Scratchex harmed our cats

Yesterday, Monday March 29th at approximately 6 a.m. we applied Scratchex flea and tick drops to our 5 kittens, ranging in age from 3 1/2 years to 5 1/2 months old.  At approximately 10:30 we noticed one of the kittens having what appeared to be seizures.  We immediately decided to transport her to our vet’s office, upon going into another room, noticed a second kitten having the same reaction, upon loading the two kittens into the car, found a third kitten with the same symptoms, a fourth kitten was not having any symptoms, and the fifth (the eldest) is still missing.  We immediately took the four to the vet where we were informed that they were having “tremor’s” as a result of the Scratchex.  All four were bathed and stayed at the office for observation.  The fourth kitten showing no symptoms was brought home last night and appears to be fine, however the other three were all left at the vets.  In addition they have been given multiple shots of valium, IV’s and fluids.  This is outrageous how can these companies do this to our beloved pets?

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