Don’t Use Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze On!!!

I used this product on my 2 small dogs one 14 lbs and one 11 lbs. They both began scratching and rolling around on floor. I realized they were having an allergic reaction. I then bathed them both and gave them liquid benadryl. They both continued to be miserable overnight with my smaller dog whining when he moves. I bathed them again this morning with medicated shampoo and put Vesticort (which I got from the vet for dry itchy skin before) on them. They are both still miserable but it seemed to help a little. I wish that I had checked on the product online before I bought it. I usually use Frontline from the vet but hours at work have been cut so I was trying to save a little money. I will not do that again. Anyone reading this take warning this product ought to be banned!!!!

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  1. We had the same thing happen. I thought I’d save some $ but ended up with a hefty vet bill and our poor little Maggie having what was determined to be seisures. How can this stuff still be on the shelves???
    Terry in Hillsboro, Oregon

  2. I am so thankful I found your stories. Just this a.m. I had to take my wonderful “Buddie” to the vet after a horrific night with him last night after apply the Sergeants Gold Flea & Tick treatment. I could not believe what was happening in front of my eyes. He kept looking at me for comfort and I could not help him. I had to leave him at the vet and am waiting to hear how he is reacting to the atrophine(sp?)shot the doctor gave him to reverse the effects (hopefully) of this crap. I thought this would be a great product – not too strong and it would work fast. We’ve used others on him, and just last night I used a different brand on our other dog, and one for the cat – they had no problems. If any of you need support doing something about this horrible product, count me in. I am absolutely appalled that this stuff can be sold and I just wonder how many other poor little animals have to go through this torture especiallly given to them by the ones that are supposed to protect and love them. Good luck to all of you and hopefully other’s will check before they buy – I know I will.

  3. My mother used Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze On on our cat this past weekend. Her hair is falling out in clumps, and not just on the application area. Her fur around her neck and back is all just falling away in clumps. I called our vet to schedule and appointment, and he told me to rinse the product off her right away and that the vet has received numerous calls about pets being poisoned from using this product. It can cause hair loss and severe neurological symptoms. I think this product should be recalled immediately!!! PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR ANIMAL COMPANIONS!!!!

  4. Sergeants Flea and Tick – EXTREMELY DANGEROUS–DO NOT USE!! Our Jack Russells, Daphne and Lola are also victims of Sergeants Flea and Tick treatment. After spending $500 in a week on the girls for inoculations, then Lola hurt her knee, and they spent one night at a boarding facility, I was trying to save a little money. We applied Sergeants flea and tick protection the day before boarding. Both girls began to twitch and appeared itchy. Daphne really became itchy by that night, so I wet a paper towel and wiped the area thoroughly to dilute the application. They appeared ok that night and we took them to board early in the morning. We picked the girls up 24 hrs later, brought them home and gave them a bath as I always do after boarding. Daphne first, then Lola. When I wet Lola I noticed she had 2 very irritated spots on both her shoulders about the size of a quarter. After bathing she continued to scratch the areas until they bled. I called the vet and asked how much Benedryl they could have. 1/2 tablet was the dosage for a 15 lb. Dog. It was little help for poor Lola. We wrapped an ace bandage around her and taped it in place to stop her from continuing to scratch, hoping allowing the wounds to heal would be enough. We have had to do this before to stop the dogs from irritating a wound. By that night Daphne was rolling and scraping herself on everything trying to itch. No particular spot. Seemed like he entire skin itched. In the morning my husband contacted the Sergeants 800 number. He was advised by Sergeants emergency to wash both our babies in Dawn dish soap 3 times consecutively. It seems to have helped “a little.” It is early on a Sat morning and we are now waiting for a cancellation at our vet for an appointment for our girls. I feel terrible! The girls are our babies and are treated like queens. This additional vet expense is going to more than eliminate any savings, which is nothing compared to seeing our girls suffering. This product needs to be taken off of the shelf NOW – before it kills! If it takes everyone combining their testimonies, count me in!

  5. Yes, it is now Saturday morning 2:30 am. My wife and I are afraid to go to bed because our dog is having an allergic reaction to Seargent’s Gold Squeeze-on flea and tick. My wife applied it to our 23 pound cocker spaniel not realizing the danger until she googled this product and was amazed at the stories. Sal can not sit still, is panting and he does’nt know what o do with himself. That is after 2 baths and a phone call to the company who wrote down all of our information: name, phone number, address and was not friendly. She told us that ” for an aged dog you should have talked to your Vet BEFORE applying it to your dog”. Also that “it was not an allergic reaction”. She told us to “give Sal another bath and if continues after 48hrs. to take him to the Vet and have the vet call us”. Something needs to be done bout this!

  6. My cat had a flea after escaping the house for about 9 hours. To save money, I purchased the Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick topical squeeze for cats at the grocery. Within 8 hours he was showing signs of a reaction to the ointment. His right eye began to swell, he kept twitching his head, scratching, unable to sit still, his nose and ears felt feverish. I googled Sergeant’s and found this reaction to be common. I immediately bathed him with Dawn dishwashing liquid, an event in itself. Following the scrub down, I held him wrapped in a towel for about 10 minutes. It’s 1:00 am and I do not have Benadryl on hand. I am going to call my vet in the morning and see if they can give any additional relief and/or suggestions on care and recovery.

  7. We applied Sergeant’s Gold to our Cairn Terrier this weekend. He had a SEVERE allergic reaction, biting, and scratching his skin. We immediately gave him a bath, which helped some, but two days later he is still having some reaction to the flea and tick drops. We have him a teaspoon of liquid Benadryl on two different days which also helped a little. Why is a product like this on the market that harms so many peoples pets?

  8. I wish to God I would have seen all this BEFORE I used this on my cat. Thinking I would save a little money, I purchased the Silver Squeeze On for Cats and within 30 minutes, my cats eyes swelled almost shut and she became lethargic. I finally bathed her with dish soap 3 times and gave her half a benadryl. I pray to God she makes it through the night. I’m just sick. This is horrible! WHY IS THIS PRODUCT ON THE SHELF?!?!?!

  9. This stuff is horrible. Sergeant gold flea and tick topical in a green squeeze tube. I put 1/2 of the tube on a 60 lb. dog who has a lot of fur. She became agitated almost immediately. I came online and saw all these entries!!! Why are they selling this crap??? Poor Ginny, we have bathed her as recommended and now we are giving her benydryl. I hope she will survive this!!! My God!! I am sick about it. If only I had looked it up opnline FIRST!!!! Please, do not put thids on your pet!!! misty

  10. This stuff is horrible. Sergeant gold flea and tick topical in a green squeeze tube. I put 1/2 of the tube on a 60 lb. dog who has a lot of fur. She became agitated almost immediately. I came online and saw all these entries!!! Why are they selling this crap??? Poor Ginny, we have bathed her as recommended and now we are giving her benydryl. I hope she will survive this!!! My God!! I am sick about it. If only I had looked it up online FIRST!!!! Please, do not put this on your pet!!! misty

  11. I am so disgusted right now! I gave my dog a Gold Squeeze and right now he is walking around like he is lost. I put it on him this morning and when I got home it was like he was demon-possesed! I immediately put him in the tub and washed and washed him. He’s a little better now but he can’t keep still. I think I am going to have to give him Benadryl just so he can sleep. I can’t believe they are still allowed to make this poison!!!!! They have lost my business and hopefully alot more because I’m going to tell everyone I know and even those I might see in the pet aisle buying it! Shame on you guys!!!!

  12. Applied this stuff to both of our dogs. One is fine, the other is not happy. I dug through the trash can after we gave her the first bath to find out what the stuff was, Googled it and gave her the second bath with Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. She is still upset and wining but at least the stuff is off of her. I will be going to Walgreen’s to get some Benadryl so we all can sleep. I hope we didn’t kill her!

  13. DO NOT BUY Sergeant Gold for your dog!!!!We slept only two hrs. last night our poor Yorkie is so irritated and uncomfortable he has been miserable for two days. We are on bath number 4. He is being tortured. This company should be sued for inhumane treatment of dogs and cats with a product that is so dangerous to so many innocent animals!

  14. I am SO glad I looked this stuff up before using it. I had a funny feeling about it after I bought it and I was just about to put it on my not-quite-a-year-old cat. I am getting that nasty stuff out of my house IMMEDIATELY! Thanks for telling your stories–I hope everyone’s pets have recovered. And for those who did not, I am truly and deeply sorry. It is so disgusting that things like this are out there for unsuspecting people to buy and use. We trust that if it’s on the shelf it’s safe, but that just isn’t the case…

  15. I, like most of the people here, wish that I would find this before I used it on my two cats. Both kitten and cat formula are horrible. They started itching and the fur was falling out – I could not believe my eyes! I washed them right after reading this but I am so angry! How can this be on shelves? They are making money while our little ones are suffering?
    From now on, anything I buy, I research on first, before using…

  16. It is 1:30am and I am up with my pug who is also having an allergic reaction to this product!!!! I put on the Seargents flea/tick removal on my 18 pound dog about4 hours ago and he is miserable. I feel so bad that we bought this, we usually buy a more expensive brand. He is rolling around, scratching, running, panting…I’ve given him two baths and my husband just ran out to get him benadryl. I feel so terrible for him. DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!

  17. i gave my cat the sergeants silver sqeeze on for cats last night. today she is twitching and wont stop. i have bathed her twice… i dont know how much and what type of benedryl to use. someone please help .

  18. Laurel I have 2 small dogs that I used this on several months ago. Made them both sick. I use children’s liquid benedryl. My dogs are about 12 lbs. I use about 1cc for them every 4 to 6 hours. Just see how it helps and when seems to wear off give her some more. This will make her sleepy but will help. Took about 24 to 36 hours before my babies were back to complete normal. Good luck and I am so sorry another animal has to suffer because of this product!!!!

  19. I put this on my beautiful three year old cat Nyla yesterday and my daughter noticed today that she has two big bald spots one on her neck and one near her tail. I googled the product and found your sight. We just finished bathing her to get the stuff off of her and are hopeful she will be okay. I am going to take her to the vet tomorrow.

  20. I used this product without looking it up first which I regret doing. My cat has been acting weird all day long. She keep rippling her back like its irritated and chewing on her foot. I’m assuming she used her foot to scratch the irritated spot on her back and now its itching too. I have bathed her and she didn’t even fight it. She is still itching, should I bath her a second time tonight? Also is there anything else I can use on her for the skin irritation, I feel really bad 🙁

  21. I know what you are going through. I did this about a yr ago to my 2 small dogs. I bathed them 3 times. Someone said with Dawn dishsoap so I did. Also gave them Benedryl for the itching and irritation about every 4 hours for a day. About 24 hours later they felt better. I was so angry! Try the Benedryl liquid. Depending on how much your cat weighs. My dogs are 12 lbs and 10 so i gave them 1cc. Good luck. 🙂

  22. To everyone who posted here, THANK YOU. My dogs have fleas and I was looking for remedies. You have possibly saved two sweetie weiner dogs from this ridiculous suffering. Many many thanks for your postings.

  23. Two cats that were beautiful and healthy before now have huge bald patches between their shoulderblades, thanks to “Sergeant’s gold “. I put it on a week ago, and don’t know if a bath would even matter now, it’s probably in their system. I wish someone with more power were upset about this so that something could be done. Sergeant’s Gold would probably just say, “Yeah, but they don’t have fleas, do they? See how good it works?”
    -Mad and Helpless

  24. Two cats that were beautiful and healthy before now have huge bald patches between their shoulder blades, thanks to “Sergeant’s gold “. I put it on a week ago, and don’t know if a bath would even matter now, it’s probably in their system. I wish someone with more power were upset about this so that something could be done. Sergeant’s Gold would probably just say, “Yeah, but they don’t have fleas, do they? See how good it works?”
    -Mad and Helpless

  25. I used Sergaent’s Gold tonight after realizing it was time for both dogs to get their flea medication and I was out… I got to the store and thought “oooh, gold! It must work really well! And isnt’ Sergeant’s a name that has been around forever?!” I applied it on two dogs. After 2 hours, one of my dogs got up and almost fell over. It was like she was walking on ice…. her legs were going everywhere, she couldn’t hardly hold her own weight… We thought she must have just thrown her back hip out or something, but soon realized, it was all four legs that were doing it!!! I panic’d and figured it must have SOMETHING to do with the flea meds I had just put on her… I called poison control Mr. Yuck, they gave me animal poison control number which charges $35 just for talking to them, then called the emergency vet, and Sergaents…..
    The pesticide that is included as one of the main active incredients is what is causing the problem…. We bathed her three times in the dish soap, as we did the other one also, just in case… I didn’t/dont’ want two dogs with these symptoms! It was horrible….. I can’t possibly believe that, after looking through numerous sites on problems with this product dated back to 2008 that something more hasn’t been done about it. I will be letting the store know that I purchased it from about the situations we are having…. How can they so non-chalantly answer the phone and say “give them a bath in dish soap” let them feel good going home at night knowing that poor animals who can’t tell us what is wrong is suffering…. Again, if you are looking for something to use on your pet, I highly recommend this NOT being the one you use…. at all…. ever……

  26. OMG! I will never use this product again! I just got back from vacation of being down the shore for a week and my sister came home wed. i have 3 cats and 1 dog and the cats stayed home and my boyfriends sister came and took care of them & my dog went to a kennel. my dog ended up getting fleas from the kennel(this is the first time we ever put her in a kennel) and the fleas spread to the cats! frantic, my mom me & my boyfriend ran to the store and got sergents flea and tick shampoo and spay one for dogs and one for the cats! my oldest cat is foaming at the mouth & still has fleas all over while the other cats and dog are scrathing to death! after reading all of this im scared to death to leave them without keeping a close eye on them! i cannot believe that this shit could be sold.. this is ridiculous! i have been crying bc i felt bad to begin with that they had fleas and now even more bc using this shit made it worse!

  27. Yesterday we applied Sergeant’s Gold to our 10 lb Dachshund and within 2 hours she begun to scratch, lick and claw herself. I went on line, goggled and found this site along with many other that describe what our dog is going through. We have bathed her 5 times in all with dawn liquid and have just started giving her Benadryl. I took the Sergeant’s box and many of the letters from people describing the reactions caused by this treatment to the grocery store where we purchased this stuff and spoke with the store manager and shared the letters with him. He agreed to immediately pull the stuff from the shelves. I am horrified that this stuff is still available to unsuspecting people.

  28. I never thought over a yr ago when I put my post on here I would see so many afterwards. This product should be illegal!! I don’t get it why is it still on shelves?? I know that after my ordeal and my dogs suffering that I have and always will pay the extra at the vet for Frontline plus. It works and no reaction. I am so sorry for all the animals that have suffered and even some have died because of this product.

  29. Same story. I found the Sergeant’s gold on the clearance rack at Safeway. I guess I should have known. Put it on 3 dogs. One was fine. The other two started acting erratically. We’ve washed them 4 times. They didn’t sleep last night, and we barely did either. Still whining today, 24 hours later. I might try the Benadryl.

  30. We just spent a sleepless night with my dog, a 25 pound Schipperke mix. I had missed a dose of his monthly medication to prevent fleas and he had an infestation. After trying some natural sprays to relieve his itching, I finally gave in and decided to try something stronger. I used Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze-On. Within 15 minutes, he was diving head first into any soft surface, rubbing his head, twitching, and drooling profusely. His scratching of the flea areas became more severe, and he could not go even 4-5 seconds without spinning in a circle on the floor, trying to bite the area of application.
    My husband used colloidal oatmeal and plenty of rinsing, but the little guy was inconsolable and eventually started to wimper every time he had a spasm (the only other time I have seen him in this much pain was when he had open wounds on his belly with an allergic reaction to the balm the vet used to heal them). I went on the internet and discovered the Dawn dishsoap and Benadryl method, so I was off to the drug store at 2:30 am.
    Until 5:30 am, the only thing that could keep him still and quiet was to be wedged against me in my bed with me petting his ribcage VERY firmly and rhythmically. At that time, he (and I, fortunately) was able to get a few minutes of sleep here and there.
    Now, nearly 24 hours after application and 3 doses of Benadryl, he is beginning to be his old self. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!

  31. OMG I wish I had seen this site before now. I used this on my 14 year old cat and she became lethargic and dehydrated. I rushed her to the vet the next morning and she went into shock and cardiac arrest and died we did not even think about it being from the drops. PLEASE DO NOT!!! USE IT and go thru the torment and quilt I have for doing this to my poor little friend. It was a horrible way for him to die.

  32. I just bought Sergeants for my cat because I saw she had some fleas…I am hysterically crying and seriously afraid to go to sleep now. I don’t want anything bad to happen to my cat. The only thing they had at the store was Sergeants. I just brought him back from my Dad’s house where he got out and go the fleas. My dad can no longer take care of him and thats why I got him back. I love my cat and I don’t want to wake up to a sick or dead cat. I put it on him as instructed on the package about two hours ago and he seems to be acting the same. No change in behavior and he is laying on my bed about to fall asleep.

    Does anyone have anything positive to say?? I need some positive thinking right now and I have already been praying that my cat will have no reactions to this medication.

    I know now to research stuff like this before I use it….

  33. This is unbelievable. My puggle, Chloe, has never had a flea problem until this year. I picked up Sargeant’s Gold while at the grocery store last night hoping to give her relief and the poor thing was up all night rolling around, scratching, whining, shaking. I called my boyfriend this morning after reading this website and told him to keep an eye on her. He had to search for her as she was hiding in the closet, and acting very scared and skittish. I WISH I would have read this. I bought this product from a TRUSTED retailer. I cannot believe this item is even available for sale after reading all of these horrible stories. My boyfriend is going to bathe her using the dish soap as suggested above (which will probably upset her already sensitive skin, but hopefully will give her some relief) and give her some benadryl. I just hope the poor girl is ok. I feel just awful for not researching this product before using it. But who would think that something with such horrible would still be available for purchase??

  34. This squeeze on flea and tick for dogs is dangerous for your dogs. This product should be banned from any store. my poor dog has not ate in two days and has burns from this product. Please take this product off the market your killing our pets. DO NOT USE THIS FLEA AND TICK SQUEEZE ON AT ALL!

  35. 4 cats… Sergeant’s Green Squeeze 4 pack package- 2 males slightly irritated, mild scratching, still greasy looking but two black females itching and hair is flying, clumps all over the house. The smaller and younger one, 7 years old, has two bald spots now, one quarter size and the other two times bigger. I am very angry, Bathed both of them and they did not resist, seemed to welcome the washcloth until the water hit their paws in our big garden tub. Will never buy this again, has anyone had their pets hair grow back ????

  36. I bought sergeant flea collars on my cats and they both started having a reaction with in minutes less than a minute shes still having reaction foaming at the mouth equal lib ream is off really bad she keeps running into walls and scaring her self i also have it on video and I’m thinking about sewing them its BULL NEVER Use anything with this brand on it

    I used to use revaluation on my cat I had before the two I have now and it worked Great she had the same problem and I found out that if you have proof of it happening they can be sewed

  37. OMG…this stuff is poison!!! Its been over 24 hours and my dog Choloe a Shitzu is almost dying… Spent the night at the vet with drugs, cortizone, narcotic to help with the pain and benadryl doesn’t help either. She is home now over 28 hours and still crying, spinning, shaking with diarreah and blood in it. Don’t know if she’ll survive. How can they sell this stuff?
    PLEASE DO NOT USE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Its 3am and my pug is suffering from sergents evolve flee and tick removal. It was applied almost 6hr ago and is now running around the house like a crazy dog scratching and panting rubbing his face on the floor hiding under the beds he just cant stay still…we have given him 3 baths now with dish soap and little relief..Its unbelievable this is still on the market…with so many sad storys of poor dogs and cats getting sick and dying something needs 2 be done..

  39. My little Yorkie poo beganscratching and crying after I applied the sergeants gold flea drops to her neck and tail. I gave her three baths after reading the other posts on this site and some benadryl…made my bf go out for some…she seems more playful and less itchy but skin is hot to the touch she seems feverish. I’m so angry this product has not been recalled!!!!


  41. I put the Sergeant’s Green (Natural) squeeze on treatment on my cats and dogs (cats-only treatment for my cats and dogs-only treatment for my dogs, of course). I realize the Green is not the same as the Gold, but I wanted to let everyone know that the Green isn’t as bad.

    My cat, Cosmo, needed a bath tonight after the treatment being applied for about 24 hours. None of my pets had fleas, we treat them monthly as a preventative. Cosmo started to itch like crazy. That’s the only symptom he had. He is eating and drinking, walking, and jumping fine. My other cat seems fine and my 2 dogs (both small breeds) are perfectly fine. But I just couldn’t let him itch like crazy so I bathed him in Dawn dish soap.

    The treatment smells like clove, peppermint, and cinnamon. At first, I was happy that the treatment smelled better than the wannabe-orange or other scents. Now, the smell has overpowered my house. I will not likely use this product again.

  42. I have never bought anything other than Frontline Plus since my original post to this. I learned my lesson. It does not bother my dogs and I will keep it that way. I don’t see the gold here on shelves anymore but do see others. I will NEVER by anything Hartz for spot treatment again.
    I did buy the Bio spot before I bought the gold a long time ago and one of my dogs itched from it. Since found out it was Premethrin that made him itch. So the Frontline doesn’t have that so I am sticking to what works.
    And also the Aromour that Walmart sells is the same as Frontline Top Spot not the Frontline Plus. The plus is better the Top Spot doesn’t last as long.

  43. Used Sgt Gold on my 6 cats…all older except 1, she’s only 6 mos old. I had to take her to the vet to the tune of $320!!! My other cars have been bathed several times over last 24hrs and 2 are still miserable!! This is crazy!! They are itchy, running around like they have lost their mind!! This stuff is still on the market WHY? Animal cruelty!! Wish I would’ve read all this before treatment!! My poor babies!! Going to try the Benadryl.

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