People you need to do your research!  Most of what is doled out & advertised will kill you & your pet.  I have found out by experience there a FEW Vets out there that ruly have your pets well being at heart.

After many decades of having four-legged companions I have chosen to raw feed & go totally organic.  Good nutrition works wonders for building high immunity for your pets.  All of this high heat, processed, questionable ingredient sourced food on store shelves has given rise to the climbing incidences of heart, liver & pancreas problems with our companions.  Add the insult of over vaccination & pharmaceutical drugs the result is the disasterous.  Just like choices you make for yourself, the choices you make for your companions, have serious consequences.

For every vaccination & drug there is a safe alternative.  You just need to search for it.

Not only do I feed in this manner, I do not use any harsh chemicals in or around my house.

No, I do not have a flea problem.  I use a combination of cedar oil based products & garlic oil based products, inside & out for control.  Regular vaccuming & bathing works wonders.

I will NEVER again use any topical flea product, either OTC or Vet perscribed.  Thank goodness I have a Vet that does not believe in the use of such products.

YES, there are a few Homeopatheic vets out there BUT, beware of the fakes.  Just like any other industry some are jumping on the bandwagon to lure you in & are doling out the same unsafe crap.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  There is No EXCUSE with access to the Internet!  By being a well informed consumer you will enjoy many, many trouble free years of companionship with your furry friend.

2 thoughts on “WARNING FOR PET OWNERS”

  1. Hi I recently had a problem with my cats becoming ill from some Hartz flea medication.

    I was hoping perhaps you could let me know what flea products you refer to in your comment “I use a combination of cedar oil based products & garlic oil based products, inside & out for control.”

    After this I definately do not want to use any un-natural and toxic products on my babies (2 cats, 2 dogs…)

    Please email me or contact me on twitter (@ seeflanigan ) thank you very much!

  2. I agree with everything you said except “For every vaccination & drug there is a safe alternative. You just need to search for it.” There is NO alternative to a rabies vaccine.

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