my cat almost died from liver failure because of hartz flea treatment.  i gave it to her, she started jumping around and acting crazy i knew she was having a reaction to it.  so i took her to emergency night vet, they bathed her in dawn dishwashing liquid, and said she should be fine.  HOWEVER, within two days, she was just laying on the grass, and i knew she was very sick.  so i took her to :  SHERMAN OAKS VET CLINIC, DR. SCANLAN, (818) 784-9977, SHE IS AN ACUPUNCTURE VET, AND HAD I TAKEN HER TO A REGULAR VET, I KNOW SHE WOULD HAVE DIED. she immediately found out through blood tests that her liver was failing cause of poison in hartz, and put her on acupuncture, herbs, and i had to feed her liver cat food through a dropper, to feed the liver, she hated it, but we had to get it down her to feed the liver.  now she is fine, but it was a very close call.  i still once in a while give her dandelion herb and milk thistle in a dropper bottle to rebuild and nourish the liver.  these are pills which i buy at the health food store, one each in the bottle with pure water, then a dropperful once or twice a week til mixture is gone.  dr. scanlan can save your animals.

let’s get hartz off the shelves, it is unconscionable that they are allowed to legally poison our pets.

thank you and good luck.

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