Hartz is a Killer

It has been very difficult for me to post this on this site. It has literally taken me month’s to do this.I rescue cat’s and give them a home until someone else want’s them. They are all a part of my family.There were alot of cats to take care of , but they bring me joy and they are happy cats.I used the Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea and Tick Spray for cat’s in September of 2008. Within a day I had 6 sick cats, They got ver lathargic and wouldn’t barely move around. By the next day the first Cat (harley) Had stopped eating and lost all his bodily functions, He died that day. I called the vet and she said it sounded like his liver failed him, I told her about the others, how sick they were, runny noses,eyes runny,raspidy breathing, very lathargic, barely eating and drinking. She told me it sounded like they had an upper respitory infection, because so may of them had the cold and the other 5 were very sick, I was to put the 5 in a place awy from the other’s and keep there eyes wiped and give them an antibiotic, I did not have enough money so she told me to try cranberry juice deluted for the cold’s. She also told me to pull the food, cause it was new and call the company so I did. Within 2 days I lost all 6 of the cats that were sick, and the other’s started to get better, thought it was the flu. Used the flea spray on the other 5 cats that didn’t get treated, and within 2 days it started all over again, and I ended up losing 4 more cats to this rediculous product, me and the vet determined that it was the sparay and I had to wash 15 cats in one day to get it off of them, All of the cats that died were my families personal cats, my children were devestated as so was I. I called Hartz and they did not even care that the product killed them, tried to blame me, used the product wrong they said?????? What the hell is that, there should be nothing in it that could harm an animal ever.

I informed them that this wasn’t over, got a lawyer to help us. They should be held accountable for this. They can not get away with this. The other kitties got better with straight cranberry juice, chicken brothe and lots of TLC. It was a struggle but I love them and promised to keep them safe. some of them are still carrying some long term issues because of it. Like these weird sores and grinding there teeth. But they are alive.

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  1. I lost my outdoor adult male cat, Allywishus, about a decade ago because of a flea collar. I don’t remember which brand it was, but I found Ally dead about 18 hours after putting the collar on him. He was already in rigor mortis, so it must have happend pretty quickly. There was a puddle of saliva under his mouth, so I guess the alergic reaction dehydrated him, and he died of the heat. It was a hot day in Phoenix, AZ.

    My advice is: Don’t put a flea collar on an outdoor cat for the first time in hot weather. For any cat, put the collar on for a few minutes, and take it off; then watch for any reaction. As long as there is no adverse reaction, gradually increase the exposure.

  2. I have three white Sabrina hussies, I bought the Hartz ultra flea collar I notice that two of my dog had blood and fur coming from around their neck. one was so bad, I thought she was going to die. first I took her collar (the one for her leash) I thought it was the cause, but it started to get worse. I notice that spread on both side. The spot became so bad, all the fur under her neck had fallen off. you see flesh and bloody sores. I look up trying to find out what cause this. the first response I receive from a vet was ” do you have a flea collar on your dogs” I would love to send you picture of her, she is starting to heal, once I remove the flea collar.

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