What should I do now?

I used Hartz Ultra Guard Pro on my cat about 2 weeks ago. She began drooling and foaming at the mouth after the licked the area. I quickly rinsed the area off and rinsed her mouth out as well. After this she seemed fine and I didn’t notice any other problems. Today (two weeks later), I found a wartlike lesion on the spot that I had applied the product. I cleansed the area with soap and water. Besides this, she seems perfectly healthy. Do I need to do anything? Should I bring her to the vet? Do symptoms normally present right away or do they sometimes show up after a few weeks? I cannot believe the horror stories I have read on this website and other sites. I am so disturbed that this company continues to sell products that are so harmful. To those who have lost your prescious animals, my heart goes out to you. I was one of the lucky ones. I will NEVER buy from this company ever again and I’ve already warned my family & friends to stear clear.

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