Sergeant Flea and Tick Squeeze on Medicne

This is to recount our miserable experience our dog and we suffered
after using the above product.

We purchased this medicine on Saturday, May 9, 2009 based upon the
assumption that since Sergeant is an established company its product
would be safe.

Our dog is small 13.5 lb Shi-Tzu, 14 years old and I applied the
medicine on May 10th after giving him a bath. Immediately there after
he started feeling uneasy and I thought it was an allergic reaction
and would pass. The condition got worse in the night and I took
him to his veterinarian at Healthy Pets of Rome-Hilliard, located at
Rome-Hilliard Road on Monday morning at 9:30 AM and the veterinarian
examined him at prescribed Benedryl (12.5mg, 2-3 times a day) to take
care of allergic reaction. The medicine did not help and he got worse
and the area where the medicine was applied started swelling and I
contacted the clinic on Tuesday morning to report his worsening

I also contacted Sargant’s hot line around 2:00 PM and talked to the
case worker (Case No. 471075). She recommended giving him a bath with
dish washing liquid to remove the toxicity of the medicine and apply Vitamin E oil over the affected area and we promptly carried out the recommended
treatment. The doctor on duty called and prescribed a
pain killer medicine, Torb (5mg) and  I started administering it
immediately, half a tablet every 4 hours as prescribed. More suffering
and another sleepless night for all the three of us.

This morning we called the clinic once again and by now the wound had
become infected and he was put om antibiotics,
steroids (oral and injection)  and other treatments.

Our experience is not isolated. This morning I was searching the
telephone contact number for Sargent company and I found the following
web site which enumerates 54 identical experiences we have been going

It has cost us $222.00 so far to take care of the treatment and most importantly our little dog has suffered intense agony and it is heart rending to watch your pet to go through this kind of misery.

I contacted the manager of the store and urged her to remove the medicine immediately from the shelf and stop selling it. She has referred the whole matter to her corporate office.

I returned the medicine on 5/12/2009 and Meijer fully refunded the
cost of the medicine.

Attached please find two photographs showing the effect of the
medicine on our dog.

Those who want to see the destructive nature of this medicine, I will send the photographs taken of the affected area.


One thought on “Sergeant Flea and Tick Squeeze on Medicne”

  1. I had a VERY similar experience with the sergeants drops.
    My 85 lb doberman had a SEVERE reaction to the drops. Salivating, muscle tremors, labored breathing …. all the indications of pyrethrin poisoning.
    This was a 61lb and up dosage on an 85 lbs dog so there is NO WAY it was overdose!!

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