Hi, this message is for a LAWSUIT

I don’t know if you remember my story about Cachou and Lynx. Please search for it on this blog if you don’t remember.
I’m looking for people living in Quebec, or at least in Canada. I’m doing an appeal against Hartz inc. and I need YOUR story with their products so we can have a lot of proofs.

I’ll give you my email [email protected], please reply me as soon as possible. You don’t need to send me your story right now, but please inform me if you will send me a story.
Please use english or french as my native langage isĀ  french.
Thank in advance.

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  1. What is this product What it did to my dog Ginger is2 years old beautiful Irish setter she kept picking at the area where medicine was applied she vomit since last night good thing as a vet tech i saw the reaction she is lethargic trembling i’d be a stir giving her benadryl my poor setter is a wreck unbelievable someone need to answer for herdistress this is rotten so many problems for animals i know they will questions a paralegal now it’s just begun someone is responsible

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