Hartz Heartguard Flea and Tick drops

Last weekend we thought it was a good idea to purchase Hartz Heartguard Flea and Tick drops for my 13 year old Pom-a-poo. (12lb dog) Two days after we applied this, he stopped eating all together and became very lethargic. He also started chasing his shadow and pouncing on the floor for no reason. By the second day, he started not being able to hold down water and throwing up so we rushed him to the vet. He had to go through numerous tests and was put on IV’s to flush his system out. We also bathed him after we realized this product is what almost took his life. It cost us over $1,000 in vet bills and the agony of seeing him in pain. My dog is also diabetic so it took a few days to get his insulin levels back to normal.

I really think these products need to be pulled off the market asap! How a company who says they love and care for animals sell such products that cause severe pain and death, is beyond me… If this does happen to your animal, I was told to get them on IV’s as soon as possible.

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  1. That can happen with any flea medicine your dog was probably just allergic to it. I understand your pain, but there are always risks when your give your animal (even yourself) medicines.

  2. Not be rude, but are you on the same website as I am? Hartz was removed off the market back in 2005 because of this… Its main ingredient is 87% pesticide and this is why an entire website was made against them. I don’t think this was just a random incident or an allergic reaction.

  3. Dear Kellycmri,

    I cannot tell you how sorry I am for the loss of your pet. I understand the sense of loss and devastation having experienced the same loss of a perfectly healthy dog and great buddy. That loss also was as a result of the same manufacturer’s (Hartz) product. I am truly sorry.

    The one action that you can take immediately is to report this incident to the EPA through their cooperative organization, the National Pesticide Information Center. The NPIC has the responsibility to collect this information and provide the data to the EPA. Most of these incidents are never reported. These manufacturers count on that. If the complete number of injuries and deaths were reported the public and even the EPA would find the information deplorable and unacceptable, resulting in appropriate action. Please don’t miss the opportunity to report this incident. You can call the NPIC at 1-800-858-7378. They are very professional and will walk you through the appropriate steps. It’s also important to report this incident to Hartz Mountain. They are required by federal law to also keep a database of adverse incidents and report the same to the EPA. A few years ago a complaint was issued by the federal government against Hartz, along with a fine, for not reporting accurately or timely. By reporting to Hartz you force them to forward this informtation to the EPA or risk another complaint and fine–more severe, because they would be repeat offenders. Hartz can be reached at 1-800-275-1414. In speaking with the NPIC and Hartz be sure to have the product package with you–they will ask for information from the package.

    Again, I’m so sorry for what you have experienced. It’s a terrible pain. Please don’t miss the opportunity to do the right thing for your pet and others–please report this incident. All the best to you.

  4. My daughter dog became very ill shortly after applying this product. After 2 emergency visits to the vet and a sleepless night he is still very ill.

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