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While Seargents may not be made by Hartz, its just as horrible. I used Seargents Gold flea treatment on my Boston Terrier last summer and it was a horrible experience. An hour or so after I applied the oil to his back he started freaking out and rubbing himself on anything and everything he could. He whined, growled, and was just flat-out miserable. He couldnt sit still, just shook and tried scratching himself on everything. It was late at night, so I just put him in the bath and bathed him with his regular shampoo, which didnt help. I called the company who said to bathe him in Dawn dishsoap because the stuff is oil-based. After three Dawn baths he calmed down a little and could actually sit still for a few minutes. He was practically begging me to bathe him again, he sat in the tub and barked at me until I would give him another bath which is very unlike him. Normally I have to chase him down (he hides) to give him a bath, and thanks to this horrible product he was begging to be bathed. Luckily once the stuff had washed off completely he was ok but the company who makes this crap should be ashamed of themselves. I found an all-natural (NO chemicals whatsoever) spray for fleas/ticks that works wonders. I will never use such a nasty product on any animal ever again, and am completely disgusted with myself for subjecting my dog to such a thing.

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  1. Please tell us what all natural product you found to use that works. My husband was at the grocery and called to ask if he should buy Sargeant’s. I googled and found this website. Thanks for saving my pet!

  2. I get it online, its called Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Spray. Its put on weekly, or after baths or if your pet gets wet. Its also safe for cats, and I’ve even used it on me. I think the website also has the kind you sqeeze on their back that has the same ingrediants in it. They also make a shampoo and conditioner for fleas and ticks to supplement the spray, but I havent tried it. Good luck! Heres a link:

  3. My dog is experiencing a reaction from the Sargeant Silver flea/tick squeeze on treatment. I am contacting the Vet right NOW!!
    I have always used Frontline, very mild reaction in form of skin sensitivity at application site but Nothing like this. I just hope he does not suffer any permanent damage to his organs.

  4. I used Seargents flea and tick drop gold and my cat is acting lethargic, etc and is eating like a horse, probably not related. I have to go buy Dawn now to take it off, i already bathed her today with a regular shampoo. My cat is 2.

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