CVS 3 TV is looking for victims of flea and tick treatments


I am writing on behalf of CBS 3 in Philadelphia in light of the EPA increased scrutiny of spot on flea and tick products.

We are doing a story about the dangers of spot-on flea and tick treatments.

We would like to find a dog owner and a cat owner to tell us their stories as part of this story.

We are in Philadelphia and looking for a dog owner and a cat owner in our Philly area including New Jersey and Delaware.

If you can help please give me a call or send an email at your earliest convenience.

My condolences to those who have lost their friends.

Thank you so much,

Joan Sill



3 Replies to “CVS 3 TV is looking for victims of flea and tick treatments”

  1. I bought a box of HARTZ ultra guard pro a three month supply for cats at our Woodland California WALMART.This was a healhy hyper five year old cat. It only took two days after putting it on the back of her neck to make her deathly ill. I have other cats who I did not put this on and all are fine. This poison they are selling is probably going to kill her. I have taken her repeatedly to the vet. Hundreds of dollars into this and my cat will probably still die. If she doesn’t die she will never be the same animal she was before I applied this poison. Please everybody pay attention boycot Walmarts pet department, if they don’t remove this off there shelves. They are helping Hartz kill our animals buy selling it in there stores. The word needs to get out Hartz is killing our animals as they continue to make there fortunes. This product causes animals a slow miserable death. Yes, get the word out!

  2. Thanks to Hartz flea drops, my cat suffers seizures! The first one happened a few days after we put the drops on her, which was the most severe! I seriously thought she was going to die! That was about 3 months ago, she just had another yesterday! How can Hartz continue to sell this toxic product knowing full well what it is doing to our pets ? Hartz was a name I thought I could trust, plus I never thought it would be dangerous … “they surely couldn’t sell anything that would cause any harm to our pets” I thought ! There should be jail time !!!! This is animal abuse to the extreme level !!! God bless all the pets and loving owners who have suffered because of Hartz products! May Hartz burn in Hell !

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