DOgs and Sentry Pro XFC!! read

i am new at this so this may not be a good post but i dont care its somthing

that needs to be put out there and takin off the shelfs! <sentry pro xfc>

first off i would like to say never use it, i just read alot of postings on it,

it is nuthing but poisen for ur animal, the box dosent warn u about how ur animal can die or

how it can have a bad reaction in witch it should! it just says how ur cat can well maybe it should say both!

Right now my dog is laying on the couch drooling out her mouth

throughing up every wheres! its clear and bubbly

why would u put that on a shelf in the store whne it just harms dogs, cats if it goes near it

OR yourself … WOULD u really want to buy it.. bigger question would u really want to sell it if u no it does harm..

i can not take her to the vet becasue they are closed

so right now i am stuck in a hole! she has an alrrigic reactiont o it cause shes itching all over i gave her a bath about 6 times trying to get it all off and thats all i can do..

she trys to eat but spits in back out

i may just be watching my dog die

and why? why why why

because sentry is poisen!

i guess the ppl that make it dont have hearts for anamails or just dont care!

so i pray to good that my dog can make it through the night

and over come this posein with as less as possible damge done!

2 thoughts on “DOgs and Sentry Pro XFC!! read”

  1. The same thing happened to my dog. She threw up clear bubbly mucus and the proceeded to drool the rest of the night. I gave her 2 baths and she seemed to get better and the drooling stopped. However, now she has a skin infection where the medication was applied and she just lays in bed all day. I shaved the area of the rash and applied panalog ointment as per my vet’s instructions. I can’t understand why this product isn’t being regulated. It’s animal cruelty!

  2. i agree this product should NOT be sold!!! my shihtzu also had an allergic reaction – labored breathing, restlessness, jerking, shaking, barking for no apparent reason. bathed her in dish detergent & seemed to help some, but the vet said it just has to run in course usually about 18 hours. it is very heartbreaking to see her go through this just because i wanted to save money. NEVER AGAIN!!! frontline only now.

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