I put Sentry Pro XFC on my 2 Chihuahua mixed dogs at 9:00pm last night. At 12:00am my larger pup woke me up and would not stop walking on me until I physically got up to see what was wrong. Turns out he was excessively foaming at the mouth. A few minutes later the smaller of the two woke up and started licking her feet and then foaming at the mouth. That’s when I realized they were having an allergic reaction to Sargeants Sentry Pro XFC flea medication (poison). So I woke up and bathed both of them twice with oatmeal shampoo and then gave them half of a Benadryl pill. The smaller pup continued to lick her paws until my sheets were soaked but finally fell asleep. I awoke the next morning finding that the smaller dog’s hind legs were moving funny when she walked (which is a severe side effect) so I took them both straight to the vet as a precaution.

The vet said that if I had not washed the poison off of the dogs it probably would have been fatal! I felt so horrible and really frustrated that this type of medication or any Hartz or Sargeant (made by Hartz) products are sold.

I am hoping that both dogs will be ok. Since it has only been a day, I have to wait it out and see. My advice to all of you is to purchase your flea medicine from you Veterinarian.

The Hartz and Sargeant companies are despicable and they should be ashamed of their lack of integrity and business ethics.


  1. Dear Noelle,

    I’m very sorry to hear about your experience using Sergeant’s Sentry Pro XFC, and I’m happy to hear that your dogs are feeling better now.

    In your post, you mentioned that Sergeant’s products are made by Hartz. As Hartz’ Vice President of Research & Development, I want to point out that Sergeant’s is a completely different company; Hartz has never produced a product under the name Sergeant’s and does not own that brand, nor is Hartz affiliated with that company in any way. Hartz’ flea & tick products are sold under the Hartz® brand name.

    I want to reassure you and clear up any misunderstanding about the safety of Hartz Flea and Tick topical treatments. Safety is the highest priority for all Hartz flea and tick products, and the formulas we use?for both dog and cat products?contain active ingredients that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) rates as being in the lowest toxicity categories.

    The active ingredient for Hartz UltraGuard Pro® Flea and Tick Drops for Dogs and Puppies, d-phenothrin, has been classified with the lowest possible oral toxicity rating of any dog topical product available for sale today, whether by a veterinarian or your local retailer. In fact, d-phenothrin and Hartz UltraGuard® Pro just went through the strict 10-year re-registration process by the EPA, which concluded that “neither developmental nor systemic effects resulting from dermal exposure are expected” from d-phenothrin, so you can feel assured that Hartz UltraGuard® Pro Flea and Tick Drops for Dogs and Puppies is safe to use on your own puppies 12 weeks or older. We would just remind you to read the label and carefully follow the directions for application.

    If you have any further questions about Hartz products, please contact me at [email protected].

    Dr. Marta Draper

  2. We also are horrified to learn of the dangerous products put out by Sergeants (Hartz). Yesterday I applied Sentry Pro XFC for dogs 21-39 lbs. to my Cock-a-poo “Corky” and at the same time my daughter applied Sentry Pro XFC for dogs 61 lbs. and over on her American Billdog “Lexie”. Within 1 hour both dogs were scratching and very uncomfortable. It got so bad that we gave them both baths to try to wash the stuff off and a benadryl. Corky was miserable all nite. He couldn’t stop scratching, pacing, twitching and whining. The only time he was comfotable was when I held him and rubbed his back where the medication had been applied. I gave him another bath in baking soda this morning and a second dose of benadryl. He seems a little calmer but still not comfortable. Lexie seemed to cope better perhaps because she had been given an injection of Vetalog just last week for allergies. After reading serval blogs regarding this product and other similar ones, I wonder how Petsmart can continue to sell them and how Sergeants and Hartz can continue to market them.

    I will NEVER purchase another product from either of this manufacturer and will spread the word to other pet lovers. The response to this problem by the manufacturer is insulting and inadequate.

    I do hope the word gets out not to purchase these products. ALWAYS consult your Vet before giving your pet any over the counter medication!

    Dale McCarthy

  3. oh no I used Sentry Pro XFC, to make the fleas go away and now my dog (bella) is a lot more senative on her skin. And my other dog (joshy) is in severe pain, and when i gave him a bath he seened fine but ware I put the squeeze-on tube of xfc he began yelp and cry. I felt soooo bad and now he is STILL crying, so my family and I are going to the vet please pray for are two small dogs please.

  4. Dr. Marta Draper,

    Dr. Draper, with all due respect, we realize that you and Hartz Mountain are conducting damage control with the media and public opinion regarding the safety record of your spot-on products. Your comments about the safety of Hartz’s flea and tick products are misleading at best and complete falsehoods at worst. We are aware that Hartz’s cat and kitten product was Cancelled by the EPA in 2005 and all remaining products in the distribution channel forced by the EPA to be removed in 2006. That’s not ancient history. And last Wednesday, April 16th, 2009, the EPA made a public announcement regarding topical spot-ons and again indicated increased scrutiny because of a spike in reported potential adverse incidents. Hartz Mountain’s cat products were on their list. The EPA stated that over 44,000 adverse incidents were reported in 2008 alone. That represented a tremendous increase in the 28,000 plus incidents reported in 2007. Hartz did not represent all of these incidents. Other manufacturers are also to blame. But there have been enough incidents with Hartz’s products to cause the EPA concern once again. Hartz continues to use phenothrin, a synthetic pyrethroid, which is a neurotoxin, as your primary ingredient in your dog products. The ingredients in your dog products are precisely the same as the ingredients in your cat products that were Cancelled by the EPA in 2005. As a matter of fact, your volume of phenothrin, 85.7% is the highest in the industry by a significant margin. Phenothrin is a 40 year old neurotoxin that has been banned for other insecticide uses in this country and others. You use it because it’s cheap, and your profit margins are tremendous. There are many safer alternatives available but your profit margins wouldn’t be the same would they? Hartz has made the decision to defend itself from consumers and the media by legal threats, intimidation and obfuscation of the facts as opposed to doing the right thing and reformulating to the safer alternatives which are readily available. This is a selffish, short-sighted decision. Recently momentum has been building against your flea and tick products, their ingredients and the terrible damage they do to pets and families. The media is beginning to help the consumer on this subject and is displaying new courage in telling the truth about your products and creating a much needed public awareness. Even the EPA is once again unable to ignore the body count. You should be ashamed of yourself for attempting to defend the indefensible. And one more thing, your legal department’s intimidation of Dr. Khuly in Florida, the Miami Herald, KNBC Los Angeles, CBS-TV in Kansas City and other media outlets, veterinarians and even private citizens will not work. Hartz has a long history and a recognizable brand name. You are now at a crossroads–-you can choose to proactively do the right thing and demonstrate pet care leadership and use the safer alternatives or you can continue to obfuscate, intimidate, nuance and manipulate facts, all the while continuing to distribute products that have been shown and documented to damage animals. The choice is yours but the consumers (and possibly regulatory agencies) will be the final arbiter.

  5. My wife and I put that product on our large pug used the last tube of Advantage on the smaller pug. We went to the movies and came back about 3 1/2 hours later. The larger pug was itching, panting, walking funny, and trying to scratch his back by rilling over. We gave him Benadryl but after an hour that did not help.

    We gave him a bath and then were up most of the night while one of us had to rub him in the spot where the medicine was applied.

    I came home last night and my wife said Monty has a big bump on his skin. I looked at it and could see a lot of redness, so I took my clippers and shaved him at that spot. He has a huge red open sore where the medicine was applied as well as a “trail” where the medicine leaked down.

    We have an appointment with the vet today. I am going to PetCo to get my money back as well as I will be contacting the manufacture of this product for reimbursement of the vet charges.

    1. Philip,

      The same thing happened to my Goldendoodle. He has a huge open sore oozing thick fluid. I will be taking him to the vet this afternoon. I also bought Sentry Pro XFT at Petco. What happened when you contacted Petco and Sergeants?
      I plan on taking action against Petco and the manufacture as well.

      I am horrified that such a product is out there!

  6. We purchased the Sentry Pro XFC last night (6/2/09) at PetsMart and applied it to both our German Shepherds. Within 30 minutes both started having adverse reactions to this topical flea/tick/mosquito product. Our female’s skin is a deep red where the product was applied. Both went into a hyper-active mode, clearly very uncomfortable, non-stop scratching, lots of whimpering (crying) and bewildered/terrified looks on their faces. Upon this reaction starting, we immediately tried to wash off the product as best we could and we gave them both benadryl to help with the itching/scratching. That seemed to help get them thru the night. We have noticed the female drooling a little. Both managed to eat & drink this morning but still seemed agitated & were scratching again.

    Angry & scared that a product like this out there and available for pet owners to purchase. And we only wish we knew what was going to be the effects of this product so that we could have stopped all the others getting ready to purchase the same product last night as well.


    Thoroughly Distgusted,
    Jim & Tracy

  7. honestly, one would think that there would be some kind of warning on these products… talk about one great lawsuit if these symptoms were happening to humans and you know that it would make the six o’clock news!!! where are the animal activist when you need them!!! this would make a great project for someone with the right amount of energy to save some pets!!!

    my dog also had the same reaction as most of these other dogs. thank god i found some advise on how to handle this problem. thank you! i am relieved to not have found this to be fatal! benedryl and a little milk (for a laxative i guess).


  8. I am so mad i purchased sentryproxfc for my 7yr maltese. she has been so very sick since i put it on her. muscle spasams, twitching hind legs she cant sit still . this crap was on her for 24hrs before i realized what was causing it. how can these people continue to sell this product. the salesgirl at petsmart recommended it .This is a total outrage petsmart will be getting a earfull tommorow thats for sure. trent

  9. Same here. PetSmart ALSO! My wife just put one tube on our dog at about 6pm. He started acting funny almost immediately. We read the instructions and checked to make sure we had not done anything wrong. She had followed them to a “T”. But he kept running around in circles and trying to scratch and whining constantly.
    My wife just accidentally discovered this posting and we immediately gave him two baths and are praying that we got it off soon enough. He is showing all the same symptoms as the others, hind legs not working well, crying, drooling.
    What if this had been a child? My God, we have poisons around the house for insects that would probably not have been as bad as this. And it came HIGHLY recommended by the PetSmart employee to my wife. He told her it was “Great Stuff”! Maybe they ought to try it out on their employees before selling it to unsuspecting customers! I am glad to read (so far) that none have died. But what if someone’s pet DOES die? How much will Sergeants pay for the death of a family pet? Whatever it is, it would NOT be enough!

  10. My husband and I have had a similar experience and I hope that what we’ve done so far keeps it from getting worse.

    Last night we saw this product on the shelf at our local Petsmart, bought it and brought it home. We put it on our Gibson (border collie/lab mix) last night about 8pm and by 5 this morning he was whining and scratching at his shoulder/back area. By 9 it was worse and he was breathing heavy. My husband gave him a benadryl and made sure that he drank A LOT of water. I got on the web and did a search. If only I had found this site last night before we went to Petsmart!

    We’ve given him a bath using Dawn dishsoap and rinsed and rinsed. My husband has also taken Gibson outside and hosed him down because he was whining and scratching again.

    The staff at our Petsmart were very helpful and apologetic! The assistant manager was going to talk to the manager as soon as he was off the phone and told me that he wanted to alert their district office. He said that he wanted to tell all the cashiers to inform customers about this product and what it did! I have to admit, I’ve read some posts that said that the Petsmart staff wasn’t helpful at all, but ours seemed to be. I got the feeling that they really DO CARE!

    Like other have said…if you love your pet, DO NOT PUT THIS ON THEM!

  11. I purchased SentryPro XFC by recommendation of a Petsmart Groomer. She said it worked as good or better than the Frontline Plus I usually use. Money is so tight now, I was trying to save a little bit. As soon as my daughter applied the solution to our 45lb. collie mix he started acting weird. He would take little sips of water and then throw up a foamy substance. He vomited several times. I called the 800 number on the package and spoke to a nice young man who explained that our dog “Buddy” must have ingested by licking some of the solution. He said to limit his food and water intake until the vomiting got better and if that did’t happen, call our vet in the morning. I became very concerned and turned to the trusty internet and found these websites. We gave Bud a bath with dish distergent and then washed him in his usual oatmeal bath. He seems calmer and has not thrown up again, but has had some dry heaves. Hopefully, we’re lucky and this is as bad as it wil get. I feel like such a jerk to have caused our poor dog to suffer, just because I’m trying to save some money. But I will never, never use anthing but Frontline again. Thanks to everybody for the advice about the bath and what soap to use. Thans!

  12. I purchased Sentry Pro XFC a few days ago from Petco and applied both to my Boston Terrier(Bean) and American Bullnese(Raff), both medium size dogs.
    I applied at 8AM and returned home a few hours later to find my dogs whining, itching, throwing up, shaking, limping (from trying to scratch themselves any chance they get) and blood shot eyes( Bean also had fever). I immediately panic and call the manufacturer. They were surprisingly very helpful and told me to give them a bath with dish soap lather and rinsing 3 times and then rubbing them down with vitamin e oil. I gave both of my dogs intense baths with grease fighting dish soap for about 10 minutes each. afterwards, i rubbed them down with vitamin E oil, which is supposed to help with the irritation. i also gently poured water in their eyes in attempts to flush the sentry pro out. the following day their eyes are still a little red and they seem to still be a little shaken up but much improvement. i am going to give the manufacturer another call and demand my money back.
    so in a nut shell, if you want your dog to possibly go blind, end in death, or basically do everything except kill fleas, choose this product! Thanks Sentry Pro!

  13. Petco/Petsmart clearly is just in it for the money. I have now read reviews going back 2 years on this product and I’m in shock and feel absolute guilt now. I had bought this product exactly 2 days ago (July, 28th 09) thinking it was safe. My 6 year old female shih tzu somehow rubbed the product into her eye while trying to scratch the product off. I rinsed her eye for 20 minutes and luckily her vision seems to be intact and no other marks on her. My other 3 year old male shih tzu however has a red pealing look to where his application was applied. All this happened within one hour of application and during so I was not home. I simply put the product on then leaving the house for a function. However returning home to two extremely itchy dogs more so when they had the fleas.
    Very upset that this product has not been pulled, I wonder what more it will take to get the warning message across. I do wonder however if Oprah being a dog lover would ever do a story on this.
    Either way I’m just adding my voice to their story to an already evolving issue at hand.

  14. I also bought this at petsmart and applied it to my two shih tzu dogs Lola and Tina yesterday at 1:30pm. Tina (thank goodness) is fine but Lola didn’t sleep a minute last night. She was constantly moving around, switching positions, and scratching. When we got up this morning, Lola was limping and walking very stiffly, like her legs were not working properly. I immediately called the 1-800 number on the box and was told that some dogs get “pins and needles” sensations in all their paws. Basically her feet were numb. The woman, who was very nice, told me to wash her three times with dishsoap and apply vitamin E oil to the skin where I applied the SentryPro and also to the pads of her feet. She also said that skin reactions (as opposed to ingesting) are not fatal, which was a small relief. After reading about a million other reactions to the same product, I also fed her some canned tuna fish and sent my fiancee to get benedryl, which is where we are now. I never had a problem with Frontline, and will never use anything else again!

  15. I just put this stuff on my dog this morning. We are usually in bed by nine , but here it is 10:30 and all I can do is hold my black and tan coonhound Porter. He is not a hunter, he is my sons baby brother and he is suffering. I gave him a bath in baby shampoo, hosed him off, dried him, and he is still trying to escape his own skin. I am furious. My wife suggested we use prescribed flea medicine, but times are tight and my idiot self believed if it were on the shelf, then it must be fairly safe. 10,000 Fleas would be safer. I can’t afford to take him to the vet tonight, but he has an appointment for next week. If my dog dies, I will be going hunting, and someone IS responsible for this poison being on the shelf. That someone IS going to pay. Sentry Pro is DOG KILLER.

  16. In July, I used Sentry Pro ZXC on my three dogs at about 9 PM. By 11:30 PM my poor Cattle Dog, Buddy was going nuts. He woke us up and was foaming at the mouth and could not sit still. We washed his back off twice with dish soap but he was up all night. In the morning we discovered all our clothes drug out of our closet, two piles of poo in the livingroom and a puddle the size of Lake Erie in our kitchen. The vet told us to use Benedryl and wait it out. I took Buddy to work with me the next day to keep an eye on him and he couldn’t sit still for more than 3 seconds, all day long. After 24 hours he seemed even worse but we kept up with the benedryl and he finally fell asleep, like a rock, by morning. By then our Corgi was a little foamy and scratching his neck as well but not nearly as bad as Buddy. It actually took a full 3 days before Buddy was back to normal again. I took my (yet to be used) box of Sentry Pro ZFC for cats back to the feed store and at that time I was the first to complain. Since then they had several more with the same problem. Their Sentry rep brought in packages with a sticker stating “New and Improved Formula” which they say will protect animals with “sensitive skin”…little late now. I’m not risking it. I’ll go ahead and pay twice as much and stick with Frontline, it’s worth it.

  17. yes along with all the rest of you, I too put this crap on my 4yr old dog and same reaction, twitching, whining, cant sit still, blood shot eyes and licking himself to death. I will never but this crap again and will also be telling everyone I know about this, as well as contacting the manufacturer, this needs to be pulled off the shelf immediately.

  18. We purchased enough Sentry Pro XFC to treat our small pack of doxies (10) 1 GSD, and 3 cats. Out of the doxies (mini smooth and long hairs) we had 7 that had extreme reactions within an hour of treatment, and three of them had chemical burns within 12 hours of application. I called the hot line for help as well as my vet and they both said to bathe the dogs with liquid dishwashing soap and use cool water to do it. We washed and washed dogs for hours on end trying to get them to calm down. We gave them all doses of benadryl as well. All I casn say is never ever will I ever buy or use a product made by Sergeants again. You get what you pay for. Cheaper is certainly not better and what those little doxies had to endue is absurd. I have switched to Frontline and Comfortis and have not had any problems. I use Frontline spray on the smooth coated doxies and comfortis tablets on the long hair and GSD. I use Frontline topical on the cats..all problem free. You can still see where the skin of the doxies was chemically burned as its a patch of bare skin void of any hair. At least those doxies were long hair so its not readily visible but it hurts to just think what they all went through. 7 out of 10 being hurt is not a good track record IMHO.

  19. I just put the Sentry Pro XFC on my 2 year old shitzu around 11 this evening. It is almost 3 am and he is yelping, itching, whining and restless. He has started hidding behind things and bitting at me in the last hour. I have given him 3 baths and some benedryl. I am going to try washing him in Dawn dishsoap as advised above and see if that helps. It is all red where it was applied. I can’t believe this stuff is still being sold in stores. I am so upset.

  20. I just put the Seargents Gold on my 2 year old shitzu around 11 this evening. It is almost 3 am and he is yelping, itching, whining and restless. He has started hidding behind things and bitting at me in the last hour. I have given him 3 baths and some benedryl. I am going to try washing him in Dawn dishsoap as advised above and see if that helps. It is all red where it was applied. I can’t believe this stuff is still being sold in stores. I am so upset.

  21. I bought Sentry Pro XFC from Petsmart Sunday put it on my dog, left to run some errands came back & she was scratching , rubbing herself on the floor..acting weird.
    I thought this was normal, afternoon came she started breathing hard, fast, I give her a bath to wash the product. I thought she was going to die, all nite breathing hard, moving very strange. Crying..I could not afford a vet. I pray a lot tot that nite, Thanks God she is Ok.
    Not 100%, but she is better. Why do the sell these products? Our dogs can’t talk, they are trying to kill them to make a buck. Petsmart should remove Sentry Pro XFC from their shelves ASAP.

    Can we do something about it? Please DO NOT BUY Sentry Pro XFC .

  22. hello i to bought this crappy product lastnight at a pet store and didnt put it on my dogs till today then i went away i came back to my dogs whining scratching lickin themselves vomitin and stumbling i am so mad i immediatley bathed them i have 1 mini dachsund and a mini maltese i feel so bad for my dogs right now they are extremely uncomfortable i have bathed them like 3 times with dawn dishsoap and gave them a benadryl i pray and hope they feel better i wont be sleeping till i no my babies are ok but this product needs to be off the market someone needs to put this product on the people who made it and see how it makes them feel i wish i knew who it was because id put it on them im so mad right now i called the number ont he back they were no help except wash them in dishsoap i will be visitin this pet store tomorrow and throwin this stuff back at them and asking them why are they selling this product when all it does is hurts the dogs i want to kill the fleas not the dogs the idiots

  23. My husband and I thought it would be a good idea to flea and tick Henry for the month of November and then be done for the winter. Yesterday we we went to go pick up dog food at Petsmart and we thought instead of going to the vet to pick up Advantix we would just buy the most expensive flea and tick topical treatment they had there. So we ended up with a product called “Sentry Pro EFX” .

    We came home put it on the dogs and within 2 hours Henry was drolling and foaming at the mouth. We read the back of the directions and it states that this can happen and it’s normal, but to feed your pet immediatley. Then I noticed his back legs began to shake. I called the 1-800# on the packaging and told the woman it seemed as if something neological was going on and she said take him to the Vet. Then I asked her if it was normal for her product to this, and she actually said, “Well Sometimes.” What…..

    So we fed him, and within 10 more minutes his back legs were shaking pretty bad and he was losing his balance only in his back end. I called the Vet and luckily even though it was 7pm he was still down there and told us to bring him in. It took us 3 minutes to get there and within the 1st sign of a side effect to 25 minutes later he was having horrible full body seizures lasting 15 minutes a piece. It was horrifying.

    The Vet took the product in the back and said Henry had actually been poinsoned by it. They see it at the Vet’s office all the time from products like this sold at our local Petsmart, Pet Supplies stores. Usually since the side effects come on so quick most pets don’t make it. The Vet even said they see it from the simple shampoo formulas. The started him on an IV to flush it out and on anti-seizure medication and within 20 hours we picked him up and he seems to be doing okay.

    I took a minute to google this product and it made me sick to my stomach. There are so many people whos pets have died from this. The Vet said these products are EPA approved, but not FDA approved which is why they still get away with putting it on the shelves. Even though it has killed so many it’s still available. Unfortuantley there are not very many laws and procedures that protect pets

    It is not worth it. Make that trip to your Vet’s office and buy the Andvantix or Andvantage. Do not buy ever ever buy any of the stuff from the pet stores. It’s too risky. Had we not been home we would have lost Henry yesterday.

  24. I am so sickened, I am in schock! I also, have made the same mistake hundreds of others have and used the Hartz Gold on my 7 month old American Short Hair silver tabby and my 2 year old pregnant Boxer!
    My boxer after 24 hours of vommiting, horrific hives and itching and a constant twitch of the head is recovering! But we have no clue as to what the out come of our pups will be!
    On the other hand I am waiting …..waiting……and waiting to see if my tabby will pull through and make it!
    He, also suffers the same exact symptoms, but is so severely dehydrated, and has such nuerlogical problems, we dont know if he is going to be okay!
    I feel so sick, and saddened and I wish I could take it all back!
    It’s been the worse 24 hours of my life!! This is my fault, but if I had known I would have never of used the product! I am so sorry!! I hope to God they pull this crap from every store every counter every shelf!!!! And that the right persons are held accountable!
    So now I will sit, watch and wait for my poor suffering little baby to make some type of an improvement and give me hope he will be coming home with me!!

  25. Yesterday I applied sentry pro xfc to my standard poodle,my husband and I left for an hour. When we returned our 2 pound one year old Chihuahua Trixy was hiccuping gaging and running around erratically. She later began throwing up and twitching.It was already 11 pm by this time. Luckily we live very close to A&M vet hospital, after calling them we were questioned about poisons I realized she sits on my poodles back alot I could actually smell the stuff on her mouth. we called the hot line and were told to bathe her and wash her mouth and she would be OK. I called A&M back and read the ingredients to them they said bring her now. after IVs of Benadryl and charcoal down her throat she is better but still having muscle spasms in her back legs. we are hoping it goes away.PLEASE DON’T USE THIS CRAP!!!!!!!

  26. Yet another story…we had the same experience last night with our 4 month old puppy and SentryPro XFC. She spent the night in the ER clinic and is doing better today. The Vet said there should be no lasting issues but after reading so many postings I don’t think that will be the case.
    We also purchased at PetSmart and I called the dog trainer to let her know. She was horrified and said she would let her manager know…Obviously from reading the dates of these postings that PetSmart is still carrying the product and has chosen to ignore the problems occuring with using it.
    Sargeants will ask you to sign a waiver if you call and complain.
    There is also a petition of over 700 other complaints to sign. Just Google SentryProXFC and the first site will be the link to lots of other stories just like yours.
    I will never use anything other than Frontline or Adavantage. I’ve never had a problem with those brands.

  27. DITTO!! Not to sound redundant….BUT of course I am here posting because I had the same tragic problem with this product. My dogs ARE my children and I felt so horrible to have put them through such a traumatic experience…wish I had “googled” it before applying it & not after in a desperate attempt to find out what was causing such a horrible reaction.

    Needless to say this product is still on the shelves at PetsSmart. I applied this product one tube each to my shitzu and one to my Maltese – both 8 years old, around 1130pm on Sunday FEB 14th…

    Immediately, they were both trying to rub it off and trying to scratch the area on the back of there necks/back, but I chalked it up to the fact that it was still wet & the oil had a strong odor. Well after trying to sleep for the next 2 hours, both dogs were completely restless with my maltese particularly crazy. Whimpering, barking, scratching, and just jumping all over the bed- on my head & going from under to out of the covers non-stop. I got up around 2am to see what her deal was & almost fainted when I fouhd her face & front paws sopping wet with drool & tears from her eyes, & her back (at the application site) very red. I immediately gave both a bath to wash off this crap & after it still seemed to bother both, I researched it & stumbled upon these horrifying blogs of people’s dogs suffering the same reaction.

    Well I took my Maltese (who appeared to have injested some of it from licking her hind paw) to the emergency vet since it was a sunday & the middle of the night – for a total cost of $416 to give fluids, charcoal (for toxin posioning), bloodwork, and for injections for the skin reaction. A follow-up the next day with my reg vet & for my other dogs skin reaction cost an additional $150. On top of this I missed a day’s work at my 3-week old job! AND I think they have to go back as the sores on both of their backs are very large & bothersome to both. Now the fleas are back & I cannot even treat them with a flea bath or put a reputable product like FrontLine on them since they have sores in the application site. This company is going to PAY! for all that my poor dogs & I went thru…

  28. This product [email protected]*%ing sucks! My husband and I really wanted to get our 4 months old Lhasapoo to a dog park because she has been couped in inside until she received all of her shots. Instead of waiting to get to an appointment with a vet we went to Petco and purchased what we thought would be alright for her.
    1 hour after we had treated her we noticed her trying to scratch at her back. Which we thought was pretty normal until she started to yelp and cry. We waited another 15 minutes and then we couldn’t stand to see her so uncomfortable. We gave her a bath, treated her with aloe vera, then used Cortizone 10 and Benedryle. After another two hours of crying and yelping we ran into a suggestion above to bather her with dish soap three times and rub her with vitamin e. So far she is okay, but only when we are stroking the area where we treated her. She is still uncomfortable and can’t seem to sleep. We plan to take this up with Sentry Pro. I wonder if Pita will be willing to put up a fight to help remove this $hi* from the shelves. Please spread the word to everyone. NEVER BUY SENTRY PRO or anything from Sergeants! Those greedy heartless A$$holes!

  29. I gave my 2 year old dog, Bailey, SentryPro XFC yesterday at around 3pm and after a couple hours he was scratching, very itchy and unable to sit still. We gave him a bath and it seemed to help for a little while. He soon went back to being very uncomfortable and unsure where to even scratch. We took him to the emergency vet where they gave him a shot of Benadryl. We took Bailey home and after being there for 3 hours, he was no better. The only time he was relaxed was when he was being scratched where the medicine was applied. We called the vet back where they prescribed steroids for us to give him and also said to give him another pill of Benadryl.

    By 12:30 (after another Benadryl and the steroid) he was worse…couldn’t sit still, itchy, whimpering. We took him back to the vet where they gave him an injection to calm down and help him sleep. He was very worked up and this did nothing to change how he was feeling so they gave him another shot to knock him out. Bailey stayed at the emergency vet where he was hooked up to an IV. They said he slept very well and did not have any sort of episode. They called this morning and said he was doing much better and was ready to go home. I went to get him this morning and when I put his leash on to take him out he started whimpering and trying to scratch. The vet was shocked since he hadn’t done it all morning. I was told to take him home and continue the Benadryl and steroids. He is able to relax and sleep some now, but will sometimes react and start whimpering and itching. It has been about 19 hours since the SentryPro was applied and about 15 since we washed it off (we gave him 3 baths).

    Does anyone have any advice or able to share their dogs recovery time/process? Does it sound like Bailey is on his was to full recovery, or is this just the beginning??

  30. Well, it’s the night before Easter and my 4 lb 8 year old chihuauah, Rascal is at emergency vet care thanks to Sentry Pro XFC. I put it on him at 5 pm and by 9, he was acting funny, licking and chewing his back paws until they were soaked with saliva, and kicking up his back legs, walking funny. My vet said he doesn’t know why Petsmart sells this stuff, b/c it is POISON! Rascal will have to stay overnight, and the vet said that he couldn’t promise me he will make it, but will try everything in his power. I’m a complete mess now, I am never seperated from Rascal, he is my world. I just hope he will be ok.

  31. I’m not doubting that you people have had problems with Sentry Pro and Hartz products. You’re the same people who probably think K-9 Advantix is great or Advantage. Just read the labels folks. Sentry Pro contains 45% of a chemical called permothrin (not sure on the spelling.) K-9 Advantix contains the same chemical in a 44% concentration. This is the main active ingredient in both products. Sure both products contain an additional chemical in lower concentrations but a chemical is a chemical. It’s not so much that Sentry is evil or bad as it is what type of dog you have. Almost all of these stories come from an owner of some little ankle biter who’s tootsies never get dirty. If you’re gonna use a chemical on your little foofoo read the label first – not much different. Or do the responsible thing and use an all natural or organic product. (Which according to your vet won’t work, because they don’t sell it and can’t make more money off you).

  32. I gave my 60lbs. boxer Sentry Pro XFC yesterday and about 5 hours later he could not walk. I had to take him to the emergency vet to get treatment. This product is horrible, no notice of the possible side effects on the box. I have video of his episodes that I will post after some very strongly worded letters go out to PetSmart and the Sentry product folks. If resolution is not had, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook will be my platform. It is good to have access to a social network of over 5000 people.

  33. All I can say is that I must have accidentally gotten some of of the Sentry Pro residue on my hands and did not wash the residue off thoroughly enough when washing my hands. I experienced horrible buring pain and had to take an antihistamine. If my dog experienced half the discomfort that I did, I am ashamed of what I did to him. I will never use this product again.

  34. I used Sentry Pro XFC on my small mixed breed dog. I used the appropriate dose. By the time I came home from work, she was running frantically from room to room- frenetic is the best way to describe it. Her eyes were completely dilated and she could not lay still – she kept twitching and turning her head sharply – as if she were being bit by a flea on her back. The next morning, she wouldn’t go out to pee and had not had anything to eat or drink in 24 hours. I knew something was really wrong when I saw her crawl and hide under the bed – something that she hadn’t done in the 3 years we’ve had her. I went online while waiting for the vets office to open and found this website. We thoroughly bathed her with Dawn and waited it out to see what happened since it sounded like most of the vets from what I read didn’t have a lot of advice. She started improving within a few hours. It took almost a full day, but she did eventually return to normal. I will never use another topical agent like this on her. I have done some research and Sentry is not the only product that has these side effects. I am going with Avon’s skin so soft and trying my luck with that.

  35. I understand what you went through. My dog is currently at an animal hospital. I can’t believe they allow these products to remain on the shelf. It makes me sick. My dog is my life and it just eats at me that I did this to my poor baby. They keeping telling me she will be fine. It is just so hard to deal with.

  36. On 6/28/10, one small tube of Sentry Pro XFC was applied to the back (lower neck to midway of back) to our 11-month-old Shitzu. Cookie is a loving joy and friendly to all comers to his house. Shortly thereafter, this lovely joy, turned wild and violent, barking, growling, biting at everything in his way, and most scary, excessive foaming at the mouth, body heat and perspiration, and redness of his eyes. This product was purchased at PetsMart. And, the product continues to be sold even though of previous complaints of its use by other pet owners. Took Cookie to Banfield The Pet Hospital at PetsMart. These people did not have a clue how to treat, much less how to respond to Cookie’s owner. All she was told was “Your dog is not going to die.” What comforting words. I will never buy anything from PetsMart, nor do I have any faith in Banfield’s competence. For all owners, consult a reputable Vet concerning the use of ANY tick and flea product. Look at the chemical ingredients and then research them on the internet. You would be surprised to learn of all the uses for these chemicals. I feel horrible to have put Cookie through this ordeal. But I am not finished with either Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, PetsMart and Banfield The Pet Hospital. I will take Cookie to my Vet, who provided focused and loving care to my Shitzu and Maltese for the years which they lived to give us joy and happiness. They both lived to be 19+ years. Beware. Our pets cannot tell us yes it is okay or no, no, don’t try that on me unless it is necessary and only after checking by someone who knows pet health. Peace to all and God Bless.

  37. We applied HARTZ ULTRAGUARD to our 5 month Shih Tzu. within an hour she started whining,became lathergic, starring off and could’nt even hold her head up. I immediately started to washed it off and told my wife to contact our vet.The vet administered 2 shots and told us to take her to the emergency immediatly (30 miles away) if she started to siezure. We contacted the local media, epa, and humain society. As someone else said pehaps p.e.t.a. would respond to this poisoning epidemic, insted of wasting time harrassing hunters. We need to get this poison taken off the shelves and make all pet owner aware of the danger.It is appearant that we are not recieving any help from FDA,EPA or any other government agency.WE ALL NEED TO CONTACT OUR LEGISLATORS to enact laws stop this animal (and human) endangerment.
    We have used this product on our other 2 Shih Tzus and the 14 year hold has had problems with her paws (difficulty walking) and been itching. The vets have not diagnosed her feet problem, but said the itching was hotspots.I now believe it very well could be from the flea meds. We are discontinueing use on all our dogs and will see if it clears up.
    People should contact

  38. I put this product on all three of my dogs and have not seen any adverse reactions. One of the dogs is a puppy (Aussie) the next is a Australian Shepherd 20 lbs and the last is a wonderful mutt…50lbs. I am watching the Aussies carefully because they are known to have problems with pesticides. Most of the dogs listed on this site are known to have problems with pesticides. I am not trying to stick up for Hartz but most of the time I have used their products I find that the products don’t do the job.
    I realize that reactions do occur and when they do you go directly to the internet and here is a site that all of the reactions have gathered. You could have a site like this for all insecticides. Do you realize how much of this is sold in stores each year?? You don’t hear from the owners that don’t have any problems…Many people use this product without problem.
    I do feel for the folks that are having adverse reactions…I do have feelings. I am just saying that different types of dogs react differently with this product or any pesticide.
    Right now my dogs are running through the house playing and it has been 3 hours since I put this on.
    Any older dogs, puppies, boxers..small dogs..any dogs with skin conditions should be watched carefully.
    Don’t blame everything on Hartz.

  39. @ Dee,

    If your dogs had any of the side effects described above you would have written the same thing. Fortunately none of the dogs written about in these posts have died.

  40. Man I would love to get the execs for this company alone for a few minutes with just me, them, and an aluminum baseball bat..

    Same story as everyone else’s above. Used this product on Monday evening (8/9) about 9pm on my almost 5 year old pug.. Within an hour he was going nuts – crying, panting, scratching, pacing, restless.. Called the 800 #, gave him a bath with dish soap, fed him tuna/tuna water, etc. etc. etc. Drove 20 minutes to an allnight pharmacy at 1am to get benadryl. Stayed up with him all night rubbing his back until the vet opened in the morning and I missed a day of work. He just could not breathe – I really had doubts that he was actually going to make it through the night due to his breathing problems. All blood tests, x-rays, etc. came back ok thank god. Vet said that it may have been fatal or caused permananent damage to his organs if we did not wash off as soon as we did – He was basically POISONED….

    He finally got to sleep exactly 24 hours later with the help of a mg of Valium precsribed by the vet. Although he’s much better – about 40 hours after application – he is STILL very uncomfortable…

    $24 for the product, $18 for Benadryl, $347 for the vet. I will be submitting a claim to Seargents..

    Also am printing out as many complaints that I can find and am going to Petco later to demand that this product be pulled from the shelf.. It will be in their best interest to comply otherwise I will have to take in my own hands to make sure no one else buys this product…

  41. This is a horrible product. Within 20 minutes of me putting it on my Cairn Terrier, he started acting agitated. He would lay down, get up, lay down, get up…. pace… roll.. he ran over to me and was whining. I immediately washed it off… and it still continued. I washed him again and let the warm water run over him for the longest time. He seemed to settle down. He has stopped most of the behavior but is still uncomfortable. The only time he calms down is when he right next to me and I am petting him. I have the feeling I am in for a long night… 🙁

    I am horrified that this stuff is on the market.

  42. I have a cat who is 6 years old and a puppy (toy breed) who is 13 weeks. I applied this product to my puppy and the purrscriptions one to my cat. Neither had an allergic reaction thankfully. But the product doesnt work at all. All the fleas are still very much alive making a playground of my puppy.

  43. This was just on our local evening news. I googled and found this site and sat back, amazed at what some companies will do for a profit, and thanked my good luck in having a vet that was up on this. For the first time in my pet’s history, they had fleas. A dog and a cat. So, as I was leaving the vet’s office after taking care of some other things, I mentioned to him that the animals have some fleas and asked him what to buy. He specifically mentioned to NOT “cheap out” on the medications and to buy either Frontline or Advantage and NOTHING else, no matter how tempting the price might be. When I went to Petco AND Petsmart, sales persons at both stores told me that the Sentry Pro was GREAT and they had no problems with it. I told them that I wanted the Advantage and they both said I was paying more than I needed to. When I mentioned that my vet specifically said to not buy that product, they seemed a bit nonplussed and didn’t know how to react. So I buy the Advantage, go home and put it on the pets. No problem. Well, except for the cat- he managed to get a little on his paw, licked his paw and started foaming at the mouth and running around the house. I panicked and called the vet and the first questions my vet asked me was “what brand of flea meds did you use?” When I told him, he audibly sighed and told me to relax- the foaming at the mouth was a reaction cats have to absolutely horrible tastes and she’d be fine. In about 5 minutes, she was. It took my heart about 10 minutes to be fine. So, after reading the posts in this forum, I’m sticking with the expensive stuff and knowing the worst that can happen is a bit of mouth foam and a minor heart attack by the owner.

  44. I have 3 year old pug and it seems I am not alone, I applied the tick medicine and within a day he was sick, I took him to the vet and he has now be hospitalized for 2 day and over $1,000 in medical bills! I will never use this product again! Let’s please get it off the market.

  45. I too have had a terrible experience with this product to my 5 year old beagle. After approx 7 hours after the application he was twitching, shaking and could not rest for more than 20 seconds at a time. I thought he was having a seizure. He was whinning and crying and I immediately figured out it was this rotten product and bathed him best I could. Two weeks later I’m still dealing with the side effects as he has scratched or chewed a hole in his skin that has gotten infected and now not only do I still give him Benedry he is also on Prednisone and antibiotics. I have just written a letter to the company and I expect to hear from them. My question is why is this product still on the market and did anybody else write the company and get a reply? I would love to hear back from you if you did.

  46. I too used this product on my and my mothers dogs and they were both uncomfortable within hours. We spent most of our Sunday evening washing our dogs over and over again until I finally took them into the vet for an emergency visit! Joey (my dog) ended up with a bald spot and being uncomfortable and restless all evening! Annie (my mom’s dog) felt better after visiting the vet and several more baths. This vet visit cost me a pretty penny and I will NEVER use this product again and I definitely recommend that it be pulled from the shelves. It is unsafe product for pets!!!!!!!!

  47. I cannot believe what I am reading, and am so upset! I applied Sentry Pro XFT yesterday to my Belgium Malinois at noon, and just like ALL of the other posts, my poor dog started itching and could not sit still. I finally gave her a bath a couple of hours later, with no relief. From noon until 10 p.m. she was miserable. She could not sit still, was exhausted and could not lay down. Everytime she layed down, she would jump up. She was panting & miserable. I finally gave her a muscle relaxer so she would be able to sleep. I am so mad after seeing this post, knowing that I did this to my poor dog by applying this product. I urge everyone to contact Petsmart, their vet & this piece of crap company Sargeants. I am also going to contact the media, and email this link out to every media outlet I can think of. How dare they sell this stuff!

  48. I gave my dog sentry pro two days ago. I am lucky that she didn’t have such bad reaction as most other dogs that I read about here. However, she was walking funny. Her butt would go a little bit sideways while she was trying to walk forward. This started about 1 day after application. We washed her just now after I read all of your comments. She hasn’t had anything else, except yesterday she didn’t want to go to sleep and looked worried. Normally she goes around 10pm in her bed and this time she just wanted to be next to us all the time. I think that now that this stuff is off of her skin she will be ok. But it is unbelievable for such things to be on the shelf.

  49. I have a 5.5 lb Chihuahua named Rocky. He was itching earlier and I spotted numerous fleas on him. I applied “Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea and Tick Drops” (4-15 lbs) They come in little green tubes. Before I go on, please see this article about “Phenothrin”, Hartz main ingredient:

    Almost immediately after Rocky started freaking out. He ran in circles around my small apartment looking for comfort. He tried laying down and getting comfortable, then getting up again quickly and running around the apartment in several circles abnormally and trying to lay down again to get comfortable and repeated this several times…I applied one tube of Hartz medication and it will be the last time I ever do. Once I did my research, (within the same hour), I washed Rocky off in the shower a couple times thoroughly and he seems to be doing better. I noticed a loss of some hair where the product was applied as well!

    Shame on Hartz for not taking this product off the market and harming so many animals in exchange for their own corporate greed! We need to organize a class action suit to put Hartz out of business! Please contact me if you have any information on this.

    Why would Hartz Phenothrin be taken off the market for cats and not dogs?? How many dogs need to die and how many people need to complain before something happens! I am furious and I know many, many others are too!

    DO NOT BUY HARTZ or any other unnatural flea/insect treatments for your pets! Go natural!

  50. I have a sad story too. My short haired dog was discovered to have fleas and bought HARTZ Ulta Guard Plus.
    Within 48 hours my dog seemed to have hip pain like an old arthitic dog. It 9momentarily) hurt him to stand up from a lying down position and when he would run his hind legs looked like one paw had a sprain or something. He is normally very active and fast at running.
    Luckily these symptoms seem to be gradually subsiding.

    The problem is for my pet is the main ingredient
    “phenothrin” in the flea drops. I looked it up –

    it says:
    “… Advantage and Frontline Topspot are available only from a veterinarian, and are quite a bit more expensive than products available in the grocery store. However, they are much more effective and unbelievably safer! …”

    I will stay away from this ingredient.

    I regret using the product. I will just use a fea shampoo in future and maybe ask my vet about a flea collar.

  51. I found something that seems good to place on rugs etc. areas where my dog sleeps. These areas may have flea eggs in them.

    It is called “Mosquito Magic crystals” and it comes in a yellow plastic container. It is all natural, perhaps citrus, crystals that you shake into a rug. The dog doesn’t mind it.

    It contains lemon grass oil etc. and is made by Spargo Enterprises in Gastonia, Florida.

  52. I have a 3 year old lab/border collie mix. Her name is Maya. I bought sentry pro at petsmart and 30 hours after applying the medication, Maya started non stop to run and cry. We did everything that we were told by the vet and the emergency number in the box. I also reported the incident to the EPA.

    Today is day 4 and she is a little bit better but she can’t tolerate the light, the noise, nothing and she stays in the closet in a dark corner all day, all night.

    I can’t believe after all this stories the box doesn’t bring a warning or how this medications are still in the market. Is there anything else we can do other than report to EPA?
    It breaks my heart all this sad stories and having my poor Maya hiding in pain from everything under my cloth in my closet.

  53. Gave SentryPro XFC to our two puggles, Fletcher & Walter. About an hour later I found Walter foaming from the mouth. Called the # on the box, the lady was nice, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that now I’m up monitoring both of my dogs as they continually throw up, itch uncontrollably and moan/cry.

    Not only will I never buy SentryPro XFC, but I’m going to do everything I can to get this product banned.


  54. I am so happy I found this website. I found some tubes of Hartz that contained the phenothrin and came to google to look it up before applying to my Shar-Pei. I acutally got a little of the liquid on my skin and didn’t wash it off right away as I was reading all of the above posts. The palm of my hand began to burn and itch. I washed my hands several times and applied some lotion. Needless to say, it won’t be going on my dog…it went into the trash. I can’t believe this crap is still on the market. These posts go back a few years! WTH?

  55. I found this after I applied the Sentry Pro XFT on my Bordie Collie. About 30 min after I applied this poison to my dog, he has gone into what some would call a state of hysteria. His eyes are very open wide and at this very moment he is whining and crying. I have taken him a bath and removed all the product off his back. Today is 5/16/2012 at 12:20 AM.


    There has to be testing that was done on this product, and I am sure they ignored the side effects or possibly tested it overseas so that they don’t have to follow the guidelines of the US???

  56. I applied the flea product SENTRY PRO XFT on my dog, the allergic reaction strted within minutes, we bathed him twice that night and we did not get a wink of sleep because of his crying. Three days later he is still suffering from itching and open wounds on his back where the poison was applied. The skin looks burned with blood and puss coming out. The doctor prescirbed antibiotic for infection and steroids to stop itching, benadryl shot, and shot for pain so they could shave the are to see how big and bad i got. NEVER BUY THIS STUFF!!

  57. Hi all,

    I have a Shiba Inu, same reactions with the same product. Wondering if anyone knows if there is a lawsuit against the company or anyone for producing such a harmful product? If not, I’m sure it would be in many people’s interest to get a class action lawsuit going. This product should not be on the market it is so dangerous. It makes me furious that people/companies know how harmful this product is and it’s still on the market.

  58. I’m yet another person who bought this from petsmart. My mixed dog had a bad reaction to it but not as bad as some of the other posters. She started shaking and whining. It was awful. Gave her a bath in dawn and she seems to be doing better. Feel like leaving flyers next to this product. Awful.

  59. My husbands mom gave used the sentry pro xft flea shampoo left it on for 5 minutes and all a sudden he started having seizures and diarea..they took him to the vet and the vet said he’s been poisoned from this product they gave him pills for the diarea but not sure if he will make it!!! SO DAMN PISSED I CAN’T BELIEVE HE’S GOING TO DIE ANY MINUTE,HOURS,DAYS HE IS 15years OLD AND HEALTHY UNTIL THIS EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE( PIECE OF SHIT NO GOOD PRODUCT IS KILLING MY 15YR OLD FAMILY DOG!!! Now NOT ONLY IS HIS MOM GOING TO FEEL GUILTY AND BLAMED BUT NOW WE WILL HAVE NO DOG!!!! I NEED HELP IN TRYING TO SUE…OR SOMETHING BECAUSE THIS CANNOT BE POSSIBLE! THIS FUCKING PRODUCT NEEDS TO BE REMOVED OF THE MARKET NOWWWWW ASAP!!!

  60. I too have used Hartz ultragard plus with bad reactions and no reduction of fleas at all. My beagle is having back leg trouble and licking and chewing her front paws. My big question is….If you bathe the animal, does this remove all of the application???? and what do I do to get rid of the fleas that are running rampant on her??? Can I give her a flea bath???? Or would that be introducing more toxin to here system???? Does simply bathing her with a soap remove all of the ultragard plus or does it get into their skin and their blood system????? Do i need to wait for a month until I can get a proper flea medicine and apply it????? Cause she is just infested with fleas now and scratching horribly. Any help would be appreciated.

  61. My wife and I just gave this to our dog..little terrier mix about 25 lbs. within two hours he was pacing back and forth itching himself and drinking water non stop. He has now thrown up this foam about 8 times and is drooling. Just gave him a bath to help the guy out. I will never buy or use this product again I wish I had done my research before I bought it. I’m shocked seeing posts back to 2010 that this product is still being sold at petsmart (where I also got mine). This company is full of crooks who actually don’t care about dogs’ health one bit.

  62. It saddens me reading all of these post about this traumatic experiences, yet this product is still for sale. Today, I went into Petsmart and bought this flee medicine for my dog. About one hour after the application of the medicine, she was foaming at the mouth, throwing up, limping, and all around in awful shape. After TWO vet visits, she is somewhat better.
    Stay away from this product at all cost, I didn’t think to do my research before purchasing which I regret. I hope someone else will read this thread before they think about purchasing this bullshit.

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