Poisoned by Hartz Ultraguard one spot treatment

I put this ultraguard on my cat on saturday within minutes my cat wasn’t walking right, later he wouldn’t eat or drink as normal usually when he drinks he drinks . Today he walk up to the bowl looks in try to drink but couldn’t hes lost weight he s not cleaning himself  he normally takes good care of himself.  Max my cat usually jumps on the and lays by me if i am sleeping or just sitting watching TV, he tried to jump on the bed yesterday and didn’t make it half way up he had to claw his way up to be with me. I have taken him to the vets to get better but i am still very mad about this i will say the UG was bought at Wal-Mart the vet said he gets alot of customers from Wal-Mart pet treatments. If max don’t get better i will raise the roof about this. it makes me feel bad because i put the stuff on my buddy, people need to be told about this stuff so they won’t hurt their animals or possibly kill them!!!!!!

One thought on “Poisoned by Hartz Ultraguard one spot treatment”

  1. OMG, I’m so glad I researched Hartz before I put this on my cats! Thank you-thank you-thank you, all of you who took the time to write about your negative experiences!! You just saved my 2 cats.

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