Looking for California Victims of Flea Products


I have been fighting Hartz  for years. See my web sites below.

I recently was contacted by Joel Grover of KNBC. He is a well respected award winning reporter for NBC. He wants to do a story about this horrible problem of flea products injuring and killing our belove animal friends. He asked if I could supply names and emails  of people who had  problems with flea products hurting their animals, especially people within California so he could interview them in person.

I think another news story will help to warn the public about just how  dangerous  these products are, which are being sold as safe to use.

Please email me at either [email protected] or [email protected] get involved, help save our pets.

Thank you


Against Hartz http://www.geocities.com/againsthartz/
Hartz Memorial Quilt

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