Hartz has no heart

When I put Hartz flea medicine on Babise ( my service cat), he began crying and mewling, his eyes were watering, it burned babise so badly he cried for the better part of an hour. I tried to get some off of him but I had to let it be. I was hurting him worse. He somehow managed to get some in his mouth and he was foaming as though rabid, perhaps as though he had eaten a piece of alka-seltzer. It was very upsetting and scary for both of us. Not to mention painful. His poor neck and my poor arms. Rinsing out a cats mouth is not an endeavor to take on lightly, you will get hurt, how badly depends on how fast you can get out of their way once youve finished. I bought one for my cat and one for my miniature chiuahuah. The medicine caused her to have convultions, vomit, have seziures and then become paralyzed from the neck down. After more than 12 hrs of her howling from the pain, I could take no more. I had been holding and criyng with, my 4lb dog for too long. I decided to put her to sleep but since I couldn’t afford a vet, I used my sleeping medicine Ambien. She woke up 4 hrs later doing a little better so I gave her a little more and she woke 4hrs later. She had stopped howling and crying and within a few hrs was eating and drinking on her own. Miricales do happen

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  1. I gave the ambien to my dog because she was in extreme pain and was paralyzed from the neck down from a reaction to hartz flea medicine. She was slowly dying and as mean as it might seem to you, I love my dog and couldn’t take seeing her in that much pain and in that condition for another 12 hrs., howling, drooling and crying, unable to eat or drink. I gave her the medicine to take her out of her misery and thank God, I did. I also found out through a Vet that lived down the street that Ambien has many possible uses for dogs. Including parvo. After I told the Vet what had happened he checked out my dog and gave her a clean bill of health and began using Ambien in his practice. So I may have tried to kill my dog but in doing so I ended up helping many other sick animals. Oh, & I think it is much crueler to let an animal stay alive when it is in extreme pain and dying rather than to try to put it out of it’s misery by literally putting it to sleep. It’s kinder to hurt your own heart by losing an animal you love than it is to leave it to die from starvation or dehydration.

  2. The only reason you helped anyone is because you got lucky. Never ever mess around with medication without professional advice.

  3. I don’t believe you that your vet now uses Ambien. I don’t even believe you that you went to the vet at all. If you were going to go to the vet you would’ve done it when your dog was howling in pain, not after you’d already tried to kill it. Hartz isn’t killing /your/ animals… you are.

    & if you can’t afford a vet, you can’t afford your animals. Stupid, stupid girl.

  4. I worked at an animal hospital for several years. Just for future reference, if you are in the situation where you cannot afford to treat your animal by going to a vet, call them. Some clinics offer humane euthanasia if the animal is suffering and the owner cannot pay for it. They will put the animal down and you may not have to pay anything. Also, NEVER, EVER GIVE ANIMALS HUMAN MEDICATION WITHOUT CHECKING WITH A VET FIRST!!!!! Even a simple Aleve tablet can kill a dog or cat! I am sorry you had to go through this, but I hope people will quit buying flea/tick meds at stores!!! Especially HARTZ!!

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