don’t use toys from hartz

I purchased a fishing toy for my cats from hartz and my husband and i went to go visit his mother and within 2 hours we got a phone call from my son who said he came home and found our 6 month old cat’s legs strangled in the fishing line of this toy. the more the kitty tried to get out of the string the tighter it wrapped around his legs. my son had to use a knife to cut the string off the kitty. i told him to rush him to the vet emergency center and by the time he got there the kitty’s foot was swollen to three times its size because of lack of circulation. it has been almost 5 weeks and he still has problems walking and now cannot retract his back claws. when i called¬† hartz to complain, they¬† gave me a case number and told me to send in all the doctor bills and reports from the vets. as of yet i have still not heard anything from hartz. my vet said that the string had caused damage to his veins and nerves and he may not be able to ever heal correctly. if there is anyone else out there who has had a similar situation, we need to make sure that this toy is banned.

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