OMG!!!! I just used Hartz Flea Drops

I just used hartz drops last night on our 3 m old puppy and our 8 yr old dog. I was not aware of this website until this morining. They were both still itching and I was looking up info about how long it takes to kill the fleas and this site popped up. I am going to bath them immediatly. I had NO idea that the product was this dangerous!!!!! Hartz should be sued!

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  1. OH my I wish I would have seen this site before I bought this Sergeant’s Gold yesterday and applied to my dog. Applied it to my 7 year old Rottweiler yesterday afternoon. He got sick afterwards throwing up. He has been very itchy since so to get some sleep last night we bathed him with Dawn dish soap to help him. Well he was still up all night crying and whining like a puppy and extremely restless. He was panting worse than I had ever seen him pant even in the hot Texas summers. I would not recommend this product at all for any animal. My husband said when he got the product on his hand it tingled and continued to do so even after he washed his hands. I can just imagine how it made the dogs skin feel.

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