hartz not good

I have a cat her name is missy and she is just over 12 weeks old.

I went to walmart and purchased hartz one spot flea killer for cats and one for dogs as well as flea callors and spray and shampoo as we were having a lot of problems with fleas at our house this year 2009.

so I got this stuff and used this on my cat just one drop is all I used on her and 2 days later she would not eat or drink and she could not walk.

she was shakin so bad as if she had been left out side all day or just had a bath.

so I called my vet and they said to bring her in right away so I did and now they have to keep her over night and try medication and IV on her to try and make her better.

I just hope I dont lose her over this or that it damages her at all.

this is not fair that any one should have to deal with this from useing some thing that a lot of people believe in and know I will not use hartz at all any more and if there is some thing we can do about it could some one please email me and let me know.

my email is [email protected]

thanks to all

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  1. yes he is ok now after 300.00$ later and an overnight stay at the vet I think that hartz should have t6o reimberse the cost of the vet bill for people that have used thier product and lost or almost lost they loving pets

  2. I wish I had done research on this horrid product before I used it!
    Yesterday Jan 27,2009 I put hartz one spot on my cat. Within an hour I noticed that he was drooling. My son and I gave him a bath to wash off the product. He had 2 major seizures and now is “twitching” I took him to the vet and there is an antidote for this poison. The vet said the cat may get better or may die.
    I would be very willing to join a class action law suit against this company.

  3. Gave my full grown male cat, Blue, this HORRID product last night. (applied it between his shoulders, as per instructions) and he has been lathargic and not himself ever since. I would also join a lawsuit in a heartbeat. I am bringing Blue to the vet as we speak, and am horrified that this could happen. Innocent animals. If anybody would like to talk please email me at [email protected]

  4. Hi everyone. First, I’m sorry to hear the little kitty had this problem. I hope she/he will be OK!

    This is a very sad day for me… I just lost my second cat today… the first one passed about a week and a half ago. And… I had used the DEADLY Hartz Flea drops on ALL my 10 cats 3 weeks ago. Now they are dying.

    I first noticed with the two that are now gone, that they start to look thin. With that many cats in the house, you don’t necessarily notice that they are eating or not. Then when I try to hand feed them, they want nothing to do with food. They will drink like crazy though… and the urine has this horrible smell… almost like the acrylic nail product that women use for artificial nails. I noticed that with my Lilly last night – as she was urinating on a pillow case she pulled out of a closet. Then today, she was lethargic and went into a seizure and passed away. My mother is rushing her to the vets office right now, and he is going to do a toxicology test (?) to determine if indeed it was the Hartz product.

    So my question to the vet was this… what about my other 8 cats????? WHAT DO I DO? He suggested I give them all a bath… yeah right! That should be fun! So, I guess I will figure out a way to do that…I HAVE To get this product off their bodies, right away!!!

    HELP… any other suggestions????

  5. please feel free to add me to your contact list if you would like to chat more on this matter at all I am so appaled by this crap that it just makes me sick and I think we should all get together and try to do something about it if you agree please add me to your list’s and we can try to get something done

  6. I put Sergeant’t flea and tick squeeze on my 13 year old daschund and 12 hours later he starting twitching and his skin looked like it was clenching up everywhere. He yelped and whined for hours. I took him to an emergency vet at 1 a.m. and she gave him some valium. Unfortunately it didn’t work, so finally I called my vet at 5 a.m. and she kindly agreed to see us immediately. He had to have valium i.v. We went home and he still twitched but he didn’t whine as much. The effect of so much valium made his back legs paralyzed and he couldn’t walk. The vet had me bring him back at 11 and he still continued to whine and twitch so she sent us home with more valium to be taken every 6 hours. Finally after 3 days he is somewhat back to normal only twitching occasionally, but still taking valium once a day. His back legs are still barely usable. The vet informed me that if I ever put this on him again he would die. I can’t believe they market this stuff and can sleep at night knowing what could happen to dogs everywhere. Just because it is happening to animals and not people doesn’t mean these companies can ignore this.

  7. I feel That Hartz should have to reemberse all those who either lost thier beloved pets ro who had to pay a bill for thier loved pets to be taken care of by vets becouse of the hartz products that were’re used on thier pets.
    I my self had to pay over 300.00$ to save my cat mischiefe becouse of hartz product that I have used on my cat.
    Thank you

  8. I just used some hartz spray on 3 15 week old kittens. I read the label and figured it was okay since they were a bit older but our one kitten immediatly started gagging and peed himself after licking his fur. We immediatly washed it off and after a little while he seems to be acting normal. We washed all of them off and are keeping a close eye on them. If I had heard about the danger of this product we never would have bought it. I just hope my kitten doesnt get any worse. My family has no money right now and all the vets in the area require money just to walk in the door.

  9. come on hartz what is going on why is every one haveing trouble with your product I think hartz should have to pay up or take your product off the market

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