I too just had a bad scare with sergents gold flea and tic squeeze on . After applying the stuff my dog started to act wierd he began to chew his paw not knowing what was wrong i looked at his paw trying to see what was wrong with it Seeing nothing i thought that he was just bored or grooming him self a while later(about 6to8 hours) Bucky my dog started to shake his head he wouldnt or couldnt stop so of course we called the vet right away and the vet said that he may have a ear infection so we did what the vet said and since it was the weekend (sat) after hours he said that he would see him first thing monday morning. He was in misery all sunday I stay up all nite rubbing his ears as this seemed the only thing that kept him calm. all this time he was drinking bowl after bowl of water and peeping gallons. finally monday morning came and we took bucky to the vet he could not find anything wrong with his ears i told him every thing that we have done including the fact that we had put the flea and tic stuff on him and that soon after all these things started to happen .after spending over 230.00 dollars on vet bills i started to think that there was a link to the sergents flea and tic and his problems so i stayed up all nite on tuesday looking at all thedifferent problems that people have had with the flea and tic squeeze on I was outraged as i printed out 18 pages of people having the same thing happen to there pet I took the print out to my vet and showed him what i found out he could not believe what i had found out i since have been telling every one i see about it and i have even call local humane shelter to warn them of this fact. i hope that every one who this has effected tells everyone they know so we can stop this abuse of our animals bucky is one of the lucky ones he has survived this not all are so lucky .So please tell every one you can

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