Freaked Out!

I just gave my cat (approx. 8-9 months old) Hartz Ultra Guard Rid Worm Paste about 15 minutes ago.  He wouldn’t take it in his food… so I just gave it to him orally.  I only issued about 5 lbs worth (200 mg) to him although he is about 12-15 lbs.  I was doing a google search in order to find out if it’ll work/stories of triumph/etc… regarding this medication.  Obviously, I ran into this webpage.  It was the first thing I saw on my search.  Now I NEED to know, did I just poison my cat?  Is he going to start acting weird and eventually die???  Can anyone offer comfort on this???



2 thoughts on “Freaked Out!”

  1. I found out about this website by watching a report on NBC news about five minutes ago. If I were you, I’d rush your cat to an emergency vet right away. I can’t say for sure that something will happen to him. However, if that was my cat, I’d take her to the vet, because if something does happen, you won’t lose time by rushing your cat there. Good luck, I hope nothing happens. =/

  2. My cat is fine… although the medicine didn’t work. Granted I only issued 200 mg’s to him when according to the instructions he needed about 500-600 mg’s. thankfully I didn’t give him that much. *phew*

    what a scare.

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