Silky Terrier Poisoned by Sergeant’s Gold 1/10/09

Last night we used Sargent’s Gold.  Three hours later I awoked to him agitated, rolling around, scratching and salivating like crazy.  It was like he had stuck his face in a bowl of water.  After consulting with my husband and our eldest we called the vet.  The vet told us to go to a 24 hour vet and gave us a contact.  We drove 10 miles to another town and were at the vet unti 1:15 in the morning.   We had to leave him there.   It cost us $420 and major trauma for our dog that doesn’t like anyone else except his family.  We brought him home today and he’s not totatlly 100% but he’s supposed to get all the way better soon.  Please tell everyone you meet about these posts.  I would NEVER have believed it had I not lived it.  I would have thought these posts were exaggerations.  NOT TRUE.  THEY ARE TRUE and SCARY!  Class Action Anyone?

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  1. I feel the same way- I wouldn’t have really believed it completely if I wouldn’t have lived it! I have a 9mth old shitzu/poodle and I gave him it on Friday and finally by Sunday he was completely back to himself- but I will never forget those 2 days of pain he was in! Sorry you had to go through this too! I have been telling everyone I know about this poison and my 16 year old is on a mission to get them (the company) to do something!

  2. I cant believe this has happened over and over and Walmart still sells this poison. I bought this and put it on my lab last night. I googled “shaking legs after flea treatment” and all of these came up. Spread the word, Boycott Seargeants!!!

  3. I just went through this for the last 48hrs. When I called the number on the box at 3am I was told that this was normal and to just bathe the dog. I have 4 Bichon’s and was dog sitting 2 others and they all were misserable. Tell everyone not to use this horable poison!!! I would love this poison to be recalled. BOYCOTT sounds great to me.

  4. 1/18/09
    Just had the day from hell. Like others, I picked up Sargeants
    Gold at Walmart. (Usually use Frontline). A couple of hours
    later, my 78lb. black lab was foaming at the mouth, back legs
    giving out & trembling all over. Called Sargeants 800 number.
    They said to wash with dish soap & apply vitamin E oil. Ten
    minutes later my dog could not stand. Rushed to vet. $300
    later, our vet said this flea treatment poisoned our dog through his skin. Has seen other cases. This product
    must be RECALLED!!!!

  5. I stop everyone i see who approaches this product in the store and tell them what happened to my dog. I also am out 500.00 to get my dog back to good health from this poison they continue to sell. I also have told managers of walmarts about this product and ask why they keep selling it. I get the same answer, they tell me it is safe or they would not be putting it on the shelves. Don’t waste your time calling Hartz since they will tell you the same thing that thier product is safe. when i told them about this site they tell me anyone can make up a website and they would not listen to anything i said about this website. Money Hungry Greedy people is what they are.

  6. I never would have believed this kind of thing could happen from using a product that is sold at Petsmart until it happened to my 6 month old shih tzu Bailey. I bought Sentry Pro XFC Squeeze on Flea Medication and followed the directions on the package. An hour later Bailey was barking,bouncing off walls, yelping in pain scratching his head and ears on the ground,drooling profusely and could not rest or sleep for over 24 hours.It took me a while to believe it was the drops but when I realized it I bathed him in mild soap and ran clear water over him. It seemed to help him a little but he was still drooling and scratching and very aggitated so I took him and the package of drops to the vet where he confirmed it was the two pesticides in the drops.It cost me 147.00 I was told he should be fine and he gave him medication for his stomach to settle the nausea and stop the drooling. I am OUTRAGED that theses products are still sold expecially after I found this site and realized so many pets have been poisened and so many owners have suffered loses of there beloved pets from theses toxins. I am not going to stand by and do nothing. I’m calling and emailing everyone and anybody that I can to try and get this crap off the shelves. If anyone is considering a lawsuit…. I’m In.

  7. I put this on my 2 small dogs yesterday 2/20/09. They are both miserable 24 hours later. I bathed them both yesterday and again this morning. Also treated them both with benadryl also. They are still at times scratching, and rolling around. My smallest dog has even been whinning when he moves some. Please don’t use this on your dogs. I will tell anyone who I see buying that product what happened to my dogs. I will get Frontline from my vet and spend the extra money from now on!! This product should be banned from the shelf!!

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