Complications from using Hartz Advance Care 3 in 1

I applied Hartz Advance Care 3 in 1 to my 11 year old German Shepherd and within 4 days I had to have her put down.  Did the Hartz product kill her?  A jury would probably rule that it was the Lyme disease that killed her but folks, she was active, happy, and appeared to be in good health when I applied the flea and tick drops.  She’s been kept up to date on all her shots, etc and the truth is I didn’t know she had lyme disease.  But let’s think about this – I’ve been using Hartz products to protect her against ticks for years and …. wait a sec – isn’t lyme disease spead by ticks?????  Maybe the jury should reconsider the verdict – Hartz did kill her because it didn’t prevent her from getting the ticks and then the re-application of Hartz 3 in 1 was more than her system could handle because of the lyme disease …….. is this going in circles and just keeps returning to Hartz products.  No one can understand my loss – my frustration – my anger.  She was my companion – I’m a retired senior and she was my constant companion.  I put my trust in the Hartz products and now I’ve lost the trust and I’ve lost a friend.

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  1. Hartz needs to be banned and sued. Not too long ago I put flea drops on my 3 cats. WIthin 30 minutes they were all howling in pain. The pure white one’s skin was so red and it was bleeding where I put the drops. WHen I called the emergency animal hospital they told me that sadly they see Hartz products doing this to animals all time. THey have written and called the pharmaceutical company numerous times with no results. Hartz needs to be out of business completely.

  2. petsmart, their lack of integrity and business ethics.I put SENTRY PRO XFC on my shit zu and 15 minutes later my pup woke me up and would not stop walking on me until i physically got up to see what was wrong, was for 2 days my dog can not sleep, thank god and shampoo 2 hr later and gave them half of a benadril pill the firt day and one the second day , i believe is a severe side effect so i took them straight to the vet. as a precaution, the vet. said that if i had not washed the poison off of the dogs it probably would have been fatal and i felt really frustrated that this type of medication propducts are sold,i fell lucky as i did not lose my dog,i hope they get these products taken off the shelves soon

  3. Thank goodness I thought I should look this up on the internet!! I have a 14 year old Bishon, 2 year old Chihuahua, and a puppy bishon named Lu-Lu. They all of a sudden have fleas. Last 2 years none. Well I am newly married (2years) and was looking through the dog supplies my husband had in a box and found this Hartz flea and tick drops. I had inquired at the store about advantage or frontline but was discouraged because of the price. I thought I should wait till next payday. Well I was thinking of just putting this Hartz on them to see if it worked and if it didn’t I’d get the good stuff. I will throw it away now. You may have saved my dogs lives! Thank you!!!
    Mr. dfort2004 I am so sorry for your deep loss.

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