Harts Ultra Guard very Nearly killed my Cat!

Last Christmas, we needed to save money so we risked using an over the counter, Hartz flea product on our cat Max. Max is a striking Ocicat, who was a stray that adopted us when we met him.  We love him sooo much but our faith in a trusted Pet Industry giant almost cost Max his life and character when we used the Hartz UltraGuard flea treatment. Max had been with flat and round worms for a few months but we couldn’t submit him to deworming treatments yet as our vet and we wanted to fatten him up with steady, nutritious feeding prior to giving him runs of his lifetime. But he did have enough fleas to bring our attention to it so we used the vet prescribed Frontlines, Advantag, etc…but when the economy slowed badly, we had to settle for either a collar or the over the counter stuff.. we opted to try the Hartz UltraGuard as it contained only one of the same ingredients as the prescription versions, only having even less percentage of the active chemical (S)-methoprene and was applied the same way. But our Cat almost DIED over the next 5 days! He started a running a severe course of conjunctavitis, fever, lathargia, diariaha, vomitting, and probably most painful to him, the chemical was so toxic that his body drove it from within his very skin and he had terrible leisions, welts, bumps, and loss of fur in small patches. He looked mange ridden. We thought we were going to loose him and he had just gotten to trust us as he had been abused by a drunk, bum that didn’t know how to treat animals and kept him imprisoned in his room for days on end. After doing some research I came to find out that Hartz was well aware of the dangers and even some deaths after using their over the counter versions. But they didn’t discontinue the sale entirely, they just removed the Permethryn and kept selling the stuff. Even though their own researchers released several correlating studies that show the chemicals combined in the Prescription versions are the only viable use of these pesticides, when absorped dermally. To apply any one active pesticide causes more active absorption into the dermis and bloodstreams and toxicity becomes very lethal to some animals, and debilitating at the least to most. Shame on Hartz! from now on we vow to use natural remedies, such as Mint, Redcedar, Citronella, Cinnamon oils, etc…

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