Zodiac Flea Drops Killed My Cat

My mom, the idiot that she is, put Zodiac on our 9 yr old Balinese without doing any research on the POS product and my dear sweet Boo Boo died 2 days later. He went from being completely healthy to being extremely weak and didn’t eat for 2 days. He died in my arms. I loved him so much. We contacted Hartz and they paid a portion of the vet bill and said he had an adverse reaction. Adverse reaction my arse. That complany needs to go down in flames.


4 thoughts on “Zodiac Flea Drops Killed My Cat”

  1. Which company did you say it was? I read on the internet that Hartz and Zodiac are two different companies. Why would Hartz pay for part of your bills when the product you used was Zodiac? That doesn’t make any sense.

  2. Sorry, please disregard that. I meant to say Zodiac. I would edit it, but I am new to wordpress and don’t see a way to.

  3. I used Hartz InControl, and my cat had a reaction to the pesticides on that products, he had to spend the night at the E.R. and I contact the company and the paid my bill, I agree they need to go down, if they are paying the vet’s bill they know their product is poison.

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