Sergeants Silver poisoning

Add my little shih tzu to the list! I used Sergeant’s Silver on my male shih tzu last night around 7 pm and by 9 pm it was obvious something was bad wrong. He started out just violently scratching so I bathed him a few times trying to get the crap off of him, then he started twitching and acting like he was chasing something and running into everything. He was foaming at the mouth.┬áSo I took him to the emergency medical clinic and they bathed him in Dawn dishwashing liquid and gave him benadryl. He kept getting worse so I brought him to my vet at 7 am this morning. My vet was so mad and doesn’t understand why these meds haven’t been taken off the market. They kept him all day so I could get some sleep today. I picked him up around 5:00 this afternoon and the vet felt like he was better but is worried that his eyesight has been affected.

Has anyone else had any vision problems from this poison? I can’t say that the flea med has caused the blindness, but considering the neurological problems it caused, I have my suspicions. Also, how many days does it take for a dog to recover?

In closing, I will NEVER use any medications without reading up on it on the web. I am so upset that I thought because Hartz and Sergeants are sold in every store in town that it was a safe and reputable product. I live in Northwest Arkansas which is home to Wal-Mart headquarters and I will be paying a visit to several dog-loving dog-owning Wal Mart executives!

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  1. I also have a shitzu 11.00$ vet bill sooo far Buddy is chasing biting and itchy all over. Has anyone heard how long this lasts and any cure.

  2. Hi, My three children and I just use the Hartz Untra Guard Flea & Tick Drops on our 19 week old multipoo who is only 5 1/2lbs soaking wet! He seems OK but has been scratching very badly since we applied it all of 20 minutes ago. I am very upset with my self because I have heard about Hartz products and I have always stayed clear of them. However, his appointment is not until Thurs of next week and he looked like he needed something to calm the itching down asap, so I never paid attention to what I was getting I was more concerned with his age and him being so small. As I am writhing this email now, he has gone to sleep, my prayers are that he will wake up OK( better) and I not have to go through what any of you have. I can tell you know, for what it will do to my children to loose him and me. I will not stop until someone pays! So it would be wise for this company to get it together before they affect someone like me. My heart goes out to you all who have had troubles with these products.

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