seemed like she could not get comfortable at all. I then noticed 2 sores on her mouth and tried to get a closer look. She shook her head and slobber went EVERYWHERE. Jade never slobbers. She was drooling so bad and shaking and whimpering. I immediately went upstairs and did a search on the internet. I could not remember the name of the product and just typed in “I used flea medication on my dog and she is acting strange..” Immediately tons of websites over Sergeant’s Gold popped up and I knew that is what we had used. My boyfriend called Jade’s vet rigth away and he knew EXACTLY what we were talking about. He said to take her to the ER clinic immediately. Everyone at the overnight clinic knew exactly what to do, they said they had seen many cases over this product before. They took her vitals and thank God she was ok. We decided to leave her there overnight just in case anything came up. The vet told us that Sergeant’s Gold says it’s fine to use their product on small dogs – but do NOT do it. He said there is a certain chemical in the product that is WAY too strong for smaller dogs. Even though the box recommends it for smaller dogs – do NOT do it. She is ok this morning, whimpering and just wanting to be held. She seems like she is still uncomfortable, but the drooling has stopped and the shot they gave her at the vet seemed to help alot. If it’s already too late and you have given this to your dog, scrub her down with Dawn dish soap. The flea drops are taken in by your animal’s oil glands and distributed throughtout their body in that manner. Flea drops are made for it to be ok for your animal to take a bath without the product washing off. Thats where dawn comes in. Just like it cuts the grease on your pots and pans, it will work into your puppy’s oil glands and remove as much as possible. If you can get to a vet, do so immediately, if not try and keep your dog as comfortable as possible. I know children’s benadryl has helped a few people out. We called the number on the back of the box – and I think it’s quite awful that the customer service reps had to ask “Is your dog still having symptoms or has it already passed?” WE DON’T KNOW IT’S IN THE HOSPITAL IN ICU!! Get the product off the shelf so no one else will have to go through this!!!

  18. Can anybody out there tell me if their dog started lowering their head and shaking it? Or have unsteady gait after using this product? Thanks for your help!!!!

  19. I have a healthy 3 year old pug, yesterday I applied some Sergants Gold as directed and today I am out of pocket $170.0
    and a have a very unhappy pug. If you don’t want to see your pet in great discomfort then don’t use this product. My dog
    was frothing at the mouth, trying to bite its back, crying
    like crazy and was acting like it had rabies.

  20. I also used this on my min pin/Chihuahua mix and i was home with him for a couple hours then went out with friends, when I came home he kept shaking his whole body like he was trying to shake it off of him, he was having muscle spasms, he wouldnt eat or drink, and he kept chewing on his foot, he had also chewed a spot on his skin raw. I took him to the vet and then injected him with an allergy shot and he has to be on muscle relaxers for the next couple days…this stuff is awful, I cant beleive they are still selling this!!

  21. We have two chihuahua’s one is 4 lbs and the other is 6 lbs we applied sergeant gold on both of themwithin an hour we noticed a severe reaction drooling, foaming, spasms, itching, and uncontrolable crying, they have endured hours and hours of suffering. We bathed them twice with dish soap and gave them benedryl they are still crying and itching… This stuff is terrible. I hope someone sends a mass e-mail warning people of the dangers and to boycott the company. I have spent the last several hours reading hundreds of posts all testifying the very same thing. Does anyone know how long this will last?

    There is power in numbers. I wish someone would sue the company…. What a miserable experience. I feel so sad for all of the innocent pet owners and their pets who have endured such a miserable experience.

  22. My sister’s 9 y/o toy poodle died yesterday after having 2 applications of Hartz flea and tick shampoo. He began vomiting and appeared in pain. She took him to her vet, who told her it was just a stomach bug. The vet said it wasn’t the flea shampoo because her dog didn’t have a seizure. All bloodwork was normal except for those showing he was dehydrated. Three hours after leaving the vet, he was dead! She is devastated! I am angry!

  23. Im worried about my cat from this flea and tick drops. Its been 2 months, she seems tired all the time. Its probably too late to bathe her now…

    I bet its kidney failure or something similar….

  24. my husband administered about a half of a tube to our 7 year old 7lb toy poodle about 20 hours ago. within 2 hours as stated above she was panting and just wanted to be held. within 3 hours she was completely restless and could not sit still for more than 10 seconds. we monitored her all night until about 2am when she was still scratching and restless and that is when we looked the product up for side effects. omg! i should have known that it was on sale for a reason! my husband bathed her and that seemed to help a little. (i am so thankful i had her “cone” in place already from the flea bite—i shuddered to think if she would have ingested this poison!)currently she can sit for a minute or so but is completely agitated and barking. when i hold her, her whole body trembles and she moans…no appetite not even drinking her water. i will walk her and rebathe her and if her condition does not improve, head to the vet. how do we create a class action suit? this is ridiculous that something known to be this toxic is readily available!

  25. This is a travesty. After all these comments, as late as yesterday is when I bought Sargeant’s Gold and had the same experience with my dog. When I was consoling him the product actually burned my face when his fur rubbed up against me!!!Each of us TODAY needs to write a letter to the Humane Society and get this product off the shelves.

    The Humane Society of the United States, Dept HACDQ100904001, 2100 L Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037

  26. I put Sergeant’s Gold fela & tick on my 2 poodles last night & within 10 min. they had a severe reaction, panting, biting, itching, crying & running around!!! I got online & found this site telling me what to do, thank goodness! This product should be banned!!! I would like to find a class action lawsuit that I can join, this is ridiculous, I could have killed my dogs!!!!!

  27. I put sergeants Gold on my puggle Leroy he just about died it was a horrible experience for him and I, I was up 2 nights with a crying unsettled dog. I noticed on day three he smelled of infection, took him to vet asap and they shaved his neck area where I applied it and you should of seen it, I was so infected, vet said I was up for a disaster, thank goodness he gave Leroy a steriod shot and put him on antibiotics for a week hes doing better, but his neck was litteraly eaten away from this stuff, dont ever use it, I thank God that my dog was able to make it through this horrible time, he just about went insane, ran around in circles for 24 hours straight crying and twitching, it was very scary;. this company needs to be suide.

  28. I just wish I could read these comments before I put ti to my dog. I gaveher two baths as well, and now after reading these comments I gave her Benadryl 25mg. She still acting weird, I don’t know what else to do, it is too late for Vet. is closed. I gave her as well some milk and she drank it all, but she is just keep walking around. Hopefully the Bemadryl can star working on her soon, because I just feel terrible, I could kill her.

  29. Has anyone used this product on a dog who began getting really sick a few days later? My 60# Olde English Bulldogge started vomiting about 4 days after I used the Sargent’s. He’s been sick for 4 days now and is just beginning to get his strength back. Like others here I have used Advantage before without any problems.
    Any info will be appreciated,

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