My Dog Fell Victim Last Night…What Else To Do?

I gave my 7lb Shihtzu this poison two days ago. I didn’t know. This morning she was lethargic and trembling and would cry out in pain every few minutes. I started to google search b/c I just had a feeling it was the flea “poison”. I ran across this site. I immediately bathed her (about three hours ago) with Dawn and she is actually feeling better. She is laying in the back yard in the warm spring sun and has eaten as well as drank some water.

Since she seems to be better should I take her to the vet? I have not had the best experience with PetSmart as I took her to the vet the first time this happened (last month) and they didn’t link it to the flea treatment. She had a fever and was trembling. She recovered two days later so I thought it was a cold. But then when it happened again, I realized it was Hartz.

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  1. last night we put Sergant’s Silver on our 15 lb., 2 and a half year old Sheed-zoo and we then left him alone. When we returned, his left eye was swollen almost shut and he continueously was scratching himself. He was moaning, he kind of walked funny and his little tail wouldn’t even curl up like it should. We quickly gave him a bath with baby shampoo and washed his eyes out with it also and our eye drops in his eyes. My husband was up all night with him, neither one slept one wink.
    He took him to the vet this morning and our dog did have an allergic reaction to that medicine. The vet told us to never use any of that medicine again and to bathe our dog with Dawn detergent. He was given a shot and a prescription. We’re afraid to leave him alone today.

  2. I have a 10 yr old dog named willy, we addopted willy 3 short years ago , we have had a flea collar on him before about 2 yrs ago and he was fine , 2 days ago we put one on him , my dog was throwing up , trebling, twitching,drooling,and could not move, eat or drink , I had to carry him out to the car and bring him to the vet, my dog is undergoing many of tests each blood test at around $350 a test , and along with other tests and fluid I V treatments.They still blame it on the collar….$2000.00 later my dog is still at the vet in a 5’/3′ cage and the bill is just rising , what bothers me the most is that you can have a dog and love him/her with all your heart and some stupid little $5.00 collar can run u a vet bill of over $2000.00, and cause loss of sleep and worry over your animals safety. PLEASE pet owners NEVER EVER place a topical product on your dog with pesticides, we had no idea a deadly insect nerve agent was at work on the collar, imagine families who cant afford a vet bill of $2000, makes me sad so many animals have to get sick or die over something that only protects the head and neck area, please save your money and save yourself the heart break NEVER place one of these 2 in 1 flea and tick collars on your dog or cat.

    – Sheldon, Newfoundland Canada

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