Do not use Sergeants flea / tick squeeze-on – 2 more victims

It is now 3:44 am and my pug and english bulldog are still restless, irritable and twitching.  I, like many, decided to try a product that is less expensive than frontline for flea and tick prevention.  This was a big mistake.  I feel terrible.  The symptoms are the same as most in the stories already posted.  My bulldog scratched until he was bleeding.  This was after bathing them once with their normal shampoo before I called the 800 number on the package and then two additional baths using Palmolive dish soap.  I received the same response as well…my dogs may be having a possible reaction to the substance.  This is crazy!   DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!! 

One thought on “Do not use Sergeants flea / tick squeeze-on – 2 more victims”

  1. My two year -old puggle has chemical burns allover his shoulder-blades and neck,ears,and was in un-godly amounts of pain..From Sentrypro-XFC made by seargants..The first night he was crying,twitching,irritable,and yelping .I felt helpless and called an emergency animal hospital whom got me in the next morning (It was 3am when I finally felt my dog seemed as if he were dying a slow death) Anyway the vet Doctor told me he was badly burned and needed a series of meds,antibiotics,steroids,pain meds,..DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT FROM PETSMART..(Thats were I purchased it)..I called their 1-800 number and was told it had to be a reaction to something else…BS!!!This is going on my dogs 3rd day and he is just now starting to slowly recover,I bet he feels let down by the owner-best friend he trusted…

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