Hartz Victimes

I am sure all of us here are for the same reason,our babies,{dogs&cats}have been poisoned buy Hartz Flea and Tick meds.The bad part of it is Hartz has caused us all grief and dispair and some us have even lost our pets because of this.In turn we have had to spend hundreds of dollars on vet. bills trying to get them better with no remorsment from hartz and no reimbursment for our pets grief and ours.I read about Hartz and what it could do to your pets so I stopped buying it.I went to two different Walmart stores in my area and they had pulled all Hartz Flea and Tick meds from their shelves.Yesterday I went to WalMart to purchase some dog food and saw that they had put Hartz back on the shelves so my Daughter and I thought well it must have been just a bad seriel brand like the peanut butter was when they pulled it off the shelves so we purchased the Hartz and went home and I applied it to our Boxer bull.Well about two hours after the application my dog started trembling and wobbling all over the place and couldn;t stand up.I called Hartz HOT LINE and they told me to give her a bath and wash her three times and that she should start feeling better in about an hour but if she didn;t to be sure and take to the emergency clinic.The trembling stopped but she cant walk this morning so I am going to have to take her to the vets.If your local stores pulled the Hartz from their shelves and now you see that Hartz has been put back on the shelves PLEASE DON:T make the same mistake that I did.I will be calling my local Walmart stores today before anyone elses pet gets hurt or possible dies.

Another Hartz story….

I took my puppy to the vet today for her third set of shots and some sores she’s aquired over the last week.  Turns out she has staph infection… I had been using Hartz Flea medication and a hyperallergenic shampoo on her also by hartz.  Now my poor pup is on antibiotics and had to have a shot.  Just glad she is going to be okay and it wasn’t as bad as what some people have gone through because of this company.

In Memory of Lovey

Our beautiful cat Lovey had to be euthanized after a two month decline in her health after receiving Hartz flea and tick drops.  It was a horrible way for a beautiful innocent soul to die, and the guilt that I have for using this dreadful product on a member of our family is a crying shame.  Lovey suffered from liver failure, and our vet tried very hard to help.  Please remove this product from the market!!!